Latin words Mort-Gage Literally Translated Mort Means (Death) Gage Means (Pledge) “Debt Slavery=Human Mortgages=Debt Till Death! Time To Re-Think America!”

The word “mortgage” comes from the French “mort-gage”, literally death-pledge. The French peasants were working until they died for the privilege of owning a house. Same Game! Same People! Different … Read More

Pancreatic Most cancers – Dwelling From Prognosis to Loss of life – The Diary of a Most cancers Affected person’s Daughter

One of many hardest issues to do in life is to stay as soon as you have been advised you will die. It is as if life quickens after you … Read More

Banks to increase mortgage loan deferral to clients nonetheless scuffling with coronavirus restrictions

Financial institution clients nonetheless struggling financially because of COVID-19 can be given one other 4 months to begin paying again their loans. Key factors: Extensions on loans won’t be computerized … Read More