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Home Affordability Modification Program – How Does it Work?


Everyone knows about President Obama’s program known as the Home Affordability Modification Program (“HAMP”). Many have wondered if the program can help them save their home, but how does it work? In brief, the HAMP was designed to save your home if you are struggling to pay your mortgage. It was also designed for consumers to be able to work through the process on their own without the need of an attorney or a consultant.

The HAMP process is not really that difficult. A consumer should review the mortgage company’s web site for all required documentation which is needed in order to be considered for the HAMP. Once all the required documents are submitted the company will put the consumer’s request for review under the HAMP into a pool of thousands of other like consumers.

It sounds simple right? Well, there are many problems hidden within this simply process. A consumer should keep in mind that the mortgage company in the HAMP is trying everything not to get the consumer into the review of the program. What I mean by this is that the mortgage company is likely to reject a consumer’s request for not having all documents requested even though you’ve submitted them. Also, the mortgage company is not going to stop foreclosure proceeding while the consumer’s request sits in the pool of thousands of request. The biggest issue with this process is time. The HAMP process is likely to take 3 to 12 months.

How to ensure that this process works for you? You really will need to either make a commitment to setting aside at least two hours a week to follow up with the mortgage company for updates and to ensure that the mortgage company continues to review your request. Alternatively, you could hire a professional like an attorney to ensure that the mortgage company continues to review your request and to ensure that the process is documented.

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Overall HAMP is a simple process, but be prepared to dedicate the required time to prepare the documents and also for the long review process.

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