We Need Help Choosing the Right Loan Officer

What should you look for when choosing a lender or a good loan officer? Should you automatically ask the question, what is your rate, what are your closing costs? If you really want to determine a good loan officer between an unprofessional it can be based on how they answer that question. If your lender answers by giving you what they could possibly do or a rate that they may be able to get, you have one of two problems.

A) You have the problem of them only having one option and one rate for all clients.

This can hinder people especially those with great credit and low ltv. For all you who do not know what that means it is simply how much you are borrowing compared to what the home is worth.

B) You are dealing with a loan officer who really does not know how to determine your true needs.

When speaking with a broker or lender it is imperative that you let them find out what your needs are and allow them to present options that may make sense for you. Don't get caught up in the hype of internet advertising or false ads. Most lenders will be very competitive with each other. They should not be too much higher in either rate or costs, so determine who you will do business with based on service because when all is said and done the only thing that matters getting what you ask for and what is promised delivered at the closing table .

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