Tyler Brayton Fined $ 25,000

Bobo Brayton, the 81 year old grandfather of Tyler Brayton was shocked to hear the amount his grandson was fined. He was there to see his grandson get ejected for kneeing Jerramy Stevens, Seahawks' tight end.

Bobo Brayton was a baseball coach at Washington State for 33 years and had driven five hours from Pullman, Washington, to see Raiders play the Seahawks. Bobo was accompanied by his wife and sister; though he and his family did not see the incident that led to Brayton's ejection 1:54 before end of game.

Tyler Brayton is a 1998 graduate from Pasco High School and was extremely apologetic about his behavior. He informed the reporters that he felt he had let down a lot people. He had embarrassed himself, his family, the Raiders and the entire NFL with his behavior.

Tyler Brayton went on to say that he had let his frustrations and emotions get the better of him and his actions were unexcusable. He also apologized to Jerramy Stevens and the Seattle Seahawks. He was extremely sorry that his grandparents had to witness this incident.

However, Bobo Brayton felt that Tyler must have been pushed otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did. Bobo mentioned that he saw Jerramy Stevens laugh after the incident so obviously the kneeing couldn't have hurt too much!

NFL fined Jerramy Stevens $ 15,000 for this incident.

Tyler Brayton is 6'6 "tall and weighs 280 pounds. He was an all area defensive end and all state tight end when he was at Pasco High School.

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