Top Ten Mortgage Companies

It is not very easy to top the list of the best mortgage companies in the country. You have to have the best service, a large network, and the infrastructure to maintain that kind of a reputation. The best top 10 mortgage companies according to the Forbes list are all giants in terms of mortgage. They have operations in many countries in the world. Let us take a look at some of them.


These guys top the Forbes list for the best top 10 mortgage companies. The company started in America and now has operations in 54 countries outside the U.S. Most of these are countries that have never used mortgage as a financing option. The annual revenue is estimated to be $108 billion.

The Bank of America

America’s leading bank, it started to offer mortgage services and small loans and has now become a leader in credit cards as well. The Bank of America ranks second in the “best top 10 mortgage companies” in the Forbes List.

Wells Fargo

One of America’s leading mortgage providers, they have an amazing network with more than 1000 branches across the country. Their revenue was estimated to be $33 million.


They are ranked fourth in the best top 10 mortgage companies. Since they have taken over the Western Financial Bank, they have increased their chances considerably to go higher up in the rating.

There are many other organizations as well–like BB&T, Golden West Financial, Popular, and M&T–who also are not quite far behind in the Forbes list of best top 10 mortgage companies.

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