The XLR8R Mortgage Acceleration Software


Mortgage acceleration software is really the buzz regarding paying off debts sooner. New to the mortgage acceleration field is TheXLR8R company, which offers their TheXLR8R software program. They just started offering their product in 2008. Like many other mortgage accelerator software programs it is web based. It requires some form of credit line in order to be effective. A client can get a home equity line of credit, personal line of credit, or a business line of credit. Their system will work with a credit card, but TheXLR8R’s want everyone to know that is just a temporary fix. Once their client can establish a line of credit, then they would cease to use the credit card option. Clients also have to make more than they spend. TheXLR8R claims that if you do not have at least $100 per month left over then their software might not be for you.

Mortgage Acceleration Software

The software is web based which allows a client the ability to access their account from any computer that has an internet connection. It also allows for immediate updates without having to send a disc in the mail. TheXLR8R program also does not charge a client for any updates. Using the web-based software is the latest craze in the mortgage acceleration (MA) industry. When the MA industry began in America in 2001 clients were required to refinance their mortgage onto a first lien position home equity line of credit. Then clients would deposit their paycheck into the accounts and pay their bills out of the account. A lot of things have changed since that time, now clients can use any line of credit like their checking account. Now the power of the program is in the math algorithms, that tell clients what to transfer and exactly when to transfer it. This is how people pay-off their debt in ½ to 1/3 the amount of time.

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TheXLR8R Overview

TheXLR8R mortgage acceleration software program is offered in all 50 states for now. Their software is made to operate with the US banking system. Due to the sheer nature of numbers they offer a risk free one-year money back guarantee. If they do not save the client at least ten times the purchase price in mortgage interest the first year they will gladly return the cost of the software. So they would give back the $499 fee. This is a one-time fee. There is no monthly or annual cost associated with the program. A client would receive access to the software along with lifetime usage as well as unlimited customer support. It also works with multiple properties at once.

Wholesaler Opportunities

TheXLR8R company offers this product in a wholesale situation also. So if you would like to offer this product to your clients TheXLR8R company is more than happy to accommodate you. In order to get started there is a $99 fee for setting up your marketing site. Perspective clients will have to call you directly so they can find out your cost. TheXLR8R allows you to buy licenses from them – to then sell to the public. These licenses range from $300-$500 depending on how many are purchased. As the number increases the price per license decreases. They allow you to make a decision on the retail cost.

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