The Weight Loss Walkie Talkie – What Is It And Where Can You Get Yours For Maximum Fat Burn?

We’ve all heard that to lose weight you must exercise. But how much? A good chunk (no pun intended) of the population just blindly hits the gym or goes for a run and really does not know how much effort to put into an exercise routine in order to lose weight.

Do you know the right level of intensity it takes to lose weight?

I’ll tell you a really simple formula you can use to make sure you are at the right workout intensity level for losing weight, but first let’s take a look at a non-thinking system.

Recently, my treadmill of 10 years finally kicked the bucket and so off I went to buy a new one at a local department store. As I was comparing models I noticed that most had three pre programed workout types: Weight Loss, Cardio, or Performance

As I was reading the manual I noticed that there were twice as many Weight Loss or Fat Burn workouts as the other two combined.

To Burn Fat you need to exercise at a low intensity level for a sustained period of time. When you begin exercise, during the first few minutes your body is burning complex carbohydrates for energy. That’s one reason it is also advisable to have a small serving of complex carbs about an hour before your workout.

Once you’ve established your target heart rate, your body will begin to burn stored fat for energy.

If you have a smart treadmill it’s pretty easy to establish and maintain your target heart rate between the low end and middle range of your training zone.

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But what if you don’t have a smart treadmill or even a heart rate monitor, how can you tell then?

It’s actually a pretty simple formula to follow. I call it the exercise Walkie-Talkie. If you can walk or jog at a good pace and can still have a conversation, you are probably in the Fat Burn target zone. If you can sing or talk your partner’s ear off, you probably need to kick it up a bit.

If you’re checking your Walkie-Talkie and find you are continually out of breath, slow it down a pinch. You’ve gotten out of Fat Burn mode and into the anaerobic mode and are burning carbohydrates and possibly protein, otherwise known as lean muscle.

I also like to have a little whey protein shake after every workout, it helps with my energy level, fend off hunger and gives my body a good source of post workout fuel.