The Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator

As you are probably well aware, paying more than your minimum monthly mortgage payment every month is the best way to pay your loan off faster and save you a lot of money on interest. The more you pay, the more you save. The early mortgage payoff calculator is a tremendous tool that you can use to figure out exactly what payment you feel best about making on your mortgage every month.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is fill in a few fields with your specific information, then click calculate or send, (depending on the calculator you are using), and it will tell you how much money you will save on interest and how early you will pay off your loan.

You will need to fill out the following info:

– Initial Amount of Loan

– The Loan Term

– How Many Years Remaining on the Loan

– Interest Rate

– The Amount You are to Pay Extra

As an example, if the initial loan amount was 200,000 dollars and the term of the loan was thirty years, with 15 years remaining, an interest rate of 6.25%, and you were to pay $100 extra every month, you would save $10,179 in interest and you would pay your loan off 1 year and 9 months early.

Keep in mind, the early mortgage payoff calculator will assume that your loan is fixed, or the interest rate is fixed and will not change. If you have a variable rate, the calculator will not be accurate. Also keep in mind, figuring out the numbers is only half the battle. To see the financial benefits you are trying to achieve, you actually have to pay the extra amount every month!

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