Select the Best Mortgage Lender

Most borrowers ask the obvious questions about fees, interest rate and term. But there's so much more you need to know to get the best mortgage possible. In your search for the best mortgage lender there are certain steps you can take that will increases your chances of success. Here is a list of questions you want to ask so you can find the best mortgage lender to work with.

First what is their level of experience ?, have they been doing this for quite some time or are you going to be their first deal.

Second try to see if they have a general understanding of the mortgage market, economics and the flow of money. While no one can predict what interest rates will do tomorrow or next week. Your Pennsylvania mortgage lender better have an understanding of how the mortgage market moves it is beneficial to you.

Find out what their philosophy is on when to lock the rate. Many times you can get a rate locked from application to closing but if there are delays it's nice to know that your interest rate isn't going to go up and cost you thousands of dollars more.

There are so many different loan programs available, be leery of any mortgage lender that just quotes you a rate off the top of their head and tells you this is the best deal going. There's probably more research involved in finding the best mortgage loan for your situation.

If you follow these steps and asked these questions, when you're done you should be able to commit to which mortgage lender will get your business. You should also have a level of confidence that the person you picked is not going to be a disappointment later.

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You will have increased your confidence in the financial direction you're heading. Knowing that you are improving your skills with money and financing that will serve you well throughout your life. And of course you know that you've done your homework and your going to get the most competitive terms and extraordinary service.

Picking the right mortgage lender will ensure you get the best loan possible and you will have a house with wall-to-wall carpet and not a house with a back-to-the wall payment.

Whenever you get a Mortgage in Pennsylvania it is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of banking, consumer services division, you can reach them at one 800 PA-banks or on the Internet at www.banking.state.PA.US .

You do have specific rights for mortgages in Pennsylvania such as the truth in lending act, which allows borrowers when someone's at least three days after closing to back out, as is called right of rescission.

If you think you've been treated unfairly in a mortgage loan transaction call the 800 number listed above or check them out on the Internet.