Ryobi RY30 String Trimmer Review

I paid $99 for a Ryobi RY30530 string trimmer at Home Depot. The main reason I picked it was that I didn’t want a wimpy electric model and the top of the line trimmers were more than I wanted to pay.

There were 5 or 6 parts to assemble but it was easy and I didn’t need to use the instruction book. It started easily and it worked fine for about five minutes when the “bump head” quit working. I took it apart and the tangle of string was not going to be an easy fix. Luckily the trimmer came with a free fixed line trim head. I put that on and was back in business a few minutes later. The string is very easy to insert in the fixed line head. If you get this trimmer, do yourself a favor and put the bump head straight into the garbage and install the fixed line head.

I selected the curved shaft model and the shaft was a little short for me. The 30 cc 2 cycle engine is certainly powerful enough for home use. It has always started easily for me. The engine is louder than my previous model and it hurt my ears on full speed. The power and noise of this trimmer makes ear and eye protection essential. I have ignored safety precautions with less powerful trimmers but I wouldn’t do that with this machine. The plastic where the shaft meets the motor gets very hot and gave my arm a mild burn. The directions say not to squeeze the trigger when starting the engine, but that is the only way I could get it to start when it is hot. This is not a problem when you know the trick.

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There is an option to add attachments like a blower, edger, and cultivator; however I have not tried these yet.

Overall the Ryobi RY30530 is a fair value for the money. I am going to be careful not to burn my arm on the motor attachment point. I wish Robi would make the engine quieter and the shaft a few inches longer. I would probably get the straight shaft if I got another one of these.