Retirement and the Baby-Boomers Plight – Are You Financially Secured?

Retirement is a time for reflections, enjoying life with your grandkids, going on those exotic vacations that you’ve always dreamed about, spending time in your flower garden or vegetable garden.

It is also that time when you should be going for long drives in the countryside with your partner, family and friends or just relaxing at home cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or enjoying a swim in the pool or you favorite game.

However, more and more baby-boomers who are looking to retire find themselves caught up in a vicious cycle of having to continue working way into their retirement age, with no vision of when they will be able to retire. Most of them find themselves face to face with a plethora of problems that sometimes is so overwhelming, that they just lose their fight for survival.

Some of these include:

=> Inadequate financial security to take care of basic living expenses…

=> An inadequate social security check that diminishes even before they get it…

=> Mortgage payments that never seem to go away…

=> Chronic diseases or illnesses that becomes worse as one gets older…

=> Not being able to keep up with new trends and new methods of doing basic activities…

=> Having to compete with a much younger crowd, especially in the workplace…

…and the list goes on!

All of this leads to many retirees dying without even getting a chance to enjoy any of that retirement lifestyle that they have always been looking forward to. This is very sad indeed.

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So what is the reason for all this?

The main reason for this is the lack of finances. While having financial security will not solve all your problems, it provides the foundation for leading a better quality of life.

For example, minor illnesses can probably be cured or controlled if money is there to provide the proper diet and medical care needed. Chronic or life-threatening illnesses can be adequately treated and while money might not be able to provide a cure, it will definitely provide for a better quality of life for the individual.

Baby-boomers and retirees who find themselves in a financially secure position will not have to stress themselves out over things like mortgage payments, car payments, utilities, everyday living expenses, or going back to work. They can choose what they want to do, when they want to do it and just kick back and enjoy their “golden years”.

While many people look forward to their retirement, too many never spend the time to put a realistic plan in place for when that day comes, and we all suffer for it. Those who are not prepared becomes a burden to the rest of us, and while some of us would like to do more for them we are faced with our own battles.

Whatever age you’re at right now, it’s time to put your retirement plan into action. Don’t just think about it, get a pen and paper and start writing.

Seek advice from professionals about investments and retirement funds. Don’t wait until you’re in your fifties to take out a 30 year mortgage, do it early so that by the time you reach retirement age you would have paid that off.

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While drafting your plan include what you would like to do when you retire. The vacations you would like to take, the lifestyle you would like to live. Draft your blueprint, organize it into a realistic framework, and take the actions necessary to reach your objective.


Retirement should be that time when you get back to being a child, having fun without a care in the world; however, without a realistic plan in place to create the financial security required, this will just be an illusion that will never materialize.

Remember, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Start planning for your retirement right now!

Thanks for reading.