Largest Mortgage Lenders in Puerto Rico

List of Largest Mortgage Lenders in Puerto Rico

1. Remington Financial Group, Inc: A leading investment bank with over a decades experience in Finance, Real Estate Investor, Equity Investor, Mortgage Consultant, Commercial Finance, Commercial Lender and Commercial Broker. The track record proves their ability to execute competitive and innovative debt and equity capital.

2. LEMA Financial: A public company operating in Puerto Rico and other parts of US provides service in the areas of Residential loans, Mortgages, Real Estate Loans, Commercial Loans and Loan Acceleration. There goal is to provide timely, quality and competitive service to its customers. They offer tailor made services to meet the individuals financial requirement.

3. Doral Financial: A public company specializing in residential mortgages. It is one of the best and the largest mortgage lenders in Puerto Rico.

4. First Financial Caribbean Corp: Specializing in Mortgage loans for residential properties, First Financial is a public company operating in Puerto Rico.

5. Ponce Mortgage Brokers, Inc: One of the best and the most prestigious mortgage broker in Puerto Rico. They deal in commercial lending and brokerage, real estate and residential mortgages. They also offer sub prime and 100% second mortgage loans.

6. I-lan Internet Marketing: A public company offering online financial services, they specialize in wholesale mortgage, commercial lending, real estate and residential mortgage.

7. H-R-U Data Center, Inc: A new entrant and one of the leading mortgage lenders in Puerto Rico. It deals with Residential Mortgages

8. Banco Popular De Puerto Rico: Banco Popular is one of the largest banks in Puerto Rico and leading mortgage lender in Puerto Rico and rest of the US. A public company Banco Popular specializes in residential mortgage and offers home loans.

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