Internet Mortgage Leads: 3 Hidden Sources of Good Quality Mortgage Leads

Have you ever purchased internet mortgage leads? If so, you know how challenging it can be to find quality internet mortgage leads.

If you are a mortgage loan officer looking for internet mortgage leads just keep reading. I'm about to show you how to tap into three "hidden", super-abundant sources of good quality internet mortgage leads (as many as several hundred to thousands).

And that's not all. Two of the three sources listed below can generate internet mortgage leads at no cost.

Yes, even if you're dead broke you can use these techniques to create a flood of qualified internet mortgage leads and produce an avalanche of new sales.

So let's get started:

Internet Mortgage Lead Source # 1: Articles

Write articles about your mortgage related niche and submit them to article directories.

Here are a few sites for your article submissions:


Try to include the following elements in your articles:

1) Useful information – a must!

2) A text link to your site

3) A lead generating offer relating to the subject mater in your article
Provide a link to a web page on your site where the reader can get a complementary special report or something else of value.

If you're not a writer, hire someone to write your article for you. Just search for the term "freelance writer".

If you submit just two articles a week to the sites listed above, after one year you would have 100 articles all over the internet. If you publish useful information, these 100 articles could easily generate hundreds if not thousands of pre-qualified visitors to your site daily.

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Internet Mortgage Lead Source # 2: Joint Ventures

Here are a few easy steps to follow in order to generate internet mortgage leads using joint ventures:

First, you will need to create a bribe. Let's say you decide to offer a complementary special report titled "10 quick and easy ways to finance your home improvements".

Next, you will need to find home improvement list owners who publish ezines (electronic magazines) and newsletters online to give away your special report.

To find home improvement list owners just go to and search "home improvement ezine" or "home improvement newsletter". Then sign up for the publications.

When you receive the ezines and newsletters, click "REPLY" and send the publisher an email asking them to give your special report to their readers as a gift.

You can also offer to pay the publisher through an affiliate program as an added incentive for giving away your special report.

Internet Mortgage Lead Source # 3: Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

If you've tried to market your mortgage website on pay per click search engines, you already know how competitive it is on the net for mortgage related key words.

You can expect to pay $ 15 or more per click for the popular mortgage key words on the major pay per click search engines.

Here is a much less expensive way to get tons of PPC traffic to your site:

This site gives you PPC ads on local and national news paper and magazine publication websites at a fraction of the cost of advertising on Google AdWords and Overture.

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Certainly, these lead generation strategies can be a great source of internet mortgage leads for your business. But to insure your long lasting success in the mortgage business, you will need to create and follow a complete "attack plan".

Especially if you're currently relying on only 1-2 sources for generating your mortgage leads – because they can change and dry up overnight (they often do).

For a complementary mortgage lead generation e-course that will show you multiple strategies for generating mortgage leads, please visit:


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