I Started My Home Based Business and Spend More Time With My Family

I was hit by major financial situation months ago and was in debts caused by my husband. He was holding an irregular and unstable job since the first day we married. Who would have thought a man can still be hardcore irresponsible even after he bore two children. Any sensible man would have aims to work hard to feed his family but mine is unspeakable. With me current office job, I merely had $50 left on the next day I received my pay cheque every month. I was financing my house mortgage, utility bills, my daughter’s school fees and children daily necessities. Worst, I was financing my husband!

My sleepless night lead me to internet exploration on how I could make more money to keep my family afloat. It is natural being a mother, I want the best for my children. I want them to go to good schools and have all the things my parents could not afford to buy me when I was young. I skipped my lunch to do research on internet business. I read many successful stories how people changed their lives after venturing in networking business and I thought they were scams.

Then, I stumbled on the article Internet Rags to Riches and hell, I was a rag at that moment. Skeptical as anyone would feel, I did not give it much thought. In my desperate moment weeks after that, I decided to take up the opportunity. I was hoping for a miracle that would never happen then. I was desperate. I was hopeless.

Looking back, I feel a sense of relieve life has changed for me now. I no longer need to work eight to twelve hours a day and face political, difficult and demanding bosses and colleagues. I no longer have to sacrifice my vacation or medical leaves to finish my work from home to submit the bosses datelines which I never get any credit for. Most importantly, I no longer face financial difficulty. I no longer have the banks calling my cell phone for debts. I no longer stinged on my spending to provide my children’s needs. I now made much more money than my regular office job. I work four hours a day and I can choose to work at any time I want. Best if all, I get to spend more time with my 10-months old son and 5-years old daughter. I no longer have short temper where I got irritated with my children over trivial issues (I was depressed and overly stressed). I can afford to send my daughter to good school and attend enrichment programs which I could not afford then. I feel contented. I can breathe better now.

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A traditional business would need at least $10,000 capital. I invested less than $100 to start my home based business. All I need is a computer and internet connection.

If once a desperate and broke person like me can achieved this, I believe anyone else can too.