How to Choose a Loan Modification Attorney

As negotiating for a mortgage modification can get frustrating, seeking the help of a loan modification lawyer is advisable. Before hiring, ask these questions to the loan modification company / lawyer:

  • How do you know if you can help me with my mortgage modification?
  • Can you give me 3 people that you successfully helped get a mortgage modification?
  • How can I get my mortgage loan modified?
  • How much will a mortgage modification cost me?
  • Can you tell me what to expect with my lender during the mortgage modification process?

Your loan Modification Attorney Should be Knowledgeable, After Speaking With Them You Should Be Able To:

  • Know if the company is knowledgeable in the field of mortgage modifications. Let them talk about their background and other informative notes. Check if they know what they're doing.
  • Know if the company has a successful mortgage modification history. Make sure to follow-up with the people they have worked for. They will tell you what the modification company is all about, their impressions, how they were handled, and the company's procedures.
  • Know if the company is armed with strategies to get your mortgage modified. Mortgage modifications can sometimes be easy depending on your lender. In some cases, the company would only negotiate for payment modification basing on monthly gross income and no principal reductions are involved. However, at some point, the company has to use violations of law in the current loan as leverage which makes it difficult and complicated. Their legal staff will go through your loan contract, acceleration clauses and other documents that bind you with your lender to find any infringement.
  • Normally, modification companies require a fee right away, ranging from zero to $ 3,000. If successful, the modification success fee is usually 1-2% of your loan amount. Take note that, although knowing how much they will charge you is very important, do not ask this question outright. What matters most is getting your mortgage modified. The charge does not define the capacity to get your mortgage modified successfully.
  • Know their overall experience in mortgage modifications and foreclsoure. A clear discussion of your situation and what they know about your lender or that they have worked with your lender before, should be able to tell you if they have a lot of experience.
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In a situation as critical as this, where a mortgage modification is your only option, it is wise to consider these things in deciding to hire a loan modification attorney . You don't want to invest your time and money for nothing.