Foreclosure Listings – Find a Free List of Foreclosed Homes With Pictures, Prices, and Addresses

it seems that every magazine and newspaper carries some article about the opportunities to be found with foreclosures. If you turn on the television it won't be long before you hear some news story about foreclosures offering you great opportunities. Although the news can be sad for those facing the loss of their homes, it also presents an amazing opportunity for those in the position to shop for a new home or real estate investment right now. If you've heard the news that bargains on homes and properties can be found at 20-60% below market value, then you have heard right. Perhaps now you'd like to know how to go about searching for a property that fills your needs. I'd like to share the best way to start your search. First let's look closer at the foreclosure phenomena.

Why Are Foreclosed Homes So Cheap?

You may be wondering if this is all hype and wonder how foreclosure properties can cost less. At this time in history given the current economic situation the deals that sound so good are real and finding time to look for a great buy is well worth it. Let's look at the procedure of foreclosure briefly. At this point in history many folks have lost jobs and for many reasons they can not make their mortgage or loan payments. When a borrower defaults on a bank loan or mortgage the lender has the legal right to take back their property to try to regain some of their losses. It is good business for the lending institution to try to sell the property as quickly as possible to avoid carrying costs and the potential of vandalism on the property. That's why there is a deal for you!

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Finding Absolutely Free Foreclosure Listings

Foreclosures are available for condos, townhouses, single family residences, income properties and bare land. Not all are fixer uppers as some believe, just as many are in fine condition. Because everyone's hearing about foreclosures the interest is growing. If you want the best buys in the right location, you need to stay competitive in your search. The best way to stay in touch with the latest listings is online at one of the many foreclosure websites. It pays to take your time researching for a website that offers up-to-date lists of foreclosed homes with pictures, prices, and addresses.

Be aware that there is no reason to pay a membership up front when many excellent sites offer free 7 day trials. Take your time to check out the quality of the foreclosure websites before paying to subscribe. You will have still had the same access to photos and detailed information on listings as the paying members. If you discover the site doesn't take off a sold property when it sells or doesn't update its listings daily then you can go on to find another site with a free 7 day trial.