Fix My Loan – What Should I Do?

If you need to fix your loan, you are obviously having trouble making your payments or are going to have trouble making your payments real soon. Don't worry though, there is help available to take care of this for you.

The first thing you need to realize is that sometimes fixing your loan will not fix your unique situation. Sometimes it will only be a temporary band aid for a much larger problem. For instance, if you have suffered a large pay cut or even lost your job, by repairing your loan you will only be able to make the payments for a short period of time and then you will end up defaulting anyways. In these cases, it is much better to pursue a short sale and get out of the property completely. The banks know when this is going to happen anyways and will almost always deny you for a mortgage loan modification because they can see this coming.

If you just suffered a small income loss, your interest rate adjusted making your payments balloon up or you have some other temporary hardship that is causing the trouble, then you should definitely pursue a loan modification. This will fix your loan and allow you to continue living in your home with payments you can afford.

Every lender is different and you only get one shot at a loan modification, so I recommend using a DRE licensed company to handle the negotiations for you. They know exactly what qualifications your particular lender is looking for, ensuring you get the best result possible. You do not want to mess around with this, you only get one shot. The loss mitigation departments of the lenders are there to save the losses of their company and will not give you the best modification unless you know what you are doing. You have to pay a fee, but with a great result you will make up for this fee in monthly savings pretty quickly.

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For more information on a great company that can help you fix your loan, you should definitely visit the links below. Timing is crucial in these situations and since a loan mod takes a couple months to complete, you do not want to wait 'til it's too late.