Family Life Accepts ITIN Numbers As Form Of ID For Insurance

In January 2008 Family Life Insurance Company (FLIC) announced that it would accept ITIN numbers as an acceptable form of identification to issue a life insurance policy. Please note the individual must be a permanent resident in the United States.

To qualify for simplified issue based on our new mortgage verification procedure, the individual must have qualified for a mortgage on their permanent residence. If the individual has not qualified for a mortgage on their permanent residence, they can still qualify for simplified issue on our MCI Gold plan if the face amount is $100,000 or less and the Return of Premium rider is added to the base policy. If the face amount is greater than $100,000, the individual would be required to provide an oral fluid swab to satisfy the simplified underwriting guidelines.

FLIC was purchased by Manhattan Life in 2006. Since it was founded in 1949, FLIC has specialized in providing mortgage protection life insurance to safeguard families and their homes. FLIC has affiliations with many prominent mortgage lenders.

Most agents will agree the lender relationships is the primary reason most new agents join Family Life. The lender introduction gives our agents a valuable tool when securing appointments at the point of contact

Today, we are one of the largest providers of agent-sold mortgage protection life insurance in the United States. We provide affordable coverage that protects against the untimely death of a homeowner. Family Life has built an excellent reputation for integrity, performance, service and professionalism. Quite simply, we protect the American Dream.

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