Debt Cure$ – Book Review

By: Kevin Trudeau (2008)

ISBN 978-0-9798258-1-1

Book Price: $25.95

Exposing the greatest rip off

Kevin Trudeau is one of the leading consumer advocates in America today. His mission is to expose the greed that has taken over corporate America. Kevin is a bestselling author who has sold over 15 Million books. He is blowing the lid off the banking and credit card industry, and exposing the greatest rip off in USA’s history!

Eliminate debt

Kevin Trudeau presents 26 chapters helping readers to eliminate debt. He discusses, negotiation (Ch. 5), reducing interest rates (Ch. 6), turning from bankruptcy (Ch. 15), stopping debt collectors from harassing you (Ch. 20), achieving wealth (Ch. 21), rebuilding credit (Ch. 22), free money (Ch. 24), more free money (Ch. 24.5), & more!

Reducing debt’s hold

Kevin Trudeau is clinical, precise and personable in this revealing book. He presents, “The practices of the industry are designed to make sure you are late on your monthly payments, to make sure you go over the limit on your credit cards, and to make sure that the enormous fees and incredibly high interest rates continue to go up and up.”

Mr. Trudeau points to cultural keys for debt in society, declaring, “People turn to their credit cards when they are in crisis mode, to simply help them get by… We are a convenience-oriented society, and credit cards are convenient.”

Kevin releases simple, practical steps for reeling in debt. He explains, “The absolute worse thing for you to do about your debt is to do nothing… You need to know your current situation in order to move forward… a balance sheet is a financial snapshot that shows your current financial health… what you made and what you spent… “

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Encouraging words release motivation for readers. Trudeau states, “When you take control of your financial health, every area of your life improves. You can sleep better… you feel less stressed… not so tense… “

Concise data reveals powerful solutions. Kevin expresses, “Even as little as $15 every two weeks applied to your mortgage can cut one and a half years off!” And “The banks and the lenders do not want us to know that we can reduce our payments, reduce our interest, and reduce the life of the loan.” All of this information is available here.

Breaking free from the financial industry

Kevin Trudeau successfully provides a powerful tool for helping readers break free from the financial industry.