Chase Hardship Letter – Sample Chase Mortgage Lender Hardship Letter

This is a sample of a hardship letter that can be used with Chase Mortgage Lender but with other banks as well;

Mr. and Mrs. Shrek
21 Ogre Lane
Magic Forest, TN 11111
Your phone number
Your email address
August 1, 2009

Dear Financial Institution,

We are one of your loyal customers, and interested in the Loan Modification Program at your bank. We are struggling to meet our monthly payments, because my hours have been cut to part time, my wife lost her job, and we are struggling financially. You can see that prior to these hardships, we paid our mortgage on time monthly. We try to continue to pay our bills on time, but we are greatly struggling. We would like to continue living in our home with our children. We would like pay our bills, but we need help due to our shrinking income.

We understand that their are services at your bank can help us with our mortgage payments. By lowering our payments with your help, we may be able to stay in our home with our family. The Loan Modification program can help us avoid foreclosure, which help both the bank and us. We want to continue making loan payments, but we need assistance from the bank in these times of trouble to make payments.

Please call us and set up an appointment, so that we may discuss our financial needs and the services the bank can offer to keep us in our home, and pay our bills on time. Please let us know what paperwork we may need to bring our meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to modify our loan, so that we can continue to make payments. We would like the opportunity to discuss our financial problems and the services your bank offer including reducing our mortgage payments by modifying in it, if at all possible.

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Mr. and Mrs. Shrek

That is, adapt it as you need and send to Chase Mortgage Lender.