Bad Credit Florida Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans are the loans taken while purchasing a house or property. There are various kinds of mortgage loans namely, FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans, consolidation loans, land loans, conventional loans, balloon loans and refinance mortgage loans.

Mortgage loan rates in Florida have seen a decreasing trend slowly. The real estate market is booming with lower interest rates and presence of a wide range of loans offered competitively by some mortgage loan companies. Even people with bad credit records are being offered mortgage loans, albeit at a slightly higher interest rate. These kinds of loans are known as bad credit mortgage loans. They are also known as sub prime mortgages. Florida bad credit mortgage loans are for Florida citizens who have an unfavorable credit record. There are mortgage loan companies in Florida that specifically offer mortgage loans for such kind of customers. They can help customers who have been denied loans from other companies as well. Now, even this has become a competitive market with several bad credit mortgage loan companies vying with each other for customers. Here, even bad credit mortgage loans are also being offered at competitive rates. Even bad credit loans, if repaid on time, would help to improve the credit rating and clear the way for future loans at good rates. Moreover, bad credit loans can be secured or unsecured.

Bad credit mortgage loans also come with several options. The loans can be customized to suit the individual customer's preferences. Companies are also offering mortgage loans in the form of packages. A bad credit mortgage loan company also offers assistance in repairing the past credit history by providing refinance loans or consolidation loans for previous mortgages in order to improve the credit rating. Bad credit loans are also offered to clients who have declared bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure or divorce.

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There are some basic guidelines considered while approving a candidate for a bad credit mortgage loan. They are: a FICO score of 620 or lower, two (or more) 30 day delinquencies in the past 12 months, one 60 day delinquency in the past 24 months, a foreclosure or charge-off in the past 24 months, any bankruptcy in the last 60 months, qualifying debt-to-income ratios of 50% or higher and limited ability to cover family living expenses each month.

There are several bad credit mortgage loan companies in Florida. Information about these companies can be found through websites on the Internet. Since there are so many companies, look for the company's past history and its specialization and compare it with those of the other companies. Provide good documentation relating to past credit and income statement. A letter from the employer ensuring good conduct and job security would also be useful. Other things considered are the collateral (loan amount relative to the home value), other debts and cash reserves.