A Review of International MLM Leads Source Lead Bull

You see so many different kinds of companies selling different kinds of leads on the Internet its no wonder there is are International MLM leads as well. LeadBull is one of those companies that take a different approach to handing out leads. They give you bonuses within certain companies.

Its an interesting little concept selling International MLM leads, which with LeadBull.com are in the mortgage industry. Does this necessarily mean that they are only for mortgage? Absolutely not, but that has been their bread and butter since 1998.

One interesting concept this International MLM leads company has is their “cherry picking” system. It allows you to pick and choose which leads you want by setting filters. Add your funds which each lead starts at $15.00 the first 24 hours and begins to decline as time passes.

Fresh leads are key and for them to offer such a plan is important since most International MLM leads that come from other companies don’t have a system set up this way. Some do, but not many. The majority of their leads come from network Internet websites that are linked to their data system.

If your looking for a company to give you some of the freshest leads and its within your means Lead Bull may be for you. They sell their mortgage leads to everyone with Internet businesses and while without personally using them, they offer bonuses for many companies giving off the feeling that those type of home based owners purchase from them.

Here we go, Network marketing leads by this International MLM leads company has several different Internet websites for each consumer. Thats where your leads would come in if your not in the mortgage industry. Network marketing and MLM come from a company called Lead Supply. Offering the same types of leads that Lead Bull does just without them all consisting of mortgage leads.

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There are 5 packages overall including the cherry picking system (pay per lead, hot live transfer, flat rate), but the unlimited one is the eye catcher. Its because for $995 you can have an unlimited amount of leads throughout the month. It includes marketing data to help with each lead, and overall you only need 66 to get your money’s worth. Which sounds rather feasible and the best value.

Many people join a multi-level or network marketing program because there are no other opportunity that can allow them to make a Five to Six Figure Monthly Income with very little startup cost. There are plenty of network marketing opportunities around but you must be careful in your CHOICE and keep away from those SCAM Companies.

Joining a mlm or network-marketing company is a long term business where many ordinarily people can gain Financial Freedom through their lucrative Residual and Leverage Compensation scheme provided if they work hard.

Building a long term business means that you should look for a company that has been in existent for many years and preferably LARGE and REPUTABLE. It is IMPOSSIBLE to build a MLM or Network Marketing Business part time within a SHORT time span of 1 year or less.

That is why MANY build it as a part-time business before going for the full swing as a full-time jobs.

If you visit one of the International MLM leads companies just be sure to do your research. There is always a link that will take you to the information about the company where you can read up on them. Then of course finding other reviews on the Internet will always be in your best interest.

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