2 Tricks to Help You Save Money on Your Home Loan

There are two main ways to save money on your home loan. The first is to refinance from a high interest rate to a lower interest rate. Interest rates are partially determined by your credit score and your payment history, so talk to a lender to find out what rate you can get. A $ 250,000 loan for 30 years at 7.25% would result in a payment of $ 1705 per month. By reducing the interest rate to 5.75%, the monthly payment would be $ 1459. That is a savings of $ 246 per month.

An important point to remember when refinancing, however, is that you must pay for loan processing fees each time the loan is refinanced. Typically, you must pay processing fees, points, title search fees, etc. These fees are usually several thousand dollars. They can be paid for up front or added into the loan, resulting in higher payments.

Depending on the current mortgage rates and your current mortgage, as well as the costs incurred when refinancing, this could be a good option for you. You should find a professional to see if this is really a money-saving option for you. Depending on your situation, it may or may not be.

The second way to save money is to reassess your property taxes, especially if you bought in the last few years when homes were worth more than they are now. Since the tax is based on the worth of your home, knowing its true value is important in saving money in the current economic situation. However, if the value of your home has increased, this would obviously not save you anything and might actually cost you money!

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To get your property taxes adjusted, there are private companies that will assess property values ​​and adjust your home's value with the county assessor's office to lower your property tax payments. Again, see a trusted professional for help in getting your property taxes adjusted.