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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Indian cleaning soap opera

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (transl. What is that this relationship known as?) is an Indian Hindi-language tv cleaning soap opera that airs on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. It premiered on 12 January 2009 and is the second longest working Indian tv cleaning soap opera.[6][7] Produced by Rajan Shahi underneath Director’s Kut Productions, it initially starred Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, Shivangi Joshi, Mohsin Khan.[8]

The collection started with the story of two younger people, Akshara Maheshwari and Naitik Singhania. Each belong to Marwari joint households and marry after the household’s non secular advisor recommends their alliance. In an organized marriage, Akshara and Naitik regularly fall in love with one another, and retains the household collectively in all instances. The present additionally exhibits the tales of their relations together with cousins, dad and mom, and prolonged household. In 2016, The story shifted to the marital lifetime of Akshara and Naitik’s daughter, Naira and Kartik Goenka. Their story is about how the 2 meet, again and again, which ends up in their relationship progressing additional with every encounter and retains the household collectively in all instances. In 2021, After’s Naira loss of life, A brand new character named Sirat comes into Kartik’s life and finally fall in love with one another.

In March 2019, a spin-off, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, starring Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh was launched. The collection foucsed on Naira’s cousin, Mishti and Abir’s love story. The collection led to October 2020 finishing 355 episodes.[9][10]


Akshara and Naitik, each from a big Marwari joint household primarily based in Udaipur, have an organized marriage. After marriage, they battle to know one another and regularly start to know, help and love one another. They quickly give start to a son, Naksh. Naitik falls right into a coma on account of an accident.

Parallel tales embrace Akshara’s elder brother, Shaurya’s love story together with her finest buddy Varsha who marry and provides start to a daughter, Ananya. Naitik’s sister, Nandini marries Mohit Agarwal and adopts Yash and Rashmi marries Nikhil.

4 years later

Akshara begins working within the household enterprise. On Naksh’s birthday, Naitik recovers from the coma. He struggles to bond with mischievous Naksh. The complete household goes to their ancestral temple to have fun Akshara and Naitik’s wedding ceremony anniversary. Quickly, the household has to face Gayatri’s loss of life after which, Rashmi offers start to a daughter whom she names Gayatri after her mom.

One 12 months Later

Rajshekhar was married to a divorcée Devyani who has two kids, Naman and Muskaan. Regardless of Naksh affected by diabetes, he wins in a soccer match. Anshuman and Jasmeet in addition to Naman and Karishma get married. Nikhil divorces Rashmi whereas Nandini offers start to Anmol. Akshara is revealed to be pregnant.

7 months Later

Akshara and Naitik have a daughter, Naira. Naksh loves his sister Naira a lot that he additionally bunks his faculty for her. Quickly, Muskaan and Alok marry whereas Mahendra Pratap dies and Kaveri blames Akshara for a similar and banishes her. Naitik and Akshara together with their kids transfer out.

Ten years later

They relocate to Cape City in South Africa and have been dwelling there since. Naksh returns to Udaipur and convinces Kaveri to forgive an harmless Akshara, and thus the household return and reunite. Rashmi marries Sameer and her daughter Gayatri accepts him.

Naksh falls in love with Tara. Attributable to her brother Sangram, Akshara falls right into a pond and is saved by Naitik, however is briefly blinded.[11] It’s revealed that Kuhu is the daughter of Shaurya and Sneha, Naitik’s worker, on account of an earlier extramarital affair. The household disowns Shaurya however later accepts him. Then, Ananya and Ranveer marry. Naksh breaks his wedding ceremony due to Tara’s prenup. Then again, fearing being wrongly blamed for her buddy Sukanya’s loss of life, even by Akshara and petrified of imprisonment, Naira flees from Udaipur.

Just a few years later

Naira lives in an orphanage in Rishikesh and has grown up as headstrong however insecure and smug the place she meets Kartik Goenka, a younger and optimistic man. Akshara reaches there to fund the orphanage and finds Naira there. She brings her again on the pretext of saving her orphanage. Naira begins to just accept her household besides Akshara. Kartik arrives in Udaipur as Naitik’s worker the place a love triangle is shaped between him, Gayatri and Naira. Kartik realises his love for Naira whereas Gayatri for Kartik. Yash and Rose marry and at a dance competitors, Naira accepts Akshara and reconcile with one another .

Akshara, Kartik, Naira and Gayatri save Naitik who was kidnapped and tried to be killed by Naman. Later, Kartik confesses his love for Naira however she runs away. Quickly, Naman’s misdeed is revealed to the household besides Mishti and everybody disowns him and palms him to the police.

Naira is confused about her love however later realises her love for Kartik and confesses it as Gayatri sacrifices her love for her. The complete Singhanina household is shocked on listening to that Kartik is none apart from the enterprise tycoon, Manish Goenka’s son. Akshara is killed in a sudden automotive crash attributable to Kartik’s cousin Mansi for which Kartik is blamed. The Singhanias and Maheshwaris disown Kartik however quickly they realise that he’s not at fault and bails him.

Six months Later

Kartik and Naira marry in a grand ceremony. Kartik hates his father Manish and his stepmother Suvarna as he remarried her after his mom’s loss of life and in reality believes he was accountable for a similar. Everybody quickly learns that Mansi is the reason for Akshara’s loss of life however with a heavy coronary heart Naksh-Naira takes the case again and the households reconcile. Later, the household have Naksh and Keerti married after Aditya’s misdeeds come to gentle. Initially marrying for Naira’s sake, he begins to like Keerti. Additionally it is revealed that Shubham is Suvarna and Manish’s son. Kartik reconciles with Manish and accepts Swarna as his mom. Naira fulfills her dad and mom dream of opening a dance academy. Shubham dies of a drug overdose and Naira is blamed for hiding his drug dependancy. Naira leaves as Kartik and Suvarna don’t belief her. Thus, Kartik and Naira get separated.

Two years later

Naira together with Naitik lives in Mumbai. Coincidentally, Kartik turns into professor for a similar class which Naira indicators up. Finally, Anmol and Mansi marry as Kartik and Naira divorce. However quickly each in addition to Suvarna realise their errors and reunite.

Naira quickly undergoes a surgical procedure for a mind clot and remarries Kartik. Keerti and Naira are later each revealed to be pregnant. They meet with an accident when Keerti slips into coma. Each bear supply whereas Naira’s child lady is knowledgeable lifeless after which Kartik swaps the infants. As Keerti wakes up from the coma, the household finds it out and confronts him. Naira in the end loses her reminiscence however lastly regains reminiscence they usually reunite.

Additional, Samarth, Suhasini’s nephew, falls for a pregnant Gayatri and marries her after Vivaan’s loss of life. Naira now enters the enterprise after Manish’s coronary heart assault. Kartik feels insecure of Naira’s busy routine. Naira finds out she is pregnant. On his misunderstanding and questions on her relation with Mihir, Naira rebukes him and storms out of the home with out informing him of her being pregnant and meets with an accident and is presumed to be lifeless by the household.

5 years later

Naira lives in Goa with their son Kairav, whereas Kartik has discovered solace in his nephew Vansh. Finally, as Kartik marries Vedika, everybody learns that Naira is alive and Kairav is their son. Regardless of attempting to get away from one another, Kartik and Naira develop into nearer, which irks Vedika. Quickly they realise their love and reunite and Vedika prepares for a divorce from Kartik. In any case her makes an attempt to take Naira’s place, she realises her errors and leaves the household. Luv, Kush and Abhishek’s misdeed of molesting Trisha is revealed and they’re arrested. Quickly, Kartik learns that his and Naira’s daughter is alive, who was earlier thought lifeless quickly after the start, and searches for her, however fails to search out her.

Three months later (after COVID-19 lockdown)

Goenkas experiences monetary problem on account of CoVID-19 Lockdown they usually want a loan to avoid wasting their enterprise. Akhilesh and Manish inform everybody that mortgaging the home is the final possibility for them. Suhasini says she doesn’t wish to mortgage the home as it’s final signal of their father, then they study Sita Chaudhary, who lends on the premise of official paperwork.

The Goenkas invited her to go to their home then she sees Naira. Quickly, she agrees and offers the loan to the Goenkas. Gayu tells everybody that she is pregnant with Samarth’s youngster, after listening to this information everyone seems to be comfortable. Manish has to exit for some work, so Naira accompanies him in automotive. They meet with an accident on account of Chhori afterwards Manish’s reminiscence is misplaced and he solely remembers Kittu (Kartik). Kartik blames Naira for the accident and he doesn’t discuss together with her for few days. Kartik realizes his mistake they usually reconcile. Naira take Chhori to Goenka’s home.

Suhasini doesn’t like Chhori and their combat continues. Keerti involves shock everybody on Rakshabandhan. Manish desires a brand new e book so he fights with Kartik, then Naira offers the household album to him. As quickly as he noticed the album he remembers Kartik and Naira’s dance. Suhasini tells them to carry out the identical dance on Janmashtami. On listening to the information from Naira that she is sending her to Ashram, Chhori runs away from the home. Quickly the Goenkas despatched Chhori aka Krishna to new dad and mom who’re revealed to be goons. Naira is pregnant with Kartik’s youngster.

Six months later

Goenkas have fun Naira’s child bathe of their ancestral mansion. Krishna calls Kartik who’s revealed to be in bother. Kartik goes to avoid wasting her. Naira thinks he isn’t effective then she calls him however nobody solutions. She herself goes to search out him and Krishna however do not inform the household. Quickly she finds Krishna they usually save Kartik from the goons. They returned house and Naira offers start to a daughter. Right here Naksh and Keerti signed divorce papers as they don’t wish to reside collectively. Manish’s reminiscence additionally returns and household have fun it. On the naming ceremony day, Vansh and Kairav returned from Rama’s home. Naira names her daughter Akshara after her mom, on listening to the title household get emotional. Later, Keerti and Naksh understand their mistake and household have fun it. Vansh by chance falls from balcony and the physician says that his legs won’t ever perform once more, Kairav is behind him so Naira thinks Kairav pushed Vansh however he did not. Nonetheless Naira asks him if he pushed Vansh, Kartik, annoying him and he asks Naira to distance herself from Kairav. Gayu tells everybody that her kids usually are not necessary for anybody, Surekha additionally helps her. They mentioned that the household loves solely Naira and Kartik’s kids not ours. Kartik listens to it and tells Gayu that we’re leaving this home they usually transfer out with their kids leaving everybody heartbroken. They shift to Mumbai.

Three months later

They’re dwelling in Mumbai however in several flats on account of Kairav not desirous to see Naira. In the meantime, Suhasini’s well being worsens as she desires her Kittu and Naira again in the home. A psychiatrist, Dr Riddhima is therapeutic Kairav as she see her son Arjun in him. Quickly, she turns into so hooked up to him that she kidnapped Kairav however he’s saved by Kartik and Naira. Kairav accepts Naira and apologises to her for the misdeeds. They return to see Suhasini and he or she tells them to vow to by no means go away house once more. Quickly, Kartik plans a household picnic. Naira bids goodbye to her home and information a message for Kairav and Akshara, as she feels that one thing will occur to her. Attributable to a freak accident, the bus will get hung off a cliff however Kartik, Manish and Naksh handle to avoid wasting everybody besides Naira, whose foot is caught underneath the seat of the bus. Later, Karthik saves Naira, however after that she falls off the cliff and dies. Kartik is heartbroken after seeing Naira’s images and reminiscences round him. In anger he locks himself in his room and blames himself for Naira’s incident. Prayer ceremony for Naira is organized by the Goenkas.

Some days later

The Goenkas have fun Makar Sankranti and Kartik pretends to be comfortable and caring in the direction of his kids. However Kairav decides to maneuver to a boarding faculty as he feels that Kartik is doing an excessive amount of for him. Everybody worries about his determination, however finally perceive. On the boarding faculty, Kairav sees fierce and fiery Sirat, practising boxing. She appears to be like precisely like Naira, which makes Kairav suppose that his mom has returned. Sirat is the daughter of Sheela, who left her and her first husband eight years earlier and married another person. Karthik too encounters Sirat they usually have a misunderstanding. Quickly, after a number of calls for from Kairav, Karthik brings Sirat and her Mauri from Jaisalmer to the Goenka villa, opposite to the Goenkas’ needs. After being known as a gold-digger by Manish, Sirat decides to return to her metropolis. However after seeing Kairav’s deteriorating well being, she returns to the Goenka villa. After returning, Manish confronts Kartik and questions his relationship together with her and Kartik realises that he has to provide their relationship a reputation and thus, he decides to marry Sirat, just for Kairav’s sake.

The Goenkas determine to go to a resort for Kartik and Sirat’s engagement. A day earlier than the engagement, Sirat reveals to Kartik about how her earlier lover, Ranveer Chauhan, who left her alone within the ‘mandap’ on her wedding ceremony day. Karthik tells Sirat to maneuver on and tells her that she has to go away her previous. On the engagement day, Ranveer witnesses Sirat’s engagement and is left heartbroken. Kartik quickly realises that Sirat and Ranveer had an enormous misunderstanding, attributable to Ranveer’s egocentric father and thus, he reunites the pair. After Kairav hears about Ranveer and Sirat’s relationship, he’s left shell-shocked however after Kartik explains it, he realises that Sirat’s love is extra necessary than Kairav’s happiness. The Geonkas too settle for Sirat and Kartik’s determination. The household additionally decides that Sirat and Ranveer’s marriage will occur from the Goenkas’ aspect within the resort itself. On Sirat and Ranveer’s marriage day, Narendranth Chauhan, Ranveer’s father decides to interrupt the alliance and he hatches a depraved plan as he would not need Ranveer to marry a middle-class lady like Sirat. Even after Narendranath’s plotting, Ranveer and Sirat tie the knot.

Over time, Sirat begins to grasp that she has fallen in love with Kartik and he or she begins feeling helpless. She tries to cease considering of Kartik, however will get reminded of his good-deeds and take care of her, which makes her love for him develop. Kartik too begins realising a distinct essence in Sirat’s behaviour.

Ranveer realises that Sirat loves Kartik and is offended at her and falls unconscious. Ranveer tells Kartik that he’s affected by a terminal illness and tells him to not inform Sirat. Sooner or later Ranveer falls critically unwell and has a little or no time to reside. The physician tells Sirat your complete reality which Ranveer instructed to Kartik. Ranveer, on his loss of life mattress, tells Kartik to handle Sirat and dies. Ranveer’s household holds Sirat answerable for his loss of life and throws her out. Narendranath information an criticism in opposition to Sirat and Police comes and arrests her. Then again, Sirat’s grandmother passes away. Kartik bails her out and tells her to do the ultimate rites. Kartik takes her to a resort. After a while Sirat goes away from Kartik and telling him to not discover her.

Six months later

Sirat modifications her title to Simran and settles in Dalhousie with an aged couple. Kartik lives in London away from his household. Sooner or later Kartik decides to return again to India to search out out the place Sirat is. Kartik finds out that Sirat is in Dalhousie. Kartik convinces Sirat to return to Udaipur. Each of them discover out that Narendranath has hidden Ranveer’s loss of life certificates. They discover out the loss of life certificates and Sirat is acquitted of all prices. Kartik and Sirat confess their love to one another and obtained married in an enormous ceremony. Manish and Surekha doesn’t like Sirat due to her roots. Sirat is revealed to be pregnant however hides this from Kartik. Kartik will get to know and stops her from aborting the kid. They determine to welcome the kid and lift it.

Six months later

Goenka’s have fun Sirat’s child bathe. Manish is nervous in regards to the youngster and needs to boost it like the opposite Goenka kids. All of a sudden, Kartik known as for an pressing assembly with a shopper and tells Kairav to handle Sirat and Akshu. Remainder of the women of the household go to the temple. Sirat goes into labour ache. Kairav takes Sirat and Akshu and reaches the hospital. The physician tells that if the scenario is worse, she must bear ceasarian supply. The complete household reaches the hospital. Sirat offers start to a child lady however the lady is in a vital situation.However docs save the lady youngster. 1 month later, Sirat returns house with the kid and names her as Aarohi. Sirat resumes her boxing coaching for a championship neglecting the children. Sirat’s coach, Mukesh ,who’s her stepfather, turns into a impediment between Sirat and championshp. He pushes Kartik away and runs away. Physician tells Kartik must do an pressing surgical procedure as there may be extreme inner bleeding. Sirat goes to compete a mtach to be certified for a championship. Physician tells Manish that Kartik requires blood on account of extreme blood loss however his blood group may be very uncommon. Listening to about Kartik’s Surgical procedure, Sirat left the match and rushed to Kartik and donated her blood. Kartik’s surgical procedure turned a hit and returned to house. Sirat’s coach informs Kartik that Sirat is certified for the Asian Championship. All people congralutes Sirat.

18 Years Later



  • Hina Khan as Akshara Maheshwari/ Singhania: Naitik’s spouse, Naksh and Naira’s mom, Vishambharnath and Rajshri’s daughter, Shaurya’s youthful sister. (2009-2016)(deceased)
  • Karan Mehra/Vishal Singh as Naitik Singhania: Akshara’s husband, Naksh and Naira’s father, Raj Shekhar and Gayatri’s son, Rashmi’s elder brother. (2009-2016)/(2016-2018)
  • Shivangi Joshi in a twin position as:
    • Naira Singhania/ Goenka:[12] Akshara and Naitik’s daughter, Naksh’s youthful sister, Kartik’s spouse, Kairav and Akshara’s mom (named after her late mom)(2016-2021)(deceased)
    • Sirat Shekhawat/ Goenka( previously Chauhan):[13] Sheela’s daughter, Ranveer’s widow, Kartik’s spouse, Kairav and Akshara’s stepmother, Aarohi’s mom (2021)
  • Mohsin Khan[14] as Kartik Goenka: Manish and Soumya’s son, Swarna’s stepson, Keerti’s Brother, Naira’s widower, Sirat’s husband, Kairav, Akshara and Aarohi’s father (2016-2021)


Maheshwari Household

  • Lata Sabharwal as Rajshri Maheshwari:Ratan’s sister; Vishambharnath’s spouse; Shaurya and Akshara’s mom. (2009-2019)
  • Sanjeev Seth as Vishambharnath Maheshwari:Bhairavi’s elder son; Omkarnath’s elder brother; Rajshri’s husband; Shaurya and Akshara’s father.(2009-2017,2018)
  • Vineeta Malik as Bhairavi Maheshwari: Vishambharnath and Omkarnath’s mom.(2009-2017,2018)
  • Neelima Taddepalli as Sunaina Maheshwari: Omkarnath’s spouse; Anshuman’s mom.(2009–2017, 2018)
  • Manu Malik as Omkarnath Maheshwari: Bhairavi’s youthful son; Vishambharnath’s youthful brother; Sunaina’s husband; Anshuman’s father.(2009-2016,2018)
  • Ather Habib/Yash Gera as Shaurya Maheshwari:Vishambharnath and Rajshri’s son; Akshara’s elder brother; Varsha’s husband; Ananya and Kuhu’s father.(2009-2013)/(2013-2017)
  • Aman Sharma/Dheeraj Gumbar as Anshuman Maheshwari:Omkarnath and Sunaina’s son: Jasmeet’s husband; Nannu’s father.(2009-2015)/(2015-2016)
  • Pooja Joshi Arora as Varsha Maheshwari:Sulekha’s daughter; Shaurya’s spouse; Akshara’s finest buddy turned sister-in-law; Ananya’s mom, Kuhu’s adoptive mom.(2009-2019,2020)
  • Zarina Roshan Khan as Gopi:Bhairavi’s buddy and maid.(2009-2014)
  • Shirin Sewani as Jasmeet Maheshwari: Sukhwinder and Pammi’s daughter; Anshuman’s spouse; Nannu’s mom.
  • Sunita Rajwar as Dhaniya Singh:Bhajinder’s spouse, Maheshwari’s servant.(2009-2012)
  • Anand Mani as Bhajinder “Bhola” Singh :Maheshwari’s servant, Dhaniya’s husband.(2009-2012)
  • Amardeep Jha as Shankari:Maheshwari’s match maker.(2009-2016,2018)
  • Bhuvan Chopra as Ratan Goyal:Rajshri’s brother; Shaurya and Akshara’s maternal uncle.(2009)
  • Akshaya Naik as Ananya Maheshwari/ Sharma:Varsha and Shaurya’s daughter; Kuhu’s step elder sister; Ranveer’s spouse.(2015-2017,2018)
    • Nairtiya Chandola as Younger Ananya(2012-2015)
  • Ruma Sengupta as Rajshri and Ratan’s mom.(2009-2011)
  • Arjun Kohli as Ranveer Sharma:Ananya’s husband.(2016-2018)
  • Anmol Jyotir as Nishant “Nannu” Maheshwari:Anshuman and Jasmeet’s son.
    • Khushmeet Gill as Younger Nannu(2015-2016)
  • Kaveri Priyam as Kuhu Maheshwari/ Rajvansh:Sneha and Shaurya’s organic daughter; Varsha’s adoptive daughter; Kunal’s spouse; Amish’s surrogate mom.(2019)
    • Harbandna Kaur/Yamini Makwana as Younger Kuhu (2016)/(2016-2017)
  • Charu Asopa as Sneha: Naitik’s worker; Kuhu’s organic mom.(2010)

Singhania Household

  • Medha Jambotakar as Kaveri Singhania: Mahendra Pratap’s spouse, Raj Shekhar’s sister-in-law, Nandini’s mom, Naitik and Rashmi’s elder aunt.(2009-2021)
  • Sanjai Gandhi/Abhijeet Lahiri as Mahendra Pratap Singhania:Raj Shekhar’s elder brother; Kaveri’s husband; Nandini’s father.(2009-2011)/(2011-2015)(deceased)
  • Sandeep Mehta as Raj Shekhar Singhania: Mahendra Pratap’s youthful brother; Late Gayatri’s husband; Devyani’s husband; Naitik and Rashmi’s father, Muskaan and Naman’s stepfather
  • Sonali Verma as Gayatri Singhania:Raj Shekhar’s first spouse; Naitik and Rashmi’s mom.(2009-2013)(deceased)
  • Kshitee Jog[15] as Devyani Singhania( previously Agrawal):Raj Shekhar’s second spouse; Naitik and Rashmi’s step mom; Suresh Agarwal’s ex-wife; Naman and Muskaan’s mom. She is an Ayurvedic physician. When she was medicating Rajshekhar after Gayatri’s loss of life, Singhanias get her married with him on seeing his loneliness.(2014-2021)
  • Zarina Roshan Khan as Muskaan Agrawal/ Awasthi:Suresh and Devyani’s daughter, Raj Shekhar’s step daughter, Naman’s youthful sister; Alok’s spouse.(2014-2015)
  • Amit Dolawat as Alok Awasthi:Akshara’s college-mate and former admirer, Muskaan’s husband.(2009,2014-2015)
  • Anshul Pandey[16][17] as Naman Agrawal:Suresh and Devyani’s son; Raj Shekhar’s step son; Muskaan’s elder brother; Karishma’s ex-husband; Mishti’s father.(2014-2016)
  • Pooran Kiri as Suresh Agrawal: Devyani’s first husband; Naman and Muskaan’s father.(2014-2015)
  • Priyanka Udhwani as Karishma Agrawal:Naman’s ex-wife; Mishti’s mom.(2014-2017)
  • Rhea Sharma as Mishti Agrawal/Rajvansh:Naman and Karishma’s daughter; Abeer’s spouse, Amish’s organic mom.(2019)
    • Aarna Sharma as Younger and Teenage Mishti.(2016-2017,2019)
  • Rohan Mehra/Rishi Dev/Shehzad Shaikh as Naksh Singhania:Akshara and Naitik’s son; Naira’s elder brother; Keerti’s husband; Krish’s father.(2015-2016)/(2016-2018)/(2018-2021)
    • Shivansh Kotia as Younger Naksh(2012-2015)
      • Harsh/Bani as Child Naksh(2011)/(2011-2012)
  • Mohena Singh/Harsha Khandeparkar: Keerti Goenka/ Singhania:Manish and Soumya’s daughter; Suvarna’s step daughter; Kartik’s sister; Shubam’s step sister; Aditya’s ex-wife, Naksh’s spouse; Krish’s mom.(2016-2019)/(2020-2021)
  • Saksham Vasu as Krish Singhania:Naksh and Keerti’s son(2020-2021)
    • Dwiti Gajera as Younger Krish(2019)
  • Neha Saroopa as Rashmi Singhania/ Desai (previously Deora):Gayatri and Raj Shekhar’s daughter; Naitik’s youthful sister; Nikhil and Sameer’s spouse; Gayatri’s mom.
  • Mazher Sayed as Sameer Desai:Rashmi’s second husband, Gayatri’s step-father.
  • Shravani Goswami as Rama Deora: Rajendra’s spouse; Nikhil’s mom; Regardless of her son dishonest and divorcing Rashmi, she helps her and takes care of her and her granddaughter Gayatri.(2011-2016,2018-2020)
  • Nidhi Uttam as Nandini Singhania/ Agrawal:Kaveri and Mahendra Pratap’s daughter; Mohit’s spouse; Yash’s adoptive mom, Anmol’s mom.(2009-2019)
  • Ayush Agarwal/Shamik Abbas as Mohit Agrawal:Rukmini’s son; Koyel’s elder brother; Nandini’s husband; Yash’s adoptive father; Anmol’s father.(2009-2016)/(2016-2019)
  • Sanchit Sharma as Yash Agrawal:Nandini and Mohit’s adopted son; Anmol’s adoptive elder brother; Rose’s husband.(2015-2017)
  • Sippora Zoutewelle as Rose Agrawal:Yash’s spouse, Martha’s daughter.(2016)
  • Karan Pahwa as Anmol Agrawal:Nandini and Mohit’s son; Yash’s step youthful brother; Mansi’s husband.(2016,2018-2019)
  • Shreya Sharma/Vaishnavi Rao as Mansi Goenka/Agrawal:Akhilesh and Surekha’s daughter; Luv and Kush’s elder sister; Anmol’s spouse.(2017)/(2018-2019)
  • Urmila Sharma/Sunitha Rao as Rukmini Agrawal:[18] Mohit and Koyel’s mom(2009-2012)/(2012-2021)
  • Rakesh Deewana as Maharaj: Singhania’s chef.(2009-2014)
  • Divya Bhatnagar as Gulabo: Singhania’s maid.(2009-2011)
  • Unknown as Chitti Maharaj:A south Indian Tamil one that turns into Singhania’s chef.(2014-17,2018)
  • Ali Service provider as Rituraj Singhania:Naitik’s cousin brother.(2009,2011-12)
  • Preeti Sharma as Bindiya Singhania:Rituraj’s spouse; Naitik’s sister-in-law.(2009,2011-12)
  • Kirti Sually as Parvati Singhania:Mahendra Pratap and Raj Shekhar’s sister; Nandini, Naitik and Rashmi’s paternal aunt.(2010-2019)
  • Nea Srivastav as Girija:Singhania’s maid.(2011–2016)
  • Ashish Kapoor as Nikhil Deora:Rashmi’s ex-husband; Rajendra and Rama Deora’s son; Gayatri’s father.(2011-2013)
  • Manoj Jaiswal as Rajendra Deora:Rama’s husband; Nikhil’s father.(2011-2013)
  • Navika Kotia as Prerna “Chikki” Singhania:Singhania’s undertake her when younger when her dad and mom tortures her.(2013-2014)
  • Umang Jain as Tara Singh Shekhawat:Naksh’s ex-fiancée.(2015-2016)

Goenka Household

  • Parul Chauhan[19]/Niyati Joshi[20] as Swarna “Arpita” Goenka: Manish’s second spouse; Shubham’s mom, Keerti and Kartik’s step mom.(2016-2019)/(2019-present)
  • Sachin Tyagi[21] as Manish Goenka: Suhasini’s elder son; Akhilesh’s elder brother; Soumya and Suvarna’s husband; Keerti,Kartik and Shubham’s father.(2016-present)
  • Ali Hassan as Akhilesh Goenka: Suhasini’s youthful son; Manish’s youthful brother; Surekha’s husband; Mansi, Luv and Kush’s father.(2016-present)
  • Shilpa Raizada as Surekha Goenka: Akhilesh’s spouse, Suhasini’s youthful daughter-in-law; Mansi, Luv and Kush’s mom.(2016-present)
  • Swati Chitnis as Suhasini “Triveni” Goenka: Manish and Akhilesh’s mom; Samarth’s elder aunt; Tejasvini and Purushottam’s sister.(2016-present)
  • Tiya Gandwani as Priyanka: Soumya’s youthful sister; Manish’s sister-in-law; Keerti and Kartik’s maternal aunt.(2017-18,2019)
  • Anmol Jyotir as Luv Goenka: One in all Akhilesh and Surekha’s twin sons, Mansi’s youthful brother(2020-2021)
    • Shreshth Saxena as Younger Luv(2016-2019)
  • Apoorv Jyotir as Kush Goenka: One in all Akhilesh and Surekha’s twin sons, Mansi’s youthful brother.(2020-2021)
    • Shubh Saxena as Younger Kush(2016-2019)
  • Anita Kanwal as Tejasvini: Suhasini’s elder sister.(2018)
  • Gaurav Wadhwa as Shubham Goenka alias Aryan: Manish and Swarna’s son; Keerti and Kartik’s half-brother.(deceased)(2017-2018)
  • Samir Onkar as Samarth Goenka: Suhasini’s youthful brother-in-law’s son i.e. her nephew, Manish and Akhilesh’s youthful cousin; Gayatri’s former husband; Vansh’s adoptive father; Vatsal’s father(2018-2020)
  • Kanchi Singh/Deblina Chatterjee/Simran Khanna as Gayatri “Gayu” Desai/ Goenka: Rashmi and Nikhil’s daughter; Vivaan ex-girlfriend and the bearer of his youngster; Samarth’s former spouse; Vansh and Vatsal’s mom.(2016-2017)/(2018-2019)/(2019-present)
    • Payal Bhojwani as Teenage Gayu(2015-2016)
  • Maaz Champ/Siddharth Dubey as Vansh Goenka: Younger Vansh, Gayatri and Vivaan’s son; Samarth’s step son; Vatsal’s half-brother (2019-2020)/(2020-present)
  • Rituraj Singh as Purushottam “Puru” Ajmera : Suhasini’s youthful brother; Manish and Akhilesh’s maternal uncle, Ila’s father.(2019)
  • Aleya Ghosh as Ila Ajmera: Purushottam’s daughter; Suhasini’s niece, Manish and Akhilesh’s youthful maternal cousin sister.(2019)
  • Shaurya Shah/Tanmay Rishi Shah/Aarambh Trehan Sehgal as Kairav Goenka: Kartik and Naira’s son; Sirat’s stepson ; Akshara’s elder brother; Aarohi’s half-brother (2019)/(2019-2020)/(2020-present)
    • Krishiv Mutha as Child Kairav(2019)
  • Pankhuri Awasthy as Vedika: Kartik’s buddy turned ex-fiancé.(2019-2020)
  • Tejaswanee Bhadane as Krishna (Chhori): Kartik and Naira’s adoptive daughter. (2020-2021)
  • Kairav Waghela as Akshara “Akshu” Goenka: Naira and Kartik’s daughter; Sirat’s stepdaughter; Kairav’s youthful sister; Aarohi’s half-sister. (2020-present)
  • Priyamvada Kant as Rhea: Surekha’s niece (2021)

Sirat’s Household

  • Ashita Dhawan as Sheela Rathore: Sirat and Sonu’s mom; Mukesh’s spouse.(2021)
  • Hrishikesh Pandey as Mukesh Rathore: Sonu’s father; Sheela’s second husband.(2021)
  • Krishang Bhanushali as Sonu Rathore: Sheela and Mukesh’s son.(2021)
  • Amita Khopkar as Kaushalya “Mauri” Shekhawat: Sirat and Sonu’s maternal grandmother; Sheela’s mom.(2021)(deceased)
  • Karan Kundra as Ranveer Chauhan: Sirat’s late husband(2021)(Deceased)
  • Shahbaz Khan as Narendranath Chauhan: Ranveer’s Father(2021)


Visitor appearances


In 2019, On Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s completion of 10 years, a spin-off collection, “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke“, premiered on 18 March 2019 starring Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh.[29] The collection portrayed the lifetime of Naman and Karishma’s daughter and Naira’s youthful step cousin Mishti, portrayed by Sharma alongside Abir portrayed by Sheikh.[30]



The taking pictures of the present started on 11 September 2008.[31] It was launched at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan.[32] In January 2009, the collection was primarily promoted by way of a marketing campaign at six most important cities by Star Plus together with Jagran Options.[33] A contest was held within the nation amongst over 1000 married {couples} out of which fifty of them had been chosen by way of occasions like quizzes and on air take a look at on radios. They had been made to remarry with the rituals together with the video games and occasions held in Rambagh Palace.[34]

In January 2010, a sequence was shot with none dialogue, with solely background music used throughout dramatic scenes when the Singhania household be taught that the character Akshara motivates the love between her sister in regulation Nandhini and Naitik’s buddy Mohit, in opposition to them.[35]

In January 2013, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was despatched discover by channel for its ending on account of reducing rankings. Nonetheless it obtained extension until June 2013 whereas the rankings rose and the choice of ending was dropped.[36] Apart from, twice once more it obtained discover for ending however quickly when the rankings elevated after it, the plan was dropped and the collection continued.[37]

Throughout November 2014 finish, lead Hina Khan couldn’t be capable to attend her taking pictures for few days on account of her different work schedules and the monitor was altered for her absence.[38] In December 2014, a scene the place characters Naman and Karishma kiss was reduce from the published to keep away from offending the present’s viewers.[39]

The present took its first leap of 4 years on 30 November 2012 put up the automotive accident of Naitik as he slips into coma.[40] It then took a leap of 10 years on 30 March 2015 after Kaveri banishing Akshara from the home owing to Mahendra Pratap’s loss of life.[41] Then a leap of some years was taken on 16 Might 2016 put up teenage Naira working away from her house fearing imprisonment.[42][43] One other leap of two years was taken on 21 Might 2018 after Shubam’s loss of life as Suvarna ousts her.[44] It took a leap of 5 years on 7 June 2019 after Naira leaves the Goenka home on Kartik’s false impression about her.[45]. On October 2021, The present took an era leap of 18 years after Kartik and Sirat dies and the story will likely be focussing on Kairav, Akshara and Aarohi

The ten 12 months leap in March 2015 was barely delayed because the casting of grownup Naksh was not finalised. Producers auditioned over 200 individuals earlier than selecting Rohan Mehra.[46] In April 2016, each Hina Khan and Karan Mehra refused to play the position as in-laws after the on-going wedding ceremony monitor of their onscreen son Naksh and Tara. Thus, the monitor was altered such that the marriage was known as off.[47]

Throughout January 2017, on the filming of pre wedding ceremony sequences of the lead characters Naira and Kartik, fireplace broke out on the units on account of a brief circuit.[48] Frequent individuals had been auditioned at Delhi throughout 4 and 5 February 2017 and solid for Baraathi in Naira and Kartik’s weeding.[49]

In August 2017, the weeding gown of the character Keerti, for her and Naksh’s marriage sequence, was designed by Bollywood designer Neeta Lulla.[50]

Pankhuri Awasthy was solid in June 2019 as Vedika, whose position was speculated to be for 3 months.[51] Nonetheless, with the elevated rankings, changing into most watched Hindi GEC for few weeks in city, her position was prolonged together with her exit in January 2020 whereas in between she took a break in October and re-entered in November 2019.[51][52]

Talking about Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s success producer Rajan Shahi mentioned, “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai doing nicely is one thing now we have to attempt for every day. When a present completes this variety of episodes, it turns into a problem as to the right way to maintain the present. There are such a lot of matters to select from and there are such a lot of relationships, in order that turns into a significant problem, to maintain the freshness alive. Drama, intrigue, and many others is simply part of storytelling however to nonetheless maintain the essence alive that’s the problem, it’s at all times a day after day battle.”[53] He additionally quoted that the flowery competition celebrations proven is the power of the collection.[54]

Talking in regards to the introduction of transition within the story from Akshara and Naitik to Naira and Kartik, Shahi mentioned, “We had been dropping out on the younger viewers when issues had been going candy between (unique protagonists) Akshara and Naitik. With the introduction of Kartik and Naira — a pair that’s imperfect, makes mistake and learns from the errors — the viewers once more discovered a reference to the on-screen characters. That’s how our present has stood sturdy in opposition to the take a look at of time.”[55] In Might 2017 Shahi said: “With due respect to each the actors, it’s a undeniable fact that after Karan left, we may consolidate our place and the TRPs really elevated. After Hina’s exit too, the present has grown. This isn’t to say that they didn’t contribute to the present, however we weren’t in a position to shoot when these two had been part of the present as that they had a lot baggage. There have been simply two-three hours of taking pictures with the lead actors. Now, even when we’re given a alternative, the writers wouldn’t need Akshara again.”[56] For his above assertion each Khan and Mehra expressed their displeasure the place Khan said: “Throughout that point, he went on file to reward each of us for our dedication and professionalism. And truthfully, we had been most likely the one lead pair on tv who continued to be with the present for eight consecutive years. Regardless of the work strain, disagreements and different work alternatives, we continued to remain loyal to the present and supported the producer. However now that we aren’t doing the present, he’s very conveniently contradicting his personal statements.” and Mehra said: “If he’s saying that I labored for two-three hours, he’s referring to another person as a result of my attendance register is the proof. Additionally, I gave my discover interval prematurely. I don’t know who he has a grudge in opposition to and why is he saying it now? I used to be thanked by the channel and Rajan sir after I stop, so I don’t perceive how this has emerged now.”[56]


Hina Khan was chosen to play the position of Akshara, making her performing debut.[57][58] Khan said that she knew nothing about performing whereas signing the collection quoting, “I did not be taught performing from wherever. I feel it is due to luck that I landed up in TV. Even after that I needed to do a whole lot of exhausting work. It was tougher for me after I started performing and right away I needed to carry out. I by no means obtained to be taught.”[59]Karan Tacker was initially roped for the position of Naitik, however was changed by Karan Mehra a day away the promo shoot as Tacker turned skeptical who additionally makes his performing debut.[60] Talking about it producer Rajan Shahi mentioned, “Karan (Tacker) refused to be part of the present a day and a half previous to taking pictures the promo. I wanted to hunt for a brand new face on instant foundation. I by chance met Karan Mehra, an actual life reproduction of my fictitious character Naitik.”[61]

In June 2016, Mehra stop the present, due to well being points.[62] Two sequences had been shot earlier than his exit: one was his loss of life monitor and different was his kidnap monitor and determination was made to take the story with the kidnapping monitor.[63] Then, he was changed by Vishal Singh in August 2019, making his entry with the Kidnap sequence in Switzerland.[64][65] Quickly, in November 2016, Hina Khan stop as her character turned monotonous for her and he or she was proven killed in a automotive accident.[66] Then, parallel lead Shivangi Joshi taking part in Naira and recurring one Mohsin Khan taking part in Kartik, who entered in Might 2016, turned the leads of the present and the character Naitik turned a recurring one since.[8]

In 2012, Sanjay Gandhi taking part in Mahendra stop as a result of points between him and his co-actors Sonali Verma and Sandeep Mehta who was then changed by Abhijit Lahiri.[67] The latter additionally stop after the loss of life of his character in March 2015.[68] In 2012, Urmila Sharma was changed by Sunitha Rao as Rukmini.[69][70] In December 2013, Sonali Verma stop her position as Gayathri Singhania, as a result of Verma deliberate to get married and transfer to america. Her character was proven lifeless after a fall from a cliff.[71]

In December 2014, Ather Habib taking part in Shaurya stop as he felt nothing extra was there to discover in his character and was changed by Yash Gera.[72] Gera additionally stop in 2017 as a result of identical purpose as that of Habib.[73] He was changed by Sameer Sharma within the spin-off collection throughout March 2019.[74]

In 2015, Aman Sharma taking part in Anshuman stop as he needed to seek for higher alternatives and was changed by Dheeraj Gumbar who additionally stop in mid 2016.[75]

In 2015, Ayush Agarwal stop on account of private causes and was changed by Shamik Abbas. In Might 2016, Umang Jain taking part in Tara and her on-screen relations stop because the story began to concentrate on different tracks after the cancellation of her and Naksh’s (Rohan Mehra) wedding ceremony within the present as Hina Khan taking part in Akshara refused taking part in the position of a mom in regulation.[76]

In September 2016, Rohan Mehra taking part in Naksh stop to take part in Bigg Boss and was changed by Rishi Dev.[77] Dev additionally stop in December 2018 as he wished to concentrate on his YouTube channel and was changed by Shehzad Shaikh.[78][79] In September 2017, Kanchi Singh taking part in Gayatri Deora stop as her character was sidelined and was changed by Deblina Chatterjee in November 2018.[80][81]

Anshul Pandey taking part in Naman stop in October 2016 who was changed by Jay Pathak within the spin-off collection throughout March 2019.[82] In January 2018, Priyanka Udhwani taking part in Karishma stop as nothing was left for her character.[83] In July 2018, Vaishnavi Rao was solid as Manasi which was earlier performed by Shreya Sharma because the makers thought-about the previous higher for the position.[84] Shirin Sewani who was final seen in November 2018 taking part in Jasmeet on this collection was changed by Soniya Kaur within the spin-off collection in March 2019.[85]

Parul Chauhan stop in April 2019 as she didn’t wish to play a grandmother and was quickly changed by Niyati Joshi as Suvarna.[86][87] Because the story was about to take a leap, in Might 2019, Mohena Kumari Singh taking part in Keerti stop after getting married, and was changed by Harsha Khandeparkar in August 2020.[88][89] Deblina Chatterjee taking part in Gayatri quickly stop as she was not serious about taking part in a mom and was changed by Simran Khanna.[90][91] Sreshth Saxena and Shubh Saxena had been made to stop as a result of leap.[92] Shaurya Shah, who entered in June 2019 as Kairav, stop the next month on account of well being points, and was instantly changed by Tanmay Rishi.[93][94]

In January 2020, Anmol Jyotir who performed teenage Nishanth Maheshwari until 2017 was solid together with Apoorva Jyotir to play teenage Kush and Luv.[95] On account of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, actors youthful than ten years of age had been prohibited from acting on set, so when taking pictures resumed in June 2020, Tanmay Rishi Shah and Maaz Champ shot their sequences from house.[96] Nonetheless, with the requirement of characters Kairav and Vansh on the units, they had been changed by Aarambh Trehan Sehgal and Siddharth Dubey in October 2020.[97][98]

In October 2021, The primary leads Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan taking part in Sirat and Kartik left the present and the present took a era leap of 18 years


The collection is especially filmed within the Movie Metropolis at Goregaon in Mumbai.[99][100] Because it primarily based on the households in Udaipur of Rajasthan, some scenes had been additionally filmed there.[101][102] In December 2013, a sequence was shot at Wai.[103] Some sequences had been additionally filmed in Rishikesh throughout 2016 and March 2018.[104][105] In March 2017, the marriage monitor of Kartik and Naira was filmed in a grand method in Bikaner, Rajasthan.[106]

Apart from, it was additionally filmed in numerous international areas together with Bangkok in 2014, Cape City in 2015, Hong Kong in 2015, Switzerland in 2016 and Greece in 2017.[107][108][109][110][111]

On 13 April 2021, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray introduced a sudden curfew on account of elevated Covid circumstances, whereas the manufacturing halted from 14 April 2021 and the manufacturing and filming location was quickly shifted briefly from Mumbai to Silvassa together with different exhibits Anupamaa,Aai Kuthe Kay Karte and Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 of the identical manufacturing home.[112] After two months of taking pictures in Silvassa, the group shifted again to Movie Metropolis, Mumbai on 10 June 2021.[113]


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has had a number of crossover episodes with numerous exhibits. On 28 December 2009, the present had a crossover with Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai. On 24 August 2012, the present had a crossover episode with Diya Aur Baati Hum.[114] On 3 March 2016, actress Deepika Singh as Sandhya from Diya Aur Baati Hum made an entry throughout Naira’s kidnap sequence.[115]


The collection initially aired from Monday to Thursdays throughout the prime time slot of 9:30 pm (IST) and was later prolonged to Friday. In October 2009, it aired all through the week owing good rankings till November 2009.[116][117] Throughout 2014, it was prolonged till Saturday and shortly lowered again to Friday once more.[118] Typically, a few of the episodes had been aired as particular episodes for an hour throughout Saturdays.[119]

The collection which was in a steady manufacturing since its premiere was halted indefinitely in March 2020.[120] Owing COVID-19 outbreak in India, the filming of the tv collection and movies had been halted on 19 March 2020, anticipated to renew the works from 1 April 2020 and the collection airing was halted on 25 March 2020 after the financial institution episodes obtained over.[121][122] Nonetheless, afterward imposing the nationwide lockdown, which was extending with the rising circumstances, filming couldn’t be resumed since March finish.[123] After three months, the taking pictures of the collection resumed on 26 June 2020 and airing resumed from 13 July 2020.[124][125] The manufacturing as soon as once more halted on 24 August 2020 when the solid Sachin Tyagi, Swati Chitnis and Samir Onkar together with 4 crew members had been examined optimistic for the COVID-19 virus and resumed with others on 28 August 2020.[126][127][128]

Dubbed variations

From 2011 to 2015, the present was dubbed as Uravugal Thorarkadhai in Tamil on Star Vijay and as Pellante Noorella Panta in Telugu on Star Maa, each being discontinued after airing greater than 1000 episodes.[129][130][131] In 2017, the present was dubbed in Malayalam underneath the title Akkareyanente Maanasam 2 on Asianet Plus[132] and in addition in Tamil as Uravugal Thodarkadhai 2 on Star Vijay Tremendous[133] from episode 2075, however had been discontinued inside few months.

The collection airs internationally as Not With out My Household on Star Life.[134] It airs in ANTV as Yeh Rishta in Indonesia.[135] In Pakistan it aired in Urdu 1 channel. Nonetheless it was terminated after the airing of Indian collection had been banned there.[136]

Tv particular

A particular phase named Rishton Ka Utsav[137][138] aired from 26 November 2018 to five December 2018 the place Kartik and Naira set up a novel competition which brings all generations with many of the relations of the present by way of all these years come collectively and have fun their reunion.[139] This phase additionally marked the entry of Deblina Chatterjee as Gayatri Deora changing Kanchi Singh who stop the present in 2017.[81]



Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was touted as the most important weekday prime time fiction launch in previous three years throughout 2009.[140]

This longest working Hindi cleaning soap is the fourth longest-running Indian tv cleaning soap opera and remains to be one of many prime rated exhibits.[141][142] It was the primary Hindi present to cross 2,500 episodes.[143] It accomplished 3,000 episodes on 11 September 2019 making a historical past within the Indian tv.[144]On 1st September 2021, It accomplished 3500 episodes.[citation needed]

Hina Khan participated within the ‘Energy of 49’ marketing campaign, wherein cleaning soap opera actors used their affect to induce ladies to vote.[145]

Khan was paid with ₹1to 1.25 Lacks per episode as of in 2015 and 2016 making her one of many highest paid Indian tv actress.[146][147]

In 2020, it turned the third most tweeted Indian tv present on Twitter.[148]


Shoma Munshi of their e book Prime Time Cleaning soap Operas on Indian Tv mentioned the present has “simplicity and extremely emotional content material” and was famous for putting feminine characters within the historic custom of a giant joint household.[149]

The Indian Categorical said, “Easy story, easy remedy, straightforward tempo, small tiffs, grouse, grief, happiness, disappointment, celebrations, rituals, customs however no melodrama and no scheming and plotting….that is daily life superbly captured and which pleases eyes, ears and different senses. Not that it has not resorted to TRP gimmicks like misunderstanding, being pregnant and miscarriage to come back out of its lows, however the present has chronicled post-marriage journey of an organized married couple fairly nicely.”[150] Additionally they quoted, “There’s a sense of positivity and actuality within the present, that no different serial provides on the small display screen.”[144]

Praising the 2 exhibits Bidaii and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai of Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut Manufacturing as sport changers of Starplus which shouldn’t have extreme digicam strikes and mom in regulation – daughter in regulation melodramas in contrast to beforehand aired dramas, The Occasions of India said, “The exhibits adequately highlighted the quintessential feelings with a great deal of romanticism and ease in story-telling.”[151]

Talking on the success of the collection, The New Indian Categorical mentioned, “Like most profitable tv collection in our nation, “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” has at all times banked closely on the good Indian household. Nonetheless, the present, together with its solid, has modified over the last decade, to accommodate altering instances. Maybe that’s the place the profitable components lies—in retaining its previous core values in an ever-changing set-up.”[152]


It scored a superb ranking of seven.9 TVR in its launch episode with greater than 14 million viewers and garnered about 30 million viewership within the opening week, averaging 6.1 TVR in that week.[153][154] Owing to this, it was acclaimed as one of the best primetime fiction launch throughout that point.[155] Since its inception, Yeh Rishta principally maintained its place being one of many prime Hindi exhibits.[155][156][151] In 2009 and 2010, it garnered rankings principally averaging between 6 and seven TVR whereas the next two years between 4 and 5 TVR, sustaining its place in one of many prime rated Hindi GECs.[157]

Within the week 8 of 2009, it garnered 5.75 TVR.[158] In week 10 of 2009, it garnered 6.4 TVR changing into the foremost watched.[159][160] When the 9 12 months dominant primary place of StarPlus channel was overwhelmed by Colours TV channel in week 14 of 2009, Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai had been the highest watched Hindi exhibits with 7.4 and seven TVR.[161] In early June it was the foremost watched Hindi GEC with 5.88 TVR.[162] It averaged 5.3 TVR between Might finish and June finish occupying second place in Hindi GEC.[163] In third week of July 2009, it remained the foremost watched with 7.22 TVR.[164] The wedding episode of Akshara and Naitik throughout July 2009 garnered the best ranking level for the collection with 8.1 TVR being the foremost watched Hindi GEC and the fifth highest TVR garnered within the 12 months whereas the best being 10.2 TVR by Colours TV’s Balika Vadhu.[165][166] In week 36 2009, it topped the checklist with 7.2 TVR.[167] Within the week ending 31 October 2009, it was at fourth place in Hindi GEC with 5 TVR.[168] In 2009, the collection averaged 6.1 TVR with the typical time of 16.9 minutes spent per episode with an total attain of 86.6 million viewership within the 12 months total.[169] In early 2009, throughout the IPL match broadcast in, the collection was nonetheless some of the watched Indian tv program than the IPL averaging greater than about 5 TVR whereas IPL averaged greater than about 4 TVR.[170]

In week 6, 2010, it occupied fourth place with 6.5 TVR.[171] In week 8, it jumped to the highest place with 7.3 TVR.[172] However, earlier than IPL match was about to broadcast, it garnered 6.8 TVR whereas nonetheless decreased throughout IPL airing to five.3 TVR in April 2010 with IPL being most watched.[173] In week ending 26 June 2010, it garnered a peak of 6.99 TVR whereas it averaged 6.2 TVR in that week with the particular episode aired on Saturday getting 4.2 TVR.[174] In week 26 of 2010, it occupied second place with 7 TVR.[175] Throughout week ending 25 September 2010, it occupied fourth place with about 5 TVR.[176] As in October 2010, it averaged 3.7 to 4.5 TVR, occupying third place.[155]

In second week of 2011, it dropped to seven place with 4.26 TVR.[177] In third week of Might 2011, it was at prime place with 5.14 TVR.[178] General, it turned the second most watched Indian Hindi tv present of 2011.[179]

Within the first week of the 2012, it was at eight place with 4.4 TVR.[180] Within the final week of the month, it occupied first place whereas in early February, it was overwhelmed by Saath Nibhana Saathiya with 0.1 TVR distinction.[181] Throughout IPL premiere in week 14 of 2012, it garnered 3.13 TVR, being pushed all the way down to tenth place with the highest positions occupied by the matches.[182] In week 22, throughout IPL finale broadcast, it garnered 3.7 TVR with fourth place in prime 10 Hindi GECs of the week.[183] In final two weeks of 2012, it occupied second place and third place with 4.6 TVR.[184][185] In 2012, the typical total ranking of the collection was 5.2 TVR.[186]

Throughout first week in 2013, it was within the second place with 4.6 TVR.[187] In week 7 2013, it was second most watched Hindi GEC with 4.3 TVR.[188] Throughout final week of April 2013, it occupied sixth place with a trp of two.6.[189] In September 2013, it occupied sixth place with 6587 TVTs (Tv Viewership In 1000’s) (6.5 million viewership).[190] In 2013, it was the third most watched Indian Hindi tv present total with a mean of seven million viewership and a peak viewership of 8.9 million.[191] In week 23 and 24 2013, it garnered 3.1 and three.5 TVR.[192] As in August 2013, it was in fifth place with a trp of three.0 and 6749 TVTs.[193][194] In week 50, 2013 it occupied the fifth place in most watched Hindi GEC with a TRP of three.9.[195]

In week 24 2015, it occupied fourth place with 3.40 TVR and the next week, it occupied third place with 4.04 TVR.[196][197]

Within the week ending 19 August 2016, it was occupying fifth place in Hindi GEC with 8.096 million impressions.[198] After the loss of life of the character Akshara in November 2016, the rankings of the present which went down since few months, began to revive. Throughout September to November 2016, it had a viewership averaged 4.9 million and was even out of prime ten exhibits in city. Publish Akshara’s loss of life monitor, when the story began focussing on Naira and Kartik, the viewership elevated regularly once more, getting into the highest three exhibits again throughout March 2017 whereas it averaged 7 million viewership in city.[199]

In week 24 of 2018, with the leap of two years, the rankings of the collection elevated, occupying third place whereas the next week it went all the way down to sixth place and to eighth place within the subsequent week in city.[200][201][202] The next week (week 27), it elevated to fourth place with 6.2 million impressions in city.[203] In August 2018, the rankings of the present spiked changing into the second most watched Hindi present in city averaging 8 million impressions throughout Naira and Kartik’s divorce monitor.[204] In week 38, it was in third place with 6.4 million impressions in city, beating its rival present on Zee TV Kundali Bhagya which airs on the identical time of Yeh Rishta.[205] In week 40, it was in fourth place with 7.3 million impressions in city.[206] In week 51, it was at sixth spot with 6.3 million impressions in city.[207]

In first week of 2019, it occupied seventeenth place garnering 7.9 million impressions total prime 20 checklist (city+rural).[208] In week 3 of 2019, it occupied third place garnering 6.6 million impressions, beating its rival present Kundali Bhagya in city.[209] Following the 5 years leap in June 2019, the collection which was out of prime 5 Hindi GEC earlier than made its entry again occupying second place.[210]Pankhuri Awasthi who entered as Vedika in June 2019 obtained many hatred from the viewers on account of her grey character[211] who was proven as hurdle between the reunion of the lead characters Kartik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi).[212][213] Hashtag #RIPdirectorskutproduction began to pattern in social medias after Kartik and Vedika’s marriage monitor.[214] Regardless of these, the present maintained the highest spot in its city viewership throughout this monitor and remained in prime three Hindi GEC total (city+rural).[215][216][217] Throughout which in week 28 it was at third place with 10.6 million impressions in city+rural rankings with 7.2 million impressions in city solely.[218] In week 34, it garnered its peak ranking of that 12 months with 9.1 million impressions in city being most watched there and 13+ million impressions total, occupying second place.[219] Nonetheless, its primary place held for a lot of weeks was taken again by Kundali Bhagya throughout September 2019 pushing it to second garnering 8.1 million impressions in city.[220] In week 45 2019, it occupied fourth place with 6.4 million impressions in city.[221] In week 47, it was at third place with 6.78 million impressions.[222] In week 48, it occupied second place with 6.6 million impressions and the next week at sixth place with 6.1 million impressions in city.[223][224] In week 52 and 53, it occupied seventh and tenth positions in Hindi GEC city.[225]

It turned the foremost watched Indian Hindi present on the digital platform Hotstar throughout 2019.[226]

Throughout first week of 2020, it occupied tenth place in city with 6.2 million impressions and jumped to fourth place with 7 million impressions the next week.[227][228] In week 6, it occupied second place with 6.9 million impressions whereas the earlier week it was at seventh place.[229] In week 24 of 2020, the rerun of the collection of the sequences after the 4 12 months leap in Star Utsav turned the fifth most watched Hindi GEC in city areas with 4.3 million impressions.[230] The next week, the rerun turned the fifth most Hindi GEC total (city + rural) with 7.5 million impressions.[231] Publish per week when the collection resumed airing on StarPlus after a 3 months break owing COVID-19, in week 29, it was at sixth place in Hindi GEC city with 4.793 million impressions.[232]

The collection which couldn’t enter prime 5 Hindi GEC in city put up COVID-19 break since July 2020 made an entry on the primary week of 2021 with 6.984 million impressions occupying fifth place with the loss of life monitor of Naira.[233] Whereas it dropped the next week, in week 4, it re-entered fifth place with 6.553 million impressions.[234][235] In week 6, it garnered 6.774 and 9.628 million impressions in city and total Hindi GEC occupying fifth and sixth positions.[236][237] The next week it maintained the place with 6.599 and 9.314 million impressions.[238][239] The next week the viewership elevated to 7.185 and 9.907 million impressions sustaining its earlier place.[240][241] The next week it elevated to 7.45 million impressions in city occupying fourth place.[242][243] In week 10, it garnered 6.901 and 9.560 million impressions in city and total Hindi GEC at fourth and sixth positions.[244][245]


Word: Solely notable awards are listed under.

Indian Tv Academy Awards

Yr Class Recipient Reference
2009 Finest Actress – In style Hina Khan [246]
Finest Actor -In style Karan Mehra
Finest Serial – In style Rajan Shahi
Finest Costumes Ritu Deora
2010 Finest Course Neeraj Baliyan [247]
ITA Scroll Honour ‘Yeh Rishta & Bidaai’
2011 Finest Course’ Neeraj Baliyan [246]
GR8! Ensemblance Solid Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
2012 Finest Course Neeraj Baliyan
2013 Finest Actress in Supporting Position (Drama) Sonali Verma
Finest Baby Artist Shivansh Kotia
Finest Music Composer Naveen
Finest Dialogues Raghuvir Shekhawat
2014 Finest Teleplay Rensil D’Silva,

Bhavani Iyer,

Priya Pinto,

2015 Finest Actress In style Hina Khan [246]
Finest Actor In style Karan Mehra
Finest Present In style Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
ITA scroll honor Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
2016 ITA scroll honor Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
2017 ITA Laurel For Longlasting Reputation Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [248]
2019 Finest Persevering with Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [249]
2019 Finest actresses In style Shivangi Joshi [250]
2019 ITA award for longest working present Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [250]

Indian Telly Awards

Yr Class Recipient Reference
2009 Finest Recent Face (In style) Hina Khan [251]
Most In style Ensemblance Solid Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Most In style Drama Collection Rajan Shahi
Finest Costumes Ritu Deora
2010 Most In style Actress in a Lead Position Hina Khan [251]
Finest Actor in a Supporting Position – Drama (Jury) Sanjeev Seth
Most In style Day by day Collection Rajan Shahi
Most In style Ensemblance Solid Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Finest Course Jai Kalra & Ram Panday
2012 Most In style Persevering with TV Collection Rajan Shahi [252]
Finest Course Jai Kalra
2013 Finest Onscreen Couple (Critics) Hina Khan & Karan Mehra [251]
Finest Actor in a Supporting Position – Drama (Critics) Abhijeet Lahiri
Finest Tv Present of the Yr Rajan Shahi
Most In style Present with Social Message
Most In style Persevering with TV Present
Most In style Baby Artist Shivansh Kotia
2014 Most In style Baby Artist Shivansh Kotia [251][253]
Most In style Drama Collection Rajan Shahi
Most In style Persevering with TV Programme
2015 Finest Ensemblance Solid Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [254]
2019 Finest Persevering with TV programme (Jury) Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [255]

Star Guild Awards

BIG Star Leisure Awards

Gold Awards

See additionally


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