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UCCU Mortgage Rates Review

UCCU is a financial services provider that serves anyone who lives, worships, regularly conducts business, or attends school in Juab, Sanpete, Utah, Wasatch, Tooele, Davis, Summit and Salt Lake counties through northeastern Utah.

This credit union was founded in 1955 by Briant Jacobs and started with one small branch that consisted of just seven members and $35 in assets. Today, UCCU serves over 125,000 members in eight counties of the Beehive State.

In its mortgage lending products, UCCU offers conventional mortgage loans, as well as FHA loans, with the lowest interest rates possible on both types. With a goal to provide the best possible financing options to members based on their long-term investment, UCCU mortgage loans are perfect for anyone from first-time buyers and builders to those who are interested in refinancing.

UCCU Mortgage Facts

  • Membership available to those who live, worship, work and attend school in northeastern Utah
  • Founded on the campus of Brigham Young University
  • First branch in 1977 in Provo, Utah
  • Built on values of outstanding service, respecting others, and showcasing fiscal responsibility
  • Began in 1955 with seven members and $35 in assets
  • Credit union members have access to tools and resources like free seminars, safe deposit boxes, financial calculators, and balance financial counseling
  • To learn about mortgage rates, homebuyers can visit a branch, call, text or email
  • Marketrac named UCCU the No. 1 mortgage provider in Utah County


Founded on the campus of Brigham Young University as the BYU Employees’ Federal Credit Union, Utah Community Credit Union is an organization that was established to be at the top of mind for homebuyers when choosing a credit union for financial services and information.

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With a philosophy to help all members reach their financial goals, UCCU takes pride in its commitment to outstanding service, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the consumer.

Current Mortgage Rates

UCCU Loan Specifics

UCCU provides the lowest rates possible and lower insurance premiums. That means buyers can benefit from a lower monthly payment as well. Because of this, buyers can also qualify for more house with the same payment they would get from other lenders. To offer accommodations to different types of buyers based on their specific wants and needs, UCCU offers two loan types, including fixed conventional and fixed FHA.

Fixed Conventional Loan (15 and 30 year)

Fixed-rate mortgages are the most popular type of loans for buying a home, so this is a great stepping stone for first-time home buyers, yet it’s a feasible and comfortable option for seasoned homebuyers and those looking to refinance as well. A fixed-rate loan is defined as an interest rate that will not change over the life of the loan.

At UCCU, homebuyers can choose a 15 or 30 year fixed conventional loan.15-year UCCU fixed conventional loan rates are currently as low as 3.750 percent, which is .3 percent lower than the current national average of 4.05 percent. The 30-year option is at a low rate of 4.375 percent, which is about the same as the current national average. 

30-year Fixed FHA

Backed by the Federal Housing Authority, a 30-year FHA loan qualifies buyers with more flexibility and freedom than a traditional fixed loan. This option with UCCU is at 4.375 percent, much like the fixed conventional choice, but will only require a 3.5% down payment. An FHA mortgage loan is perfect for first-time buyers and those who have lower income or poor credit.

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UCCU Mortgage Customer Experience

UCCU wants to provide the best possible customer service for all homebuyers. That’s why it offers multiple options for contact to start the discussion about getting a loan.

For those who prefer the old-fashioned route, UCCU encourages them to visit one of the branches for an in-person consultation. Others can call, text, or email a representative to get the conversation started and flowing. For those who want to start the mortgage process on their own, UCCU provides, a free resource that walks consumers through the home-buying process, step by step:

  1. Let’s find your price range:Introduces loan types, discusses credit scores, debt-to-income ratios, loan-to-value ratios, down payments, mortgage insurance, and applications. 
  2. Let’s go home shopping:Discusses real estate agents, types of homes, HOAs, foreclosures, and making an offer.
  3. Let’s close your loan: Introduces home inspection, appraisal, verification, title company, loan closing, and title transfer.

UCCU offers other valuable resources, such as free seminars, financial advising, and financial calculators.

UCCU Lender Reputation

Since UCCU was only founded 64 years ago, it doesn’t technically have a long business history. However, it has come a long way since it opened what the founders called a small “branch” on a stair landing in the Harold R. Clark building, with only seven members and $35 in assets.

In 1976, the credit union’s stadium office was built, where a staff of 30 full-time employees works alongside $25 million in assets. Today, UCCU serves 125,000 members across Utah Valley.

While UCCU certainly made strides as a provider, it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a current BBB rating of a D-. This rating was based on UCCU’s failure to respond to five complaints filed against the business. Various 1-star ratings on UCCU also exist on the BBB’s website.

  • Information collected on Jan. 10, 2019
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Anyone interested in a UCCU mortgage loan must be a member who meets county requirements or a member of the immediate family of the person who is eligible.

Other qualifications are relatively standard. The interest rates, APRs, discount points, and lender closing credits vary based on the final loan amount and the estimated credit score.

When a conventional loan offers less than a 20 percent down payment, mortgage insurance is required. Homebuyers benefit from UCCU receiving lower mortgage insurance rates than banks and mortgage companies, which can make a huge difference in monthly payments.

UCCU Phone Number & Additional Details

Homepage URL:

Company Phone: 1.800.453.8188

Headquarters Address: 88 West Riverpark Drive, Provo, UT 84604

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