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Timebuyer Inc | Better Business Bureau Profile


I was convinced to NEVER return to Timebuyer again, for any reason. I even had my wife drop off
the payments. The Manager, Chasity V***** was insulting, rude, always on her phone texting, and
talking in a manner that she was going to reposses “her” vehicle(s). Which was insulting to myself
and to every Customer Time Buyer has ever had. I bought a nice enough car … but she claimed firmly
that it had NO warranty. OK I was a ASE Master Tech so no big deal for me to do any work.
The wife and I decided we wanted a newer vehicle, and of course I went directly to a Dealer.
And another dealer, and so on. Our credit was not a problem, niether was the money. The attitudes
you might say turned me away.
So, I thought to myself it would be fairly funny to call Timebuyer and tell Chasity V***** to find me a certain
vehicle, of a certain year range and I would purchase it. Knowing in my head JUST how hard this would be,
she would probably tell me off and at least I would get a laugh.
Upon making the phone call and asking for Chasity V*****, directly and only … I was informed that she no
longer was with Timebuyer. Mind you I am still pretty ticked off at Timebuyer in general, so I decided not to
stumble but go forth with my plan. “I paid off a car there and I want a ****** *****, fully loaded”. It’s hard to
find a used *****, let alone fully loaded. John, the new Manager and Connor both invited me down to take a
look at what they had on the lot and discuss my “issues” with Timebuyer. I went down, we talked, and it was
like a different world. So, the wife and I saw a ******* ******* we were interested in. [Let me say now, IF
you go to Timebuyer you are NOT buying a “new vehicle”, after reading some ‘reviews’ I feel a need to say
that.] Anyway they are bought at auction, used, and once in awhile the auction can mess up paper work.
They could not get me a title to the ******* because of that. So I call John and ask did the title come in?
No Bob it didnt but I think you need to come down here … and I’m like OK ummm why? I’ll be a son of a gun
if he didn’t have a ****** *****, FULLY and I mean FULLY loaded. Body? Superb condition. Interior?
Leather, that will take awhile for me to figure out all the extra options. Engine, low mileage and well cared for,
transmission is the same, it even has 4 literally new tires on it.
John, Conner and the entire staff bent over backwards for us trying to make up for the way we had been
treated in the past. All the paper work, Inspection, DMV (new plates) & registration taken care of in one
I can not thank John, Connor, and the rest of the staff at Timebuyer enough! Even the Mechanic who would
not let us take the car until he washed it again. (yes, I said again) I will be back to Timebuyer when we get
or feel the need for yet another car. Very friendly, not pushy, and they will work with you.

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