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SunTrust is a bank holding company that has many branches in the southeastern U.S. and Washington. D.C. Its parent company is SunTrust Banks, Inc., which is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1891, and provides a variety of banking services, such as lending, deposits, trust and investment services, and credit cards. In addition, the company offers fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. Current information about SunTrust mortgage rates is shown in this article.

SunTrust Current Mortgage Rates

Information about Sun Trust’s current mortgage rates is listed on its website.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
Agency 30-Year Fixed 4.400% 4.4870% $995.44
Agency 15-Year Fixed 3.625% 3.7861% $1440.54
Jumbo 30-Year Fixed 4.700% 4.7478% $2592.44
Agency 30-Year 5/1 ARM 3.875% 4.0326% $948.41
Agency 30-Year 7/1 ARM 3.700% 3.9398% $946.54
FHA 30-Year Fixed 4.100% 5.1885% $776.32
VA 30-Year Fixed 4.125% 4.3264% $1229.98
VA 15-Year Fixed 3.750% 4.0225% $1834.82

*** Disclaimer: The rates, terms, and fees listed above are liable to change without notice. Accordingly, users should access SunTrust’s site for the latest updates.

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SunTrust Mortgage Rates Additional Info

The fixed rates, estimated payments, and ARM interest rates in the above table are based on an assumed loan amount of $200,000, a credit score of 720 and 20 percent down payment. Customers should be aware that rate adjustments are possible according to the usual mortgage rates trend.

SunTrust Home Mortgage Rates

SunTrust’s bank mortgage rates and home mortgage rates are some of the most competitively priced on the market, including its VA and FHA mortgages. The bank has purchase mortgage rates and refinance mortgage rates available for home loan purchases. As shown above, fixed-rate mortgages are available in terms of 30-year mortgage rates or 15-year mortgage rates (but not 20-year mortgage rates), and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are provided in 5-year or 7-year beginning terms.

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SunTrust also has access to jumbo loans for mortgages that surpass typical mortgage rates (usually loans that exceed $417,000). The SunTrust bank offers these jumbo mortgage rates for 15-year or 30-year terms.

SunTrust’s rate and payment calculator, from their website, will provide a good estimate of which loan is best for you. They also have a loan comparison tool and mortgage rates calculator for you to crunch some numbers and determine individual mortgage rates that will fit well with your finances.

Several different options such as VA, FHA, adjustable rate, and conforming loans are available at SunTrust Bank. If you go to SunTrust’s website, you can also get pre-approved for a loan in an easy three-step process. As soon as you are pre-approved, you can finish this process by calling SunTrust’s mortgage customer number at 1-855-388-0196. You can also go to the SunTrust customer support page to ask for additional help and receive more information about SunTrust mortgage rates.

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