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Jun 16, 2019

Modification to lower mortgage their only help was to raise it 300.00 so I don’t fall behind

First it was Nationstar, they got in big trouble with the government and rebranded as Mr Copper, and they were NO BETTER they were doing fraudulent things to customer, then in July, August 2018 I got a letter saying my Mortgage was transferred to Select Portfolio Servicing, I THOUGHT Mr Cooper was bad, I had started a modification with MC, then SPS said they knew nothing about it, So I had to start all over, The reason for modifying was to lower my payment Because my income was being garnished because I fell behind on student loan to the tune of 200,000, So after months of SPS losing documents I sent, or not being able to read them, or a microscopic box not being checked, it was something every 2 to 3 weeks, I was on the verge of filling bankruptcy ( which won’t help with student lone’s ) I scraped the payments together every month,
Then after all The incompetence I said screw this, so I started to fall behind, because I had to get my car payment caught up, 2/3 months tops, Then I’d make a lump sum payment to SPS to be current, BACK AND FOURTH WITH THE ACCOUNT REP, in the mean time I’ve taken 2 part time jobs, I was making 2 online payments every month ( added up to mortgage total ) Still no Answer on the modification, THEN THEY LOCKED MY ON LINE ACCOUNT So it would only accept the full payment , So I started sending checks 2 a month, in March I said F it, and didn’t pay 2 months, until I got an answer from the account specialist doing the modification, magically I received a letter out lining the only resolution they would give me ! The NEW PAYMENT Was 300.00 more than my original payment ! Then they started with the default letters because I was 2 months behind, I’m just so baffled at this whole thing, I can’t afford a lawyer to sue, so I started payments again, and I’m currently 1300.00 which is just over one months payment, when I get paid this coming Friday, I’ll be making a payment to become even, I want this company to SUFFER, anyone with information on a lawyer who will help sue, Pro bono please contact me
Thomas Bruneau
[email protected]
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Jun 13, 2019

credit reporting



[email protected]

selder Send email

Apr 12, 2019

Mortgage Fraud

CitiMortgage sold to Towed Mortgage which sold to SPS the same month. From the beginning it has been a hassle and different answers from all CSR. I owed 12,000 when my mortgage was sold to SPS and now I owe over 20,000. Different reasons were stated just terrible service and now they are say I owe over 6,000 dollars to get my mortgage current or I could go into foreclosure e even though I have been following their instructions or lake there of. I paid my payments they said to pay. But, they stated it was not the right amount so they put it towards late fees! This company is a dark and low lying fruit that does not care about people or their homes. I have lived at my home for 22 years. They work for the devil and need to be eradicated, any information on a class action suit would be great [email protected]
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Dec 5, 2018

Cant get our insurance check from them to do home repairs

We have been unable to get SPS to release the check to use issued by the insurance company that requires our signature and SPS signature. We have had contractors that were willing and able to do the work to repair our home but left due to us not having recieved our money yet. We have sent in everything they ask for and have called daily for the past month and each time told they dont have everything or they need more! You get a different answer each time you call and it is very frustrating! I am considering filing a law suit against them and wondering if anyone else has filed one. I know there has to be others dealing with the same issues we are.

fatouldiallo Send email

Nov 6, 2018

Refund on Double Mortgage Payment

I contacted SPS customer service on October 18th, 2018 regarding a double payment taking for my mortgage. I was told by the customer service reps. that it would take 24 to 48 hours for the payment to be reversed. As of today, November 2nd, 2018, I have not received a refund. And, when I contacted SPS, I was given different accounts on the status of my refund: a check was mailed to me on October 23, which I have not received yet; a payment has been made directly to my bank account, and again, it still has not been done. I have sent them via fax my bank statement showing that no payment/refund was made. Meanwhile, my bank is charging $33.00 a transaction for NSF.

Alicia Caldwell Kesler Send email

Jul 26, 2018

Mortgage fraud SPS

To everyone on here….
Email me. [email protected]

I currently have a Federal lawsuit filed in the United States Federal Court here in Salt Lake City Utah.
Federal Court case number 2:18-cv-00469
Google it.

Brianbaker Send email

Jun 25, 2018


I need help my dad died May 2017. I moved back into his house to find he owned money to (sps) I have called them an talk to 5,000 different people for over a year I fill this that or the other out an send it back then there excuse is they expired or some crap. I have begged for a house payment for over a year there statements say ” This is not attempt to collect a debt this is for informational purposes only”. So I call an call I get a relationship manager that I still haven’t talked too.
So in July of 2017 I hired an estate lawyer he open an shut the esate (sps) never came forward claming anything in the mean time I have tried asking for a payment to pay them. Now here June 2018 I get a letter for a forecloser hiring in my court house. I’m on the dead to the property and all I need some advice how can I bet these people please call me or text me 336-301-5106 thanks I’m brian

ggnelson Send email

Jun 13, 2018

SPS will not foreclose on property

I have had my mortgage for over 20 yrs. I moved out of my home because my insurance company would not pay for repairs and the home because a health hazard for me and my family. I walked away from the my home because of this reason. I have requested to surrender my home to them but, they told me that they do not want the home and that they will not be foreclosing. But, they tell me the only way I can be cleared from the home is through a short sale. My problem is from reading all of the complaints that this company has, it is very possible that if I find a buyer for a short sale they may not even except the buyer application. What kind of company is this, that they seem to specialize in making the lives of others miserable?

macmacmac Send email

Mar 29, 2018


Wow, this company sucks. I refinanced my home and my new loan funded and recorded. The escrow company wire funds to SPS. They received the funds, I have evidence of that from the federal reserve. But they did not re-convey the deed. Instead, they are sending me notices that I owe them a mortgage payment and they are having their collections “department” call me. This is a scam if I ever smelled one.

When I called them, they told me they rejected the payoff from the escrow company because they paid my $3K tax bill and so the payoff was $3K short. How could the payoff be short when they issued it? So escrow contacted the tax assessor and confirmed that escrow paid the property taxes and SPS had not. Escrow sent the payoff again. There are laws against this, in CA at least. They have to honor the payoff they submitted and they have to re-convey the deed.

What this company is doing is ILLEGAL.

I’m going to contact the FBI.

Jqlooper Send email

Jan 23, 2018

Select Portfolio Servicing

We have, or thought, we were working with SPS in modifying our loan , when my husband became disabled. For a year, we sent all the required paperwork. Each time they said they didn’t receive some of it..or all of it.. or they accidentally told us to send the wrong information. In all, I think I sent them 10 packets. We were constantly told to ignore any threatening paperwork, that it was just a formality and we were close to getting the modification. Recently we were told we didn’t qualify because”Chase” turned us down! (All of a sudden Chase is back, even though we can’t communicat with them!) Were in our 60s, and close to being out on the streets! Does anyone have any information on anything being done with this horrible company? [email protected]
allmyharts Send email

Jan 4, 2018

Insurance Claim Funds

I suffered a flood loss during Harvey. I have flood insurance. The claim check was made payable to myself and SPS (Select Portfolio Servicing). Once SPS got a hold of the check, they have held tight to it and refuse to release funds so that I can repair my home. They say the put in an exception request to release money and I have to wait 5 business days for an answer for them to then deny the request to send me MY money. I can not finish repairing my home unless SPS release MY insurance funds. This company is preventing homeowners from fixing their homes. I would think that since SPS has an interest in the home that they would want it repaired.

Keystime42 Send email

Dec 14, 2017

Insurance claim money

My house was totally destroyed in hurricane Irma, SPS has roughly a 90,000 mortgage on my home. They are holding my insurance claim checks that would allow me to rebuild in the amount of $92,000. The insurance companies have cut checks in my name and also put SPS on the check as a co signer so I had to sign the checks and mail them to SPS. Now SPS refused to release funds to me. Each week they come up with new BS that they state they need. Each person I speak with gives me different reasons why the money has not been released. It has been over a month that they first stated to me that $35,000 of the funds would be sent to me in 5 to 7 business days and I still have yet to see one penny. I have spoke with over 30 people each of which has no clue how to perform their job and get things done correctly. I want to file a lawsuit against this horrible company and name each individual that I spoke to on the phone for all the miss information I have been given.

lissetcabrera Send email

Nov 15, 2017

Loan Modification

Good morning All,

Recently, Caliber sold my loan to SPS and I am worried since I have a loan modification with Caliber. What should i do?

KObrocto Send email

Oct 10, 2017

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc.

One Sept 22nd I spoke with a customer service rep about assistance due to Hurricane Irma. I sustained damage to my home and needed to make repairs without filing an insurance claim due to high deductible. I was offered to defer my mortgage payment for three months and have those three months just added onto the end of my mortgage term extending my loan time. I agreed to this and was advised I would have a new contract sent to me to sign and return extending the loan for three months. After two weeks I received a letter in the mail from SPS advising that I did not owe a payment for three months but on 01/01/18 I had a balloon payment due which was in the total of four months of mortgage payments. I was extremely upset because this in not what I was offered or agreed upon. I also had already started having the repairs made to my home and had paid for them. I will not have enough money to make a balloon payment due to the expense of having my repairs made. I mean seriously how is this helping me financially? On Oct. 9th I called and spoke with a customer service rep who was no help and then asked to speak with a supervisor. Supervisor could only apologize and advised that the customer service rep on Sept 22nd told me incorrect information and he would be counseled by his supervisor. I was then told that on 01/01/18 if I can not afford the balloon payment then I could then request for a deferment at that time and MAYBE I could be approved if not then I would need to pay the balloon payment. I explained that I wanted the deal that was originally offered to me and that I could not just live in limbo hoping to get a deferment after 01/01/18. These people are setting people up for failure! Horrible customer service and obviously DO NOT know what they are doing

samlam1219 Send email

Sep 19, 2017

Escrow account

Bank of America sold my loan to these pigs 3 months ago, today I get a letter that my escrow account is short by 1568.00 dollars which is totally BS my records and how much my taxes are and insurance I have a 75.00 overage, never in my twenty years has a bank came up with a figure like that, these people are crooks they told me if there is an overage they would send a check, this is not right they are extorting money any way they can, is there any agency that can get them to stop stealing money

jlwhitener Send email

Sep 18, 2017

Holding my Escrow Check

I refinanced my mortgage so my account with SPS is now paid in full. They are holding my escrow check hostage. I divorced & the house was deeded to me only. I have been trying to get this company to issue the check to me I my name only. I have provided them with documentation to show proof of deed in my name as well as a copy of my divorce papers. This has been an ongoing process since July 2017. I keep getting the run around every time I time. I always get some customer service rep that always says they need more time to process the documents. Even when I ask to speak with an supervisor they say it is up in the legal department & they do not take phone calls. I just want what is mine. To be issued in my name only since I was the only one making the payments & that the deed was in my name only.

Sgtdean440 Send email

Aug 23, 2017

Shifty Practices

Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. bought / took over my mortgage loan from Caliber Home Loans in June of 2017. In June I started to make payments to Select Portfolio Servicing. In August I started to receive letters from Select Portfolio Servicing saying I was in default and that I missed the April and May payments. I called Select Portfolio Servicing twice and experienced rude service and they insisted that I owed these two payments despite me giving them confirmation numbers from my bank showing I made these payments. Select Portfolio Servicing then applied my June and July payments to cover the interest due and applied none of my payments to the principle. I plan on filing complaints with the Connecticut Department of Banking and with the Feds. This is a perfect class action suit situation. They are making my jump through hoops to clear this up where they should be doing this.

Shasha2k08 Send email

Apr 12, 2017

Holding my insurance check

I have been trying to get my roof fixed since January it is now April 11th. I have jumped through every hoop they have asked me to jump through I created an account on insurance claim check,like they told me to do then they would let me access the account. In January they said I couldn’t access it because I was 2 months behind on my loan now and April my loan has been caught up since last month and they just informed me that I can’t access that site for my account to check my insurance because I live in a modular home. We have covered our roof with tarps several times just for storms to come through red the tarps and do it all over again there is black mold starting to form and our roof our walls are starting to get wet and the leak when it rains and it tears through the tarp thank goodness is over my bathtub because it pours like a waterfall. My insurance company sent us a check endorsed to myself my husband and our mortgage company Select Portfolio Servicing. My husband and I endorse the check mailed it to my mortgage company and they in return sent us a packet to fill out the paperwork we filled out all the paperwork they sent it and send it back. Then they said that we needed a lien release and it should have been in the pocket but it wasn’t they said they would fax it to me but it would take 3 to 5 business days it has been 28 days and I have yet to receive that fax luckily after the first two weeks we ask them to just mail it and we received it and I faxed it back to them on March 28th. Now they are saying that we can’t get our insurance check because we have a subcontractor going to fix our water damage and our roof instead of a contractor our check is only for 6000 and some odd dollars so it’s kind of hard to get a contractor to come out here for that around here most people use subcontractors my husband happens to be a subcontractor who has been in this business for 25 years. He carries his own insurance and has references as well as all the other information they requested but yet they did not it because they said in the state of Tennessee do you have to have a licensed contractor. While researching you can go on the irs.gov website and see that anything under $25,000 does not require a licensed contractor but yet our mortgage company still refuses to send the money to fix our roof. Is there anything I can do to get this money to fix my roof and eventually hopefully get away from this Mortgage Company. Not only have they lied on several occasions during this they have also laughed at us dropped our calls tell their paperwork and refuse to call us back someone please help.

Holding my insurance check

Tiki2cool Send email

Mar 25, 2017

Sons deed in lieu/ full of ****

I applied for a Deed in lieu after file my chapter 7, got approved for it back in April of 2016, sent paper work, every month they are asking for more information, then at the last minute the the middle of December requested my divorce decree, which I sent in the beginning process, it clearly states that I have ownership of the property, here it is now almost a year and they still are prolonged the process, I called the ombudsmen department and it seems like they still are prolonged the process! I am pissed because they are liars and full of it! I was told by my relationship manager that I can move out, and wait for the agreement and sign final paper work for the deed in lieu. They tried to play me and say that she didn’t state that I could move out but in fact she did and I record every time I called and documents their information too. I am so sick of these liars they should be put out of business!!!

JenaR Send email

Jan 26, 2017

Ongoing Fraudulent Company

I purchased my home 17 years ago for $70,000 after my Mortgage was sold to Fairbanks Sps I have nothing but issues I was never late but they were saying I was I paid somewhere between $10,000.00 and $20,000.00 to keep my home. I had a 20 year loan now I owe $56,000.00 They file a foreclosure and had my home in the paper to sell. I hired a Lawyer and had to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Now I can not afford the payments Due to financial issues.I had Insurance on my home and they were not paying them so they canceled my policy and SPS put Insurance on my home that is a BS insurance. I told them I would pay taxes and Insurance they would not let me do it. I can not find a Lawyer that can help me I am so frustrated. I want to get anther loan thru anther company so I can fix my home up and get out from under them but they have screwed my credit so bad. I am at my wits in and have no clue how to get out from under them. I do not understand how this company can be in business with so many complaints. Totally fed up. If there is anyone out there that has won a lawsuit against them please let me know how you did it, ou can email me at [email protected]
douglass Send email

Jan 26, 2017

mortgage fraud insurance fraud unfair modification denial


bobw Send email

Dec 29, 2016

Beyond on Mortgage SPS Cleint

My Name is Robert J. Wilkinson I am a Client of SPS Servicing when the market was booming back in 2002 I got a adjustable rate mortgage Built a Bigger house on same property No problem paying mortgage payment 2010 Construction Market Dropped adjusted mortgage went to the highest payment. My daughter was diagnosed with Seizure’s which caused extra medical bills I was all ready f living pay check to pay check. Had to take a pay cut do to construction market Dropping so I want to my mortgage company for help who at that time was Bank of America they told me to fill out paperwork for modification adjustment four weeks later I received letter in mail from SPS my new mortgage servicer requesting the same thing fill out paperwork and we will adjust your mortgage so I qualified for a adjustment it was higher then what I paid for Bank of America so I called SPS and explained it was higher we will look in to it just send back and write on paper that you will not accept that offer and we will look at it again so mean while filling the paperwork out again I am behind on my mortgage payment well need less to say I have been filling out paperwork about (7) Years Now Mortgage Free I am behind on my mortgage payments SPS keeps telling me I am in Foreclosure Status but no sale date has been set. I am $ 946,000.00 rears And they sent me a letter the other day in order for me to own house I would have to pay $ 305,000.00 Dollars and SPS will Clear all Debt and release Lien. or Short Sale House. All this would not be this high I was asking since 2010 for a Fixed Mortgage based on current maket vaule but SPS would not Listen. If any body knows a mortgage company out there that specilzes in underwater mortgages let me know Thanks, Bob Wilkinson 609 742-7248 Email: [email protected]
rwaller09 Send email

Dec 16, 2016


I’ve been with SPS after the 2006 housing crisis – loan transferred to them and since then it’s been a crazy mortgage battle! I received a modification my payment was reduced in 2015 from -$1597 to $897 for 10 years??? Original price of home $175,000 – Owe $201,000. After 10 years, I will have a BALLOON PAYMENT DUE of $60,000? I am confused! $879 payment is on $123,000 and the rest ? It’s been a vicious cycle of “in house modification” but I thought it was through Making Affordable Housing ?? Anyone else struggling with this company?

Carmia01 Send email

Dec 9, 2016

Requesting Deed in Lieu

I thought I was the only one dealing with problems trying to get a deed in lieu of foreclosure. For three years I have been trying my best to negotiate with SPS,complying with all their request. But every three weeks a so they will ask for the same info again are the documents are not current enough to consider the request and we have to start all over. I started with one rep who seemed to be caring
and concerned but other reps would call and not have any knowledge of the correspondence I have been having with the initial rep.
Its as if they do not keep previous notes to followup.This has been going on since 2013 and yesterday they called wanting updated pay stubs. It is really becoming a nuisance.

RanWoo Send email

Nov 23, 2016

Contact with Select

Select Portfolio Services purchased my loan around the summer this year. An effort was made to contact them by phone with no avail. My house note at the time was 761.00 a month. I sent in one payment. I am on a fixed income of Social Security so I was making an attempt to pay twice a month of $400 every two weeks. I then received a letter saying that my house note now is (88.00 a month. I then decided to contact them by mail stating that I only receive Social Security of $1400 a month on the third Wednesday of the month. As of date I have not heard from them.
Is there anything that you can do to help me resolve my current situation.

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