Rushmore Loan Management Sucks - Publications

Rushmore Loan Management Sucks – Publications

Well I stumbled on this page by accident. I have been fighting with this company since June/July on the payoff of my home.

In June we had been saving for a new vehicle and decided to get out from under our Mortgage with Rushmore. It had been sold to them 2 years prior and I’ve had a few minor issues with them

June we requested a payoff notice and they sent a notice with a $42k payoff and within the charges a $1788 Corporate Recovery fee as well as a $67 lien transfer fee.

We had no knowledge of what the $1788 could be, we’ve never received a bill for it, it’s never been charged to my mortgage so I called requesting a validation of the debt.

The person on the phone told me they had “no idea what it was for” it came from the former mortgage company. So I requested that they either validate it or remove it and they said they would investigate.

In the meantime we realize that we can’t get to the $42,000 payoff but we could easily get to $38k and pay the rest the following month.

2 days later i receive a notice threatening foreclosure for being delinquent on the $1788, i call Rushmore and they assure me that there is no foreclosure and they see I’d requested a payoff.

After 30 days in late Aug we do not receive any documentation regarding the $1788 fee but we pay our balance down to 1 cent. Rushmore will not allow the balance to be paid in full.

I get my Sept bill (late) please remit payment of 1 cent, I send $1 to cover everything to be safe, Rushmore recieves $1 and puts the $1 in a “suspense account”

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Mid Sept I start a formal investigation into the $1788 through writing on their website. I then receive a late charge of $45 for not making my Sept payment. Infuriated I get on chat and am told i need to make my full $912 monthly payment to avoid “late charges” but I only owe …01 and they refused to apply any of the $1 to the balance.

Not being satisfied with chat I call, I get a nice young man who removes the $45 late fee and states that he sees that the $1788 charge is “under investigation.”

I was scheduled to go on a cruise Sept 28th and on Sept 27th I receive 3 packets.

1) A breakdown of all my payments for the last 5 years, all on time. a recovery charge of $2300+ and 3 payments back for $188 which I never made and have never been billed for.

2nd letter) A threatening letter of foreclosure telling me I’m now delinquent $2700 and in danger of foreclosure with a demand for payment. The $2700 os the $1788 charge and the $912 mortgage payment they claim I’m still supposed to be paying that they would accept anyway.

3) A new payoff letter that had been requested during the chat. The Payoff letterhead is dated (Sept 5, 2019) and in the payoff is states (This payoff is good through Augh 26th 2019) in other words, the payoff letter is not valid anymore even though it was sent in Sept.

While on the cruise my spouse and I discuss the idea of hiring an attorney. We come to the conclusion that it’s cheaper to pay the $1788 and discharge the mortgage as the cost of the retainer alone would be greater.

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We receive an updated proper payoff letter the day we get back

Upon returning, this past Monday we went to the bank and wired the $67 fee, the $1788 and the .01 to close the mortgage out. My mortgage has been sitting at .01 for a few months now.

Wed morning I sign into the Rushmore site to see that my loan is listed as “Paid in Full” Wed afternoon after returning home from work there is a packet from Rushmore requesting me to fill out the info for a “loan modification program”

Now forgive me but, does anyone at Rushmore actually read anything or update accounts? Why am I getting a request for a loan modification that i didn’t request for a balance that doesn’t exist and why exactly does Rushmore think they can strong arm me for a monthly payment that is no longer valid?

My advice to any and all is to run from this company as fast as possible. I totally believe their scam is to buy mortgages with equity and attempt to force people into high cost loan programs to make a killing. This company is either extremely inept or extremely corrupted ….

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