Rushmore Loan Management Services - 153 Reviews - Mortgage Lenders - Irvine, CA - Phone Number

Rushmore Loan Management Services – 153 Reviews – Mortgage Lenders – Irvine, CA – Phone Number

This company as per review made and posted on their website they are more similar in practices with PHH.  One of the worst company that focused and more directed to foreclosure the property of their customers and thousands of their customers expressed their total dissatisfaction with said company but now it seems Ocwen staffs are trying to change the very image and believe system created against PHH because my approved loan payment last October 17, 2019 was honored and accepted this time with a better rate thus I became very happy and satisfied with the results of what I fought for and that is to get the fair and just treatment.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC just bought my Mortgage Loan from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage last August 2019 and the Mortgage Loan was behind by 2 months which’s totally wrong because I had all the supporting documents to support my case.

One of the supporting documents was the Loan Mortgage Statement from Wells Fargo Bank.  It showed that we were current from February 2013 up to July 2013.  But August 2013 we are one month behind and the problem how can it be possible when 2 Loan Mortgage payments were taken from my bank account.  The 2nd Mortgage payment covered the September 2013 due payment but on the Wells Fargo bank statement we were two months behind.  This’s another evidence that the one recording of the Mortgage payment activity does not know what one was doing because August and September 2013 Mortgage payment were covered.  The same happened for October 2013, it stated on the mortgage statement that we were 3 months behind and yet the mortgage payment was paid also.  

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These are the problems that they were occurring if no monitoring will be done because the bank will steal your money and I didn’t really check my bank account activity not until 3 years later but I was obligated to make extra payment to cover the 3 months behind.  So when I have the chance to check my mortgage payment activities I found the foregoing thus I made a complaint to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and with many exchanges of letters with attached solid supporting documents the various Wells Fargo Staff I encountered they maintained no mistake was committed.  The question how can it be when it was very clear that we were not 3 months behind on our mortgage payment.  This issue was even escalated to the Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Lending and still no resolution was reached until the Loan Mortgage was sold to Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC.

The big problem again I received a letter from Rushmoreloanmanagement that we have a Loan Mortgage outstanding balance of $5252.0   After the extra Mortgage payment made to cover the alleged 3 months we still owed the said amount.  The question where did it come from when all the monthly mortgage payment were made based on my bank account activity.

I submitted all my supporting documents to the Manager of research department of Rushmoreloanmanagement last December 2019 and this said Manager never responded and never executed any actions based on the information provided by one of the Rushmore Staff yesterday.

From the foregoing I became so annoyed and disgusted because the staff seems not really focused and directed to resolve the issue but to aggravate it.

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Since no resolution was reached so I decided to make a complaint to Department of Business Oversight and to Federal Trade Commission yesterday.