RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing review August 2020

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing review August 2020

What types of loans does RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing offer?

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s website is very cryptic about the details about its loans. Its website says that it services the following loan programs:

  • Conventional. Conventional loans need a down payment of at least 3%.
  • FHA. Insured by the government and requires a down payment of at least 3.5%.
  • VA. Eligible service members and veterans can get a home loan insured by the US Department of Veterans Affairs with 0% down payment options.

Other loans offered by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

  • Refinance. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing offers traditional refinancing options as well as cash-out refinances to tap into your home equity.

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing fees

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing doesn’t charge any origination fees. Borrowers are responsible for third-party fees, such as:

  • Appraisal fee up to $2,000
  • Inspection fee up to $675
  • Title Search fee up to $200

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Workout Options

If you fail to make your loan payments, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing offers options to help you avoid foreclosure.

  • Special forbearance. Temporarily suspend or reduce payments.
  • Mortgage modification. Changes one or more of the original loan terms, such as the interest rate or monthly payment.
  • Repayment plan. Buys you time to bring your delinquent payments current by paying the regular monthly payment plus a little extra.
  • Refinance. Refinancing your loan replaces your current mortgage and can make your debt more manageable.
  • Collateral-based resolutions. Give up your property without going through the foreclosure process.
  • Pre-foreclosure sale. Sell your house to pay off the mortgage debt, even if the sale is less than the loan amount.
  • Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing will accept the deed of the house instead of foreclosure.
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RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing has different requirements depending on the loan program.

Conventional loans 620 97% 50%, but 45% is preferred
FHA loans 580 with a 3.5% down payment, 500 with a 10% down payment 96.5% 50%


For most loans, you’ll need the following documents when you apply.

  • Government-issued ID
  • Social Security number
  • Most recent two years of W-2 statements and tax returns
  • List of assets, such as bank accounts statements
  • List of debts, such as credit card statements
  • Proof of income, such as paystubs and employment history

How to get a home loan with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

Since RoundPoint does not have any physical branches and doesn’t readily offer a phone number to connect with a loan officer, your only option is to apply for a home loan online.

  1. On RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s website, click I Need a Loan from its menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Choose whether you would like to refinance your mortgage, do a cash-out refinance or get a new home loan.
  3. Create an account using your email.
  4. Once you’ve logged into your account, click your profile to start your loan application.
  5. Input details, such as how you heard about RoundPoint and if you’re currently working with a loan officer. Click Next.
  6. Give some information about yourself and the property — for example: your name, if you’ll be living on the property and the loan amount. Click Next.
  7. Provide details about your employment, income and expenses. Click Next.
  8. Consent to receive electronic communications and answer a few declarations, such as whether you’re a US citizen. Click Next.
  9. Review your application and click Submit. You should hear from a loan officer within three business days.
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Pros and cons of RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing


  • Good customer reviews. Overall, most users are happy with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing on the Better Business Bureau.
  • Offers loss mitigation programs. It’s willing to work with homeowners struggling to make loan payments with its workout programs.
  • Licensed in all 50 states. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing is licensed to service loans in every state, Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands.


  • Website lacks details. RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s website is not transparent. It doesn’t list what loans it offers, rates or eligibility requirements. You’ll need to speak to a loan officer on the phone to get specifics about your loan program.
  • Long closing times on refinances. Customers complain about waiting for closing times that can exceed four months and longer.

What is RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing?

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing was founded in 2007. This nonbank mortgage servicing company has over $90 billion in mortgage assets. In 2018, Inc. 5000, an American business magazine, ranked RoundPoint Mortgage as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

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