[Resolved] Wells Fargo Mortgage Review: Loan refinance

  • Wells Fargo Mortgage is incompetent and will do what they can to steal your home from you, delay payments being posted and anything else they can think of to screw you.

  • Well how about this pay your mortgage off in full with them and then they say. Your home is in forclorsure. It was on my credit report I called them and said why does this say my home is in forclorsure. They said oh it must have been a clerical error. Well 5 years of fighting with them and stressing. My credit taking a beating due to this. They decided that they would fix the problem. They removed it from mine and my husband’s credit reports completely. So the home we built and his company paid completely off in full, once we found a buyer. I have paper work proving all of this but they removed it so I have no history of having a home built and paid off in Illinois. Well needless to say that really hurt our credit. Wells Fargo doesn’t care, doesn’t want to fix the problem. I contacted Equifax and they said they can’t do anything to help me. If wells Fargo took it off then they have to put it back on. So tell me what to do because they purged the loan is what they told me, and not even a Wells Fargo around me can see it. But guess what they got the government bailout on my home and got a check paid in full from us. So double dipping. Wonder how many people they did that too. I can’t believe they are still in business as crooked as this company is. Everyday it’s getting sued or in trouble for something.


    Wells Fargo — atm error bank refuses to acknowledge
    scam report #1415160

  • WF is absoluely the WORST bank I have ever dealt with. I was a Wachovia account holder and never had an issue. It swiches over and next thing you know they are taking money from my sons account to overdraft mine and not clearing overdraft debits without notice. Also they deactivated my debot card because i was negative for 5 days before my next payroll went in without notification. I was even in the bank making a deposit and the teller said my card didnt work but never said why. This is insane and they should not be allowed to bank period. DO NOT BANK WITH WELLS FARGO PERIOD!!

  • They are doing it again!! The judgement of 2009 did nothing but encourage them to find other ways to scam their customers. They are posting THEIR debits to my account BEFORE posting my deposit of the day before. The website access does NOT accurately reflect what’s REALLY going on internally, and you will not realize it until the following day. They are manipulating the posting of debits/credits to their benefit…and unfairly so. I have not had one person (and I have climbed the chain!) clearly explain their accounting system. And their CEO John Stumpf will NOT allow his customers access to communicating with him either!! How proud he must be.

  • I ran into some financial problems with my car loan after four month i was able to make a payment before the loan went into default. So i made a payment on a Monday and made a verbal agreement with the representative to set up payment arrangements, so she said she would contact me on Wednesday. Wednesday came no call, so i called her and left a message. Thursday came no call, called her no answer. All along I’m thinking I’m ok were going to get back on track with payments. Finally Monday comes and she called me, we set up a payment date now I’m really thinking it’s going to be ok because we made a verbal agreement. That same night they repoed my car. Now why would this lady call and make arrangements for future payments and repo my car still. Well the repo man informed me that the order for repossession was put in the Friday, why did she call me on Monday for payment?When i called the next day and spoke to her supervisor he informed me that he was the one that denied our payment arrangements. Once again, why did they call me on Monday for a payment and the order for repossession was already put in?When i called to speak to her for my own peace of mind she supposedly was not aware of the repo and doesn’t know why our arrangement was denied. During the conversation she said that they are not suppose to let the people know about the repo because people try to hide the cars. So the call made to me on Monday was just to throw me off and catch me of guard thinking everything was going to be ok and i was going to be able to keep my car and continue with my monthly payments?They are a bunch of deceiving workers as if you owed them the money!!!

  • The Wells Fargo, Casa Grande, AZ (Florence Blvd) is one of the worst banks in America. They have serious issues and I would use caution when banking here. Just a few things to mention off the top of my head.

    1) Went to the drive through this morning, which opens at 9. At 9:15, there were about 6 cars waiting, when finally one employee deciced it was time to start working. The bank opens at 9. This is something that I realize is minor, but is very typical of this location. How hard is it to open on time? How hard is it to say, I apologize for the wait?

    2) I deposited a specific amount of money. I triple checked, even wrote it down and used a calculator to verify the amount. The teller then tells me I am 10 dollars short. I explained to her that was not possible, and the money was there. She began to get upset, and asked if I was accusing her of stealing the money. Instead of an argument, I told her to forget it so I could move on and take the 10 dollar loss. The employee was very upset. Once I arrived home, I realized she did not give me my credit card back. I made 7 attempts to contact the bank, but funny enough, nobody was answering the phone. I contacted Wells Fargo customer service, who was very kind and friendly to me. I explained the situation and told them I could not get ahold of the bank. I just wanted my card back, no questions asked. Customer service put me on hold while they attempted to contact the bank. Customer service finally got ahold of the bank and told me, “Wow, you were not kidding about that bank, they are disorganized.” THe service rep was literally in shock after speaking to this bank.

    Later in the week, I noticed 57 dollars had been REMOVED from my checking account by Wells Fargo. I later discovered, they claim there was an error, and they deposited the incorrect amount of money (this is not true, because one of the specific checks was 57 dollars). Funny enough, the 57 dollar check that somehow dissapeared was actually a check from Wells Fargo to me for a credit I had in Escrow.

    Contacted customer service once again and they said Wells should not have taken the money out without notifying me. So, they actually deposited the money again in my account, and informed me the fraud dept would contact me. I never heard from them ever again.

    Then, the bank assistant manager called me regarding another issue. She was completely rude and unprofessional. She told me, “I must come to the bank immediately because I did not give them my fingerprint for their notary log.” I said, I was never asked for a fingerprint, because if I was, I would certainly provide it in the notary log, no problem. She continued to tell me I must go to the bank, in which I responded that I would not, because I am leaving the country for 2 weeks. I advised her I could do it when I returned, and this was her mistake, not mine. I never heard from her again about this issue.

    Wells Fargo Casa Grande went through several changes in the past couple years. At one point, a new manager took over the store and it somewhat improved, but she transferred to a Phoenix location and it went back down hill. It feels like kids are running this bank. It’s disorganized, understaffed, and many (not all) of the tellers are unprofessional and rude.

    I have never seen the same teller twice, which is strange. This bank needs some serious help, and I advise you to use caution when banking here.

  • I moved from the US to the UK in October of 2009. My mover had said that they contract with Wells Fargo to provide maritime insurance for their company. I completed and returned the paperwork the same day as received. The movers arrived, packed my goods and despite my concerns regarding how they were packing my designer furniture, assured me that it would be packed in wooden crates as the fellow who had provided the initial quote for the move had stated. I had asked the movers about protecting the corners instead of just wrapping them in bubble wrap, but was told this would not be necessary. 3 months later, my furniture arrived in the UK, DAMAGED, precisely where I had thought it would be when packaged.

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    6 months after my claim was filed, they finally sent an adjuster to inspect the damages. A month later, I received a settlement proposal, which was less than 1/3 of what the replacement value of my furniture is. I am insulted. I paid to insure that my goods would be well looked after and paid the insurance fee without complaint. I am furious that Wells Fargo and their representative, JOHANNA SCHMIDT, can not seem to offer better customer service and have not fulfilled their obligation.

    Should anyone wish to see images or have questions, I will happily provide verification.

  • I was denied a HARP refinance loan with excellent credit because I didn’t have a landline telephone, and cable TV! I explained I used only a smart phone for all communications, and used local reception for my television. I was still denied!
    Wells Fargo also has the weakest dispute service for their credit card holders!
    Have cancelled my credit card account and will never do business with this bank again!

  • Wells Fargo avertises a BillPay guarantee and cover any fees incurred. Quite the opposite, I was informed by them that if a check is mailed, they are not responsible for it. Well, I had a check not received and they said nothing they can do, I can do a stop payment on it and handle it myself. I was also informed that if I filed a request to have Wells Fargo handle the fees incurred, she has never seen one approved so it would be a waste of my time.

  • I went to bank of Wells Fargo in Anderson today and I wanted to get cash from my account but about one hour they asked me some questions and they said that these are for the security!! But now I am asking why do not you ask me anything when I want to deposit the money in your bank? I did not want to steal my money!!! but they stole my time!!

  • I want to complaint about the poor judgment and bad treatment received by Racine N. Flores Personal Banker NMLSR ID:820549 from the 120 W Nolana, McAllen, TX 820549 branch.

    She doesn’t have the first notion of what it means customer service. It is a shame that people like her has contact with the customer.

    I have seven account with you including two business accounts. I ask her to notarize some paper for my company and she declined to do notarize one because it was for my partner who was there but did not had a Well Fargo account. If she thinks that my partner was moved to open an account in your bank she doesn’t have the slightest idea of the reaction she created. On the contrary if she had comply she would have created the opinion that the bank was a friendly one.

    I am really disappointed and very insulted on the way I was treated.

    The following is from your Vision and Values. Maybe she should read it again.

    “Every Wells Fargo team member has one thing in common. We all work for the customer. Every day, our customers say to us, “Know me. Know who I am. Know what I need. When I come into the bank or go online or use your phone bank or ATM, have all my information there about my accounts. Don’t ask me the same questions over and over about information you already have. Don’t transfer me to someone else who might do the same thing.” They say, “Understand me. Understand what I want to accomplish, understand my goals.” They say, “Appreciate me and all the business I bring you. Treat me like a friend. Thank me. Reward me. If I give you more of my business, then give me a better deal and keep up your great service.” Everything we need to know about a customer must be available easily, accurately and securely, as fast as the best internet search engine”.

  • Wells Fargo did nothing to help us during the loan modification process! Loss of Income led us to a re-finance then re-payment which cost us dearly. Our original mortgage was $170, 00.00..we have been paying approx. 1, 200.00 a month for 8 years. Wells Fargo offered us a new 30 year mortgage with payments of 1, 500.00 a month. Now we are looking at a mortgage of approx. $210, 000.00. We lost the $30, 000.00 we put into the house plus the payments of approx $115, 000.00, and are starting all over with a 30 year mortgage. They are protected because of PMI we pay with our loan. Is there anything we can do? I thought the government was putting an end the crooked dealings of these mortgage companies.

  • I am employed with another financial institution. There are some special cases that require FHA servicing is needed between financial instutitions.
    I am needing to change (transfer) an FHA case number from their bank to ours. They need to make available with their own customer service contacts, the name and/or number of the person or department that handles this task.
    The customer service representatives are clueless as to how to service an individual from another institution, like me.
    I am Lyn Quick, 53Mortgage, Ohio [email protected]

  • Wells Fargo was forclosing on my apartment building. They assigned a receiver to collect the rents who let boiler break causing no heat and water pipes busted. Then Wells Fargo got a judgement for the amount of the mortgage, returned the property to me because they caused numerous city code violations but are holding on to the mortgage to forclose later. Now my husbands pay check is being garnished for the mortgage judgement yet Wells Fargo is charging the mortgage late fees and not appling any money to it. I have searched for an attorney who can help, and can’t find one with experience if anyone can help me I’m at [email protected]

  • Go to: http://consumerist.com/2008/09/contact-info-for-wells-fargo-ceo-john-stumpf-and-friends.html

    Provides details on how to reach Wells Fargo executive customer service Telephone, email address of all the CEO’s of Wells Fargo

  • Wells Fargo Modification program is a complete joke, there people are the most do-nothing customer service you will ever witnessed. We had never missed a payment or been late since 2002 when we entered the Home Affordabilty Program due to a job loss with reduced payment instructions from Wells Fargo and 6 months later we get a letter saying we are suddenly facing fourclosure, we thought we were in review. We had never recieved one piece of correspondance from Wells Fargo and spoke to them every two weeks re-submitting documentaion we sent two earlier over and over again. Trying to get and update that never changed from “Its being reviewed” by a bunch of pathetic idiots!! These people can’t spell loan mod.

    In my humble opinion this program is desingnd to put you into fourclosure so the banks can sell your property at a loss only to be re-embursed buy the federal goverment. The Federal Government now owns more than 70% of all the home morgages in the USA since there take over of Freddie & Fannie. This program is nothing short of scam, don’t get suck in! There is much more to the story you wouldn’t believe.

  • On 3/22/10 our payment was due for our truck through Wells. On 3/29 we traded it. Wells Fargo will not stop calling us because they haven’t gotten the payment from Honda yet. I could understand their calls if it was 30 days late, but it’s not. I will pay it before it goes 30 days late. Everytime they call we tell them the situation and everytime they say they have no record of the truck being traded. Here is a breakdown of all of their calls the my caller ID still has logged.
    4/5/2010 – 8:28a – 10:52a
    4/6/2010 – 8:28a – 9:45a – 10:58a – 12:29p – 6:30p
    4/8/2010(EASTER) – 8:18a – 11:25a – 12:19p – 4:27p – 7:34p
    4/9/2010 – 8:22a – 9:45a – 10:58a – 12:29p – 6:30p
    4/10/2010 – 8:37a – 10″37a – 12:49p (and the day isn’t over yet)
    I filed a complaint with the FTC. This is ridiculous. I’ll NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again.

  • Ok .. this is a question to you. Did you contactHonda to see when & if the loan with Wells Fargo will be paid? Are you aware that the longer they wait .. the payoff amount will change.
    You had a payment already past due at the time you traded your car. In my years of working in auto collections, Most companies had taken just about 30 days to send in a payoff amount. Remember they have an accounting process as well. If the payment goes >30 days past due, it will be reported on your credit report. Maybe you should have asked for an extension to buy some more time.
    You posted this on 4/10/2010 & it is now 4/28/2010 … so the payment would be >30 by now. So out of curiosity … What happened? Was it paid by Honda in time .. or did you make the payment?

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  • On 10/18/2012 I deposited a check with the teller for $260.06. A week later when I looked at my account online I noticed that they deposited $260.00 and not the correct amount of $260.06. On 10/25/2012 I went to the bank and showed them the stud from the check and told them they deposited the wrong amount and they owed me $.06. On 10/26/2012 the $.06 was deposited into my account. I received a letter from Wells Fargo dated November 7, 2012 stating that they had no record and after an extreme search they could find no check for $260.00. They said I was to send them copies of the checks. I went to the bank to try to explain that there was no check for $260.00. It was for $260.06 and that it was their teller’s error and that they need to clear it up. They demanded that I call Kaiser. The check was from Kaiser for over payment of medical and get copies to give to the bank. I refused because it was the banks error. I had a copy of the deposit slip and so did the bank showing I deposited $260.06. So I landed up spending 2 hours in the bank while the banker called Kaiser to try to get info. Turns out the department she needed to speak to was closed and she had to call the next day. She took my phone number but never called so I assumed this was all cleared up. Today I look at my account online and they deducted $260.00 on 11/27/2012. I was on the phone with customer service but it was past 6 PM so I could not talk to a banker. I am fuming mad. I am living on social security disability and this bank is stealing my money. I have proof I deposited the money. They cannot find a check for $260.00 because the check was $260.06 and when they deposited the $.06 the teller again neglected to state that it went with the check that should have been deposited as $260.06. Tomorrow I am going to the bank first thing in the morning and I will throw a fit. I hate this bank. I cannot do business with thieves. I have all the paperwork at home, but my printer is not working. I can’t even scan things. They refuse to even check their mircofilm of deposits to look for a $260.06 check, but instead expect me to correct their teller’s error. In the meantime I am short $260.00 and have checks coming through.

  • I am sorry you are having a difficult time but if you are too far behind on your payments, you either have to pay what is due or they will repossess the car/property. You can, however, tell them NOT to call you at work, they have to stop if you tell them to, however, they can continue to call you at home.

  • No customer service? If you are not paying your bill then you are no longer a customer, you are a deadbeat who is defaulting on the loan you signed for. If your employer failed to pay you what he owed you, what would you do? Let him off the hook??

  • These people keep calling me back to back at work.
    We are behind on our payment due to my husband being unemployed. I want to pay it, he needs a car but i just dont have the funds right now. They wont work with us on a deferment and they had a “representive” come to my HOME last night to collect payment and why we were not paying. I felt humiliated! Very unprofessional.

  • Wait until they cancel your card and say “If you want to be a customer we will send you a nice card with the picture of your choice or you favorite sports team on the card as well as a brand new introductory post bail out percentage rate of…35%. So sign up. We love your perfect credit rating and are only offering these rates to the “special”. (This really happened and it will happen more…this is what the banks did with our tax bailout and our leaders are hiring those same people and GIVING THEM MORE…no wonder people bury their money and sell their perscription drugs. Who can get ahead?…lmao…the confirmation security code for me to type in is. 33DEA…no REALLY it is…lmao…ok the “selling perscription drugs is a metaphor ok…I “heard peeps do and this is just MY OPINION?” I have to continue the joke because of the code. I like to write things to peop[le, to vent…I read it, then delete it. It’s therapy. Try it sometimes…it works!!!

  • Signing contracts without looking for things you can’t afford- A recipe for success. A lot of people wish they could do “business” with you.

  • I originally got a car loan through WF for a high interest rate, and 2 years later traded it off. The amount owing and the worth of the car resulted in me owing about $7000 more on the trade-in. I am currently paying over 19,000 for a car worth only 12,000 (maybe), I have never missed a payment. I applied for a loan recently and expected an interest rate of about 19%, however I made the mistake of not asking what the interest rate was, just being glad I was approved. I traveled 2.5 hours and upon signing the papers I noticed I was paying 39.5 % interest. The lowest term they could offer was for 48 months which on a 3500.00 loan addes up to 3515.15 in interest over the course of the term. So a 3500 loan costs you 7,015.15 , Buyer Beware!, this is a mountain of debt. in the end. I did sign but I will paying this out as soon as possible.

  • What did you expect when you asked them to cover a bad check you wrote?

  • Net BAnking facility needs to be reset immediately

  • Wellsfargo and its officer and bankers are nothing different than WallStreet guys, except lower in the ladder. Wellsfargo main interest is business, racking fees no matter how, and as to loaning money, even with the bailout they got, it isn’t happening.
    I called an officer Steven Anderson in the downtown area. Boy did I get the fifth degree when I called in to ask that a check that was being presented today be paid, even if it was short of dollars. Wellsfargo gets a direct deposit every two weeks in bank, that they wouldn’t be out of the money. Also avoid the extra fees I would incur if check was returned. Well, not only did I waste my time, but he managed to get out of me everything he wanted to know — what I own, if I drive, if I work, if that, if this… He was as tough as nails. He went on to offer a $3, 000 loan. $3, 000? What a ripoff in the name of doing business!!!

    STAY AWAY FROM WELLSFARGO. It’s not a reasonable and reputable bank. Reminds me to every bank that has folded!

  • A cash deposit should be available immediately at same bank branches. If they hold cash for a day before allowing you to withdrawl some of it at another branch, find another bank. It usually takes a day for cash deposits at any bank branches to be available for withdrawl at ATMs,

  • Wells Fargo has to be the worst F*&^&^ing bank in the world. They manipulate your account by how they post transactions. What ends up happening is they charge HUGE fees ($35.00) per transaction for accounts that go negative even when you have funds that were deposited and are pending. I have had cash pend for a day. I am getting a new bank and I hope with all that I am that Wells Fargo is one of the banks that go under. The CEO and the executive core are ### to allow this to continue.

  • I agree. The executives should be hung by the neck until extremely cold.

  • Well good luck with tht, because that is EVERY bank’s policy to stack the highest payments to the lowest that have not been cleared and hold deposits until they verify it is a good check. Policies may vary how long they hold it..but the principle is still the same. If you don’t like their policies, my suggestion is to find a credit union.

  • I was told all sorts of things when I opened my account. We do business with of the largest transportation companies in the US.. We were told those checks wouldn’t be held. It is a case by case decision to deposit immediately or not. The CEO of Wells Fargo was in Birmingham not long ago. Believe me if we get him again, he will get an ear full The promotion they ran was 100.00 when opening the account according to the rep who did our paper work. Said the deposit should show up the next day. Two day later after not receiving the funds as told, I contacted the branch manager. She said oh no, it will be 90 days! So–my 90 day period will be up Monday. Let’s see what happens. Recently I made a deposit from one of the Companies as listed above. After it not posting 2! business days later, I called yet again. This was a Tuesday. The manager said refer to your deposit slip. I told her accordng to my deposi slip, the funds should be available the 16th, the day before I called. She started looking & her reply was they pulled the deposit and sent it to the back (the back of where?) then proceeded to tell me either the funds weren’t available or bad checks had been written on the account. I was livid She just slandered a huge company. They aren’t happy either She did not release my deposit until the next day, the 18th. I had several auto deductions, etc. return. I have spoke with 2 reps from Wells Fargo. One gave me one 35.0 credit and said she didn’t have the authority to do more. I told the manager it may be we needed to do something different because of all the lies and you can’t even believe what they tell you or what they put in writing on your deposit slip. She said maybe you should go somewhere else!!! I WAS FURIOUS. I BROUGHT UP THE FACT THAT THE SIGN ON THE WINDOW WHEN GOING THROUGH THE DRIVE THROIUGH – STATES ANY DEPOSITS MADE AFTER 4 PM WILL BE POSTED THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY. I MAKE MY DEPOSITS PRIOR TO 4PM AND THEY’RE NOT POSTED. THIS BANK IS UNREAL OR AT LEAST THEIR EMLOYEESS ARE SOMETHING ELSE. WHAT POOR, POOR, CUSTOMER SERVICE. I AM STILL PURSUING THIS UNTIL I GET TO THIS LADY’S BOSS. UNBELIEVABLE! WE WENT WITH THIS BANK DUE TO IT IS CLOSE TO WHERE WE LIVE & THE CEO WAS SUCH A NICE GUY SO MY HUSBAND SUGGESTED WE GO THERE. I don’t believe for one minute the higher ups would put up with this!! Will let you know what happens.

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  • On 1/30/12, wells fargo told me if I open saving a checking will not be charge, got statement from them on 4/13/12 that I was charge $10 for checking and $5 for saving, I went to the bank they said that you will get it back, we charge the first of month, then we refund you.
    On 7/13/12, I got anther statement from them show that I been charge every month, I went to bank again they said this time that I most have over $1000 and direct deposit.
    I never was told this, and wells fargo need to give me my money back.

  • i absolutely HATE wells fargo and BALBOA! they are both rip off companies that will NEVER get business from my family again. everytime i call either company for any reason i get transferred around about ten to twelve times per call to each company. i can not ever speak to a real human, and when i do they just transfer again! I HATE THESE COMPANIES!!!

  • I just got off the phone with a representative from Wells Fargo Financial. The man I spoke to from customer service must have been one of the rudest people I have encountered in a long time! I was recalled to active duty and under the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act am entitled to an interest percentage drop if the obligation was entered prior to enlisting. Anyways, I mailed the paperwork (a letter explaining the situation, my orders, my enlistment contract) and certified/registered mailed it to their address that handles this in late August this year.

    Since I hadn’t heard anything by September and the delivery confirmation stated it was received in late August (even had the signature) I decided to call. The customer service representative said they must have not received it. I explained that it was certified and he told me to try to read the signature. Needless to say, we didn’t come to an agreement and I resent the information, again certified and registered mail.

    Fast forward to a month later. Today I decide to call since no changes have been reflected on my account. I speak to a gentleman and tell him this is the second time I have sent in this information which now clearly states it was received Sept 29th of this year. Since it’s mid October, and I still hadn’t heard anything, I wanted to speak to someone who could help. He was possibly the rudest customer service representative I have encountered. He told me it hadn’t been 30 days and they had not received anything. He verified that the address I was sending it to was correct and said to resend. I told him I wanted to speak to the dept that handles it since obviously someone was signing for this and nothing was being noted into the account and he said no one could help me.

    I finally asked to speak to his supervisor and he said no one could help me. He told me that I couldn’t count since it hadn’t been the thirty days so no one could help me. I reiterated to him that this was my second attempt at sending this information but he was too busy telling me to just mail it again that he failed to realize that I have two receipts that state this was received by Wells Fargo. He was so rude – why work in customer service with that attitude? It reflects extremely poorly on Wells Fargo to hire such incompetent people.

    Finally he patches me through to supposedly his supervisor which was actually cordial however said I would have to mail the paperwork again and to certify it (obviously this method has yet to work). I told him I would humor him and send it in again, however, I wanted a point of contact so that if this is not received once again, I can speak to someone to fix this issue. He said to call back customer service.

    I am extremely upset with the way Wells Fargo is treating me and this situation. I’ve served my country to nine years now and Congress and our President have put this Act in place to help us. It is a shame that companies like Wells Fargo do everything they can to not comply.

    Do NOT bank with Wells Fargo Financial!

  • Wells Fargo is the most crooked deceitful criminal lending institution in the United States, why the hell the FED has not brought this bank down for its criminal practices is beyond me. They steal money and homes every day, fake documentation, and every word they tell you on the phone, email, or letters is a lie.

    We jumped through their hoops for 2 years to finally get the HARP they told us to apply for, we made the 6 trial payments in good faith and on time, on the 6th month Wells Fargo added pool insurance onto our mortgage in violation of federal law, and used that as the excuse to deny making our modification permanent. They are con men, liars, and thieves who know most of us do not have the time, or money to go after them in a court of law.

  • We TRIED to do a loan modification in Feb of 2014 with them (again, first time it went UP $300.00). NEVER heard or talked to our modification rep named, Lauren Schultz and during the process of doing this they sold our home in May of 2014! We got an attorney to help us figure out what was going on and then Mr. Hottop from corporate office took over our modification. Now we did get behind on our notes and Wells Fargo SAID they wanted to help us. We had every intention of working out something so we didn’t lose our home(NOT a house, a HOME)! When finally Mr. Hottop got back with us in about August of 2014 to let us know that we were approved for the modification and we could NOW pay $1560.00 for a house that was worth about $90, 000.00. When I asked him about a modification lowering our payment, he said” WELL ACCORDING TO YOUR FINANCIALS, YOU CAN AFFORD IT!” Really… I was stunned! They are also NOW saying that we are 2 years behind? I guess for 2 years they just let us live mortgage free and never said anything to us about it. Although they took my money! They are heartless people, who got bailed out by the government when they supposedly needed help. But are so callous when it comes to them helping someone else. All we wanted from them was to make our note to where it would be affordable for that house( our HOME). They would NOT budge they are giving us until March of 2015 to leave our home. HEARTLESS, HEARTLESS, HEARTLESS!!! I love my home, my neighbors, and my neighborhood. I would not NEVER recommend Wells Fargo to anyone. Because God forbid something happen and you get behind, they will heartlessly kick you out.