Quicken Loans opening Detroit medical office to serve 17,000 Gilbert employees

Quicken Loans opening Detroit medical office to serve 17,000 Gilbert employees

The 24th-floor site is “sponsored” by the Rock family of companies and open only to employees. Tennessee-based direct health care provider Premise Health leased and operates the facility, Quicken Loans Chief People Officer Mike Malloy said at a Monday unveiling event.

While the company’s health insurance plan offerings haven’t changed, the Rock Health Collective offers another provider option for workers with lower costs than traditional settings, Malloy said. The copay for those on a PPO plan starts at $0 for the rest of 2019, and then rises to $5. A high-deductible plan starts at market rate, or $25, for copay.

Malloy would not comment at Monday’s event on if Quicken Loans is subsidizing care costs or the financial structure of the operation. The company also would not disclose build-out costs.

Asked to quantify cost savings for employees, Quicken Loans did not provide figures, but Malloy said in a follow-up statement that they will save “money up front in not being required to take time off, or travel across Metro Detroit to get the services they require for their health and well-being. Additionally, services at the Rock Health Collective will require smaller copays than they experience with their current providers. The rate of savings will depend on what their current plan is, as well as which providers they currently see and the reduced copays they will experience at the Rock Health Collective.”

The pharmacy also offers various medications such as ibuprofen ($1 for 100 tablets) under regular retail prices, he said.

The 17,000-square-foot health and wellness center offers primary care, urgent care, a pharmacy, a lab, behavioral health services, physical therapy, chiropractic services, “wellness coaching” and care navigation, a news release said. Employees can schedule appointments and check in on an app.

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“Nowhere else in the state, nowhere really else in this country, can you walk in, see your primary care physician, pick up a prescription, get a physical therapy appointment and have a counseling session in two hours and be back at your desk or back at work,” said Jami Doucette, Premise Health’s president.

Twenty-seven Premise Health employees staff the facility, including one doctor and two nurse practitioners. For confidentiality reasons, it is essential that Premise Health operate the facility and maintain patient records, Malloy said.

The various providers will see around 10-15 patients per day, Doucette said. The company’s goal is to keep wait times down while offering longer, comprehensive appointments to deal with patients’ concerns “holistically,” he said. If there is demand, they can hire more and expand.

Pophouse (formerly dPOP), the design firm co-founded by Gilbert’s wife, Jennifer, designed the space.