Quicken Loans' Detroit Office - Architizer

Quicken Loans’ Detroit Office – Architizer

At Quicken Loans, culture is king.  We have a firm understanding that it is people that make the difference.  In fact, we have an ISM, or guiding principle, that says “numbers and money follow, they don’t lead.”  Simply put, people and passion – not profits – really drive businesses. 
So, when the time came to look for a new headquarters for Quicken Loans – the nation’s 5th largest retail mortgage lender – one place stood out: Detroit.  After 25 years in the Michigan suburbs it was time to roll-up our sleeves and get to work helping to revitalize one of the nation’s great, but ailing cities, and infuse it with a little Quicken Loans culture.
The company leased four floors (nearly 250,000 sq. feet) in the Compuware Building, one of Detroit’s newest buildings on historic Woodward Avenue.  Immediately, Quicken Loans and its construction partners von Staden Architects and Sachse Construction began developing a workspace that embodies the unique company culture and encourages collaboration and creativity. 
It was immediately decided that the workspace needed to be unique, like nothing else in Detroit, featuring spaces for work, teem interaction and for playing.
The end result is a playground of innovation and creativity, filled with work from local artists, spaces that encourage congregation and relaxation. Not only that, but it is also a space that pays tribute to our environment.  Our interior design is currently going through the LEED certification process.
On August 16, 2010, more than 1,700 Quicken Loans team members moved into the space. 
Each of the four floors have been given a theme which indicates the teams that occupy those areas.  For example, “The District” is where our accounting and financial markets team members sit, while “The Playground” is home to our marketing and technology teams. 
The office is decorated in vibrant shades of green, red, blue and orange – not a hint of corporate beige to be found.  Each floor features exposed concrete and custom graffiti from Detroit artist ‘Shades,” in addition to photography of Detroit landmarks.
Enclosed offices were kept to a minimum and to the interior of the building and team member work areas feature low walls to encourage teamwork and open communication. 
Every aspect of the workspace has been thought through for our team members.  For instance, our technology teams often work in cross-specialty collaborative groups.  For this reason, they have moveable workstations, which can literally be unplugged from power and the network, rolled across the floor and reconnected anywhere.  We also noticed that a number of our team members preferred to stand, so those team members were provided desks that rise to a standing height with just the push of a button.
Each floor also features two kitchens filled with free slushies, cappuccinos and popcorn, as well as lounge areas boasting large beanbags, Interstuhl Fit chairs and recliners.  If team members are feeling the need for fresh air, each floor features two fully furnished outdoor balconies outfitted with wireless Internet.  If they feel the need to stretch their legs, the award-winning Campus Martius Park is just across the street, and it too features wireless access to the Quicken Loans computer network.
The office also has several fun features, such as ping pong tables, lounges with shag carpets and big-screen TVs, scratch-and-sniff wallpaper and Razor scooters to get team members from one side of the floor to the other quickly.
Each floor includes a minimum of 15 flat-panel HDTVs in the work areas that team members can control to watch the financial networks, soap operas, sports or whatever they like. 
We are dedicated to a non-corporate culture and workspace.  Team members have repeatedly told us how much they appreciate their new workspace and being part of the Detroit community.
As the giant billboard outside our office proudly proclaims: Quicken Loans is proud to call Motown our new hometown!

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