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PRMG prioritizes brokers by providing better turn-times through technology and concierge service

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Inc. (PRMG) was founded in September 2001, with a staff of three. Today, PRMG is ranked within 25 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America, with over 1,900 employees and over 170 branches throughout the U.S. 50% of the originations come from wholesale and correspondent while the other 50% is retail. PRMG services some originations as a direct seller/servicer with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Additionally, as a Ginnie Mae issuer PRMG can offer zero underwriting guideline overlays.

PRMG prioritizes its brokers’ wellbeing and aims to provide better technology, better product and better service. Because PRMG was built by originators for originators, the company is not only familiar with the difficulties brokers and originators face but is centric to serving their needs.

“We know that being able to
compete with the fintech companies and setting yourself apart from the
competition in all aspects is the ultimate key to your success,” said Kevin
Peranio, CLO and Partner at PRMG. “Looking forward, PRMG believes wholesale
lending is growing because local community lending is the best option for a
consumer. Wholesale lenders who embrace technology can give the broker an
advantage by getting to the borrower first and ultimately retain them as a
customer for life. Providing you with the latest tools and technology is our
priority. In turn, your success determines our success.”

Since the very beginning PRMG has
operated from a place of integrity.

“Along with the actions and
consistent behaviors of its valued employees the company not only established a
foundation of trust with its broker partnerships, it has helped to foster a
culture of loyalty earned over time by all parties involved in the process.”
said Paul Lucido, CMO at PRMG.     

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Recognizing the demand for non-QM
rising within the mortgage industry, PRMG stays ahead of the curve by providing
brokers with options that include its non-QM Conforming and Jumbo products
series, Expanded Access, Hybrid Conforming and Jumbo.  

Brokers are drawn to PRMG’s Ruby
Jumbo co-investment with Unison, which provides borrowers an additional way to
obtain funds toward their down payment when using the product. Borrowers who
use this product have part of their down payment provided by Unison with no
interest or payments. Instead, Unison simply shares in any value changes when
the borrower sells their home.

In addition, PRMG’s AMPLIFLY TPO Portal
provides a robust platform that brokers can use to easily create marketing
collateral from scratch or by editing the professionally designed templates
provided by PRMG.

“The AMPLIFLY Marketing Portal
eliminates the need for hiring a market assistant or graphic designer, as the
portal helps brokers take their business to the next level”, Lucido said.

“Your borrowers are your ‘Clients for Life’ and we give your borrowers back every day! Whether wholesale or correspondent, PRMG is committed to maintaining a trustworthy, long-term relationship with all our partners and sellers, no matter what channel we service you in,” said Paul Rozo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, PRMG. “We ensure our brokers that if a borrower comes back for a purchase or refinance, we send that borrower right back to you, the broker.”

Paul Rozo, Chief Executive
Officer, Founder

Paul Rozo’s diverse expertise
extends over 25 years in the mortgage banking space. Rozo provides exceptional
leadership and oversees all facets of PRMG. During the last 18 years, Rozo has demonstrated
a passion for the business and a strong commitment and dedication for his work,
successfully navigating PRMG through difficult periods in the mortgage banking
industry, including the financial crisis.

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Robert Holliday, Chief
Operations Officer, Co-Founder

Robert Holliday has over 25 years
of experience in the mortgage banking industry, including loan origination,
operations, underwriting and production. His expertise provides Holliday with
an in-depth understanding of all processes tied to originating, funding,
shipping, accounting, profitability, staffing and third-party originations. Holliday
has helped PRMG build a strong operational structure and platform that is

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