Ocwen 273 Negative Reviews | Customer Service

Ocwen 273 Negative Reviews | Customer Service

Obama: force this company to bring its work back to the united states! Give americans the right to be better than this. Better yet… Investigate the heck out of them… They’re not only stealing our jobs and money, they’re trying to make you and every american their personal toilet.

Set the record straight! I had received a large check and decided to pay some bills off. Did what was necessary and had $25, 000 to throw toward my mortgage being collected by ocwen loan servicing, llc, in west palm beach, fl, so I sent that on the 14th of june, (In ocwen’s envelope) 6 days prior to its due date and the normal date of mailing for that payment.

As I found out much later, that $25, 000 check was received on the 17th of june (Just up the road a bit) , but nothing was done with it because it was about $24, 460 over the normal payment… I was still considered late according to the internet and am today, almost a month later, still trying to collect extra fees. These have supposedly been waived, but we’ll see the next time I have to tell the whole story to someone who doesn’t speak english.

By the 24th, no posting had been made to the internet record and this was now 4 days later than the payment should have been posted, so I called. As ocwen customer service is outsourced (Thereby leaving u. S. Citizens without employment) , the citizens from india were more than hard to understand, but I finally found out some things after demanding a supervisor (Also outsourced).

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The supervisor stated that no check had been received, but that I would not be considered late if I mailed a payment in. I finally convinced him that $25, 000 is what I intended to pay, so it was done by phone transaction in the amount of $25, 000 by the supervisor in india. He told me to be sure to put a stop pay on the check that “no one could find” and gave me a confirmation for the phone transaction, assuring me that he’d e-mail the department that lost my check, telling them to not deposit it and return it to me as payment had been made with him. I agreed to put a stop pay on the “lost” check and paid my bank for that stop pay.

The next work day I got a call from ocwen (On the 27th… Another supervisor) stating that I had overpaid, the loan was paid off, the satisfaction of mortgage was being mailed that day for recording with my county and I would be receiving the excess, in the amount of $6, 000 to $7, 000 with the recorded satisfaction of mortgage after recording near the end of the month.

This is because they did have my check, tried to deposit it… And the telephone transaction (But no one knew what the other was doing, obviously). Both equaled $50, 000 and if that were true, I would have overpaid. They had to order a payoff statement from their own company to find out that I had overpaid, then blamed me for having ordered a payoff statement.

Now they want me to pay fees as well for the stopped check and are doing everything they can to slow the process for me to find out what any still due principal is so I can get the rest of it paid off and get them out of my hair. A lot of argument and people that do not understand english, nor respect the intelligence of the general public is obvious here. We should not let them get away with these tactics.

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I’ve worked in real estate law for 40 years and know that every day they hold your mortgage, more of that high interest rate is earned and is intended gain.

Do not!!! Look to this company for financing help.In order to figure out what they’re doing you’ll need a juris doctorate degree and still they play head games, play dumb and wind you as tight as you’ll go.

They act like they don’t know what to do even with a large payment (As well as a late or “no” payment) and let the fees stack up on you until you tear them down one by one and that is only if you keep an accurate record of your calls, who you spoke with, payments and actions.

On july 9, I requested payoff information because i’m really sick of this. I was assured the information I received would be less the stop pay check fee… Less the late??? Fee and the accurate principal balance due. What did I receive??? A payoff quote that didn’t even include the fact that $25, 000 had been paid… The fees were still on it.

Another two hours on the phone and the new customer service person said that yes, the $25, 000 had been applied to june’s payment, july’s payment, but still wanted me to pay the late fee for june (They had my check three days early… And another payment to replace it 3 days after with a stop pay on the first.

Believe me… They aren’t worth any of it. This outsourcing and allowing trompling all over americans, whether able to pay or not, is what is wrong with our economy. Not rocket science.

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