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MyQL Grounded, Launching Your Future Servicing Experience with Rocket Mortgage

Since November 2015, Quicken Loans has hurtled the mortgage industry into the 21st century with Rocket Mortgage, our completely online mortgage origination experience.

However, once you close your loan, you’re taken to our MyQL website, where you can register your online account and digitally manage your mortgage with everything from monthly payments to checking your home’s equity.

In an effort to make things more seamless for you, MyQL is being taken offline and is being replaced with Rocket Mortgage on the launchpad. This means if you’re familiar with the existing Rocket Mortgage interface, it’s going to feel like a very familiar experience when you use the new tools to make your payments and get other information about your loan.

If you’re more familiar with the MyQL experience, you’ll use your same username and password to login. Many new features have already begun to roll out in previous site updates. All of the great functions and capabilities you currently enjoy are still there.

Since the MyQL app has been redesigned and rebranded as Rocket Mortgage, you might want to take a look at the website or the mobile app. In this article, we’ll go over what’s different and how this redesign aims to make your mortgage experience even easier.

Speed and Convenience on the Go

Rocket Mortgage has been all about bringing speed and convenience to your loan process. We aim to bring all of that same ease-of-use to you when you use our servicing websites or mobile app to make a payment or get other information regarding your loan.

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To that end, we know that most people using MyQL on mobile devices are quickly making a payment on the go. You’ll be able to login faster on your phone with the addition of face ID for iOS and touch ID for iOS and Android.

Once you’re inside the new Rocket Mortgage app, you’ll be taken to our new and improved payment center, where you’ll see your payment amount right away.

In addition to making payments, you’ll be able to do everything you’ve always used MyQL mobile for, including transaction histories and viewing important documents (1098s, billing and escrow statements). You’ll also be able to set up push notifications.

Revamped Website

Beginning this past July, we redesigned our website to give you access to more useful information about not only your loan, but your home.

You’re now able to see new resources to check your neighborhood’s house values. You can also use our data to get a better idea of the equity you have in your home based on your property value as well as your remaining loan balance.

In addition to these features, you can also get a peek at the upcoming loan activity, including monthly payments and escrow disbursements as well as a look at the status of your escrow account.

New Look, Same Great Function

The website and app have been given a new look and feel to match the experience offered by Rocket Mortgage. Despite the fresh coat of paint, all of the major features have been retained.

In addition, all of your account information has been protected throughout the transition to the new site. Both the website and app remain optimized with the security and privacy of your information in mind.

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Our emails and letters to you will now reference the new Rocket Mortgage site and app instead of MyQL. We’ll still be providing you the same great services.

If you haven’t checked out the Rocket Mortgage app recently, it’s time to give it another look. If you’re on your computer, check out the website as well.

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