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Known as the “City of Angels,” Los Angeles is the world’s creative capital, home to Hollywood, the Los Angeles Music Center, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Living here, you can enjoy sunny weather, museums, and galleries, sensational shopping and world-class restaurants, all while cheering on the city’s professional sports teams. Surrounded by the glitz and glam of the rich and famous, you’ll soon come to feel like one of the stars yourself. With a competitive job market, a move to L.A. represents a world of opportunity.

Why Is It Hard to Find an Affordable Mortgage in Los Angeles?

L.A. may be an incredible place, but in terms of cost of living, Southern California is pretty much as bad as it gets. Everything costs an arm and a leg here. Goods are expensive to begin with, and when you tack on a hefty sales tax, you are looking at high bills for food, utilities, gasoline, and more.

As you might expect, this high cost of living is also reflected in high housing costs. As of 2017, the median value for a home in Los Angeles is an astonishing $626,800. That cost has risen steadily over the past year (8.5%), and is only continuing to climb. So, it is becoming more unaffordable to live in L.A., not less.

Indeed, here is the quandary for most Los Angeles residents. To afford the average L.A. home, you need to be making in excess of $90,000 per year. But the average income in Los Angeles is closer to $50,000 per year (that data comes from the census).

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If it is your dream to live and work here in the City of Angels, you may wonder if doing so is even possible. It is—but to find a mortgage you can afford, you need to work with a qualified Los Angeles mortgage company.

Pacshores Mortgage Can Help You Move into Your Los Angeles Dream Home

Here at Pacshores Mortgage, we have helped turn numerous homebuyers in Los Angeles into homeowners. Our customers are diverse in terms of age, income, prospects and goals, but they all have thing in common, and that is a love for our beautiful city and a desire to make Los Angeles their home.

Here is how we can help:

  • As your Los Angeles mortgage broker, we can help you find an affordable home loan in L.A. We have access to a vast network of lenders who offer loans with friendly terms to customers in a wide variety of financial situations. Our lenders even make exclusive discounts available to customers we refer.
  • We can help you find the lowest mortgage rates in Los Angeles. Our network of lenders offers special low interest rates to our customers which are not publicly advertised. You are not going to find deals like these anywhere else.
  • If you are a first time home buyer, we can help get you set up with an FHA loan or another affordable mortgage plan. We will introduce you to local programs for home-buyers and homeowners in L.A. which can reduce your down payment and help you to afford your premiums and insurance.
  • Pacshores is your Los Angeles mortgage company, and provides you with the information and resources you need to understand the home buying process from top to bottom. We can help you save money on your mortgage in L.A. while streamlining the entire process. This cuts back on headaches and hassles.
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See what our clients say about us

Thanks PacShores for coming through for me in the nick of time. After our Parents passed away and left the small apartment units that I was living in to me and my two siblings, they needed to get out their portion of the inheritance and were determined to force me to sell the units. I needed to keep the property for my family and avoid selling in such a down Market. My Income was low and the Banks refused to accepts the Rental Income from the other Tenants and to approve my loan. It wasn’t a problem when I contacted PacShores, they funded my loan in no time, paid off my siblings, hassle free, and I am very glad I found them.

Tony – Orange, California


I took over some Apartments that my Dad owned and had been renting out over the years. Some of the tenants had been there for 10 years and more, the Properties have gotten in disrepair, and the County had also filed substandard violation Liens on the Properties. All the Lenders that I had applied to for a Cash-Out Loan, turn down my application due to the condition of the Properties. With the help of the Loan Officers at PacShores, we were able to customize a loan for me that set aside funds to complete the needed repairs, and clear up all the Substandard Notices and Liens on the Properties, and the extra cash that I needed.

Tracy – Los Angeles, California


Hi, I am Real Estate Broker, and Short Sale specialist, and I had very well qualified Buyer with almost 50% cash down payment, under contract on a highly discounted Investment Property purchase. After 3 weeks of getting the runaround with their Bank including my regular Lenders that I normally use, I was convinced they would lose out on this great deal. Luckily an associate referred me to PacShores Mortgage, and within 24 hours they drove buy the property, and had Closing Documents in Escrow by the third day and funded the loan right after. They saved this deal for us. I couldn�t thank them enough and would use and recommend them to all my associates in the future.

Javier – West Covina

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Right now, you may feel daunted looking at home values in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. But a home in L.A. may be more affordable than you think. Whatever your situation, get in touch with Pacshores Mortgage at 310-478-5005. We will help you find the perfect home loan to fit your needs. You could be moving into your Los Angeles home sooner than you think!