Individuals who invest in property shouldn't be villanized; let's talk about landlords! : CapitalismVSocialism

Individuals who invest in property shouldn’t be villanized; let’s talk about landlords! : CapitalismVSocialism

Who would defend a landlord? Property is already expensive, why shouldn’t we villainize a practice that creates poverty and keeps families in a lower class bracket – separated from asset owning individuals? Wealth hoarding individuals should be taxed heavily, but those that hoard private property should be sent to jail.

So who would defend such a terrible, anti-socialistic investment vehicle?

I would!

Wait, stop right there, don’t hit the reply button, READ this first – resist! Sit back, open your mind, and let me explain my point of view. At the very least, your perceptional world view will widen and guess what … Listening to people who think differently makes you smarter! I suspect that’s why you’re in this community, right? A subreddit like this is really just a dedicated harvesting facility to redistribute brain juice that you slurp with every read post, magnificent. I can’t wait to slurp your brain juice, too.

Why are landlords and real estate investors, good**?**

Hold on – landlord, yikes.

Say it out loud, “landlord”. What a yawn-inducing waste of the English language. From now on, we’ll refer to this controversial group of investors as house gobblers. Vibrant, colorful, gorgeous.

So what makes house gobblers good? I mean, they’re GOBBLING HOMES. In every city, neighborhood, and street, some residential horking house gobbling parasite is slamming down all those succulent homes. How can regular non-gobblers possibly afford mortgages when gobblers are gobbling! Home prices get rise while rents raise – this is infuriating!

Well, let’s look at what value gobble lords actually provide;

  1. Millennials move, a lot! Studies show that millennials are moving more than ever before. This is due to a few different reasons. One reason is that the younger generations are moving jobs more frequently. Instead of applying for jobs in their home state or city, they’re applying all over the country. Why? Because workplaces are becoming more consolidated in upcoming cities. 5 years working in Austin, TX might land you a job in Pheonix, NV – 5 years later you might end up in San Fransisco, CA. Another reason why millimovers move is because they work from home. YouTuber’s, live-streamers, Software Developers, Entrepreneurs aren’t living in fixed locations anymore. They’re traveling, a lot. Why would you live in Warba, Minnesota when you could live anywhere in the world and work from your laptop? Millennials can’t afford homes because they don’t have the time to spend locked into a mortgage. Instead, they rent! This is actually what is driving up rental markets – the only way for rents to come down is for gobblers to add more supply to the local economy. If millennials stopped moving, all landlords would be gobbled up by debt. As more jobs transition to an online interface, millennials will be moving even more frequently. We need more gobblers, and quick!

  2. Home investing allows poor goobers to become rich gobblers! Want to be part of the asset-owning class? Find a cash-flowing property, in a good neighborhood, without an HOA fee. Single-family home, Duplex, anything where the numbers make sense – find something that you could charge rent for and either live free or make a small profit. On most good deals, you won’t be paying more than $3,500 as a downpayment. If $3,500 was the make or break for you to be in the investing, asset, property-owning class it’s a TINY price to pay. This method of investing has turned millions into millionaires. There is a huge knowledge gap with investing (lack of brain juice), which means there’s actually less competition to get into the market. You don’t even need a great credit score, you just need to take action. I didn’t say it was easy though, financially feasible – yes. Easy? Finding a good deal is hard, understanding the numbers is hard, doing something you’re not familiar with is always hard. Many have failed, but for some, it’s a risk worth taking. In a nutshell, the easiest way for someone with barely any savings, not great credit, and no skills with a not so great job to become financially independent is to become a home gobbler.

  3. Home gobblers create jobs, lots of jobs! Loan officers, underwriters, property managers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, designers, builders, inspectors, real estate agents/brokers, surveyors, leasing agents, real estate attorneys, transaction coordinators, appraisers, escrow officers, home stagers, and many many more. Real estate is a type of profession that touches almost every facet and industry. Without gobblers, many of these jobs would be laid-off and cut back. These professions rely on gobblers to buy property and hire these talents, and many of these jobs are family-owned small businesses. In fact, many of these jobs don’t require student-debt and pay more than jobs that do!

  4. Short-term home gobblers fight the monopolistic hotel industry by providing affordable vacation homes for commercial communities. Before AirBnb, Vrbo, and other vacation services it was almost impossible for the average family or couple to travel feasibly to expensive cities. Now, with these services available to almost everyone, traveling is cheap! College-students can rent an apartment (from a respectable home gobbler that allows it, of course), then make it into an AirBnb! You can get paid to go to school and stay in your dorm room. Thousands are doing this, and if you’re looking at staying in an expensive city, you can rent out these cheaper more affordable studio apartments; while also simultaneously supporting someone’s college fund! Isn’t that just gobblific?

  5. Home gobblers get retirement via GBI! (Gobble Base Income) When you first buy real estate for cash-flow, there isn’t much income. Trust me, the margins are smaller than your grandma’s saltine crackers. However, if you hold over the length of your loan (15, 20, 30 years), your small margins become a livable income. Instead of relying on social benefits like social security, employer match, and other functions controlled by large corporations or governments, you can be your own provider of income. Government stops social security? You’re good. Employer stops contributing to your 401k? You’re good. Kids need help with student loans? You’re good. Everything else is icing on the cake because you made smart decisions. Did I mention when you die, that income goes to your kids tax-free? Not only can you stop generational poverty, but you can create generational wealth for your kids and their kids.

  6. Smart home gobblers take abandoned, neglected properties and hire out work to fix them or do the work themselves. Rebuilding what once was a worn down eyesore to what is now a beautiful place worth staying in. This helps neighborhoods and communities, and this ecosystem is what’s rebuilding Detroit and other crime-ridden cities. When homes are taken care of by their lords, they’re more likely to be taken care of by tenants. Even large ugly commercial businesses are being turned into green-energy efficient residential buildings by big gobblers – not only making the city cleaner but allowing homes to be built in central locations closer to work.

  7. Many smart families become half gobblers! Many couples and families buy real estate and rent out a bedroom or section of their home. By doing this, they’re able to supplement their income and provide cheaper temporary housing for someone else. This is usually a win-win scenario, and when the family moves, they can rent out the entire home they previously lived in. This is a great way to supplement kids college funds, create more peace-of-mind, and allow them to move up financially even if they have stagnant jobs. One of the parents might even be able to become a stay-at-home mom or dad. In some cases, this might allow grandparents or other relatives to rent the older smaller home and sell the home they can no longer take care of.

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All home gobblers are good is NOT a true statement. But neither is all gobblers are bad. Gobblers are gobblers, and it’s up to them to be a good person or not. If they’re not, leave them in the dust. The law, government, and townships support tenants first and foremost. If your gobbler is a jerk, become a gobbler yourself and run him out of business – the world needs more people like you. It’s possible. Take it from someone who’s parents couldn’t afford to send their kids to college; I started with nothing. I want to help people gain independent financial freedom, you’re not stuck – but there is a serious knowledge gap.

I’m interested in creating a discussion here, no single person or movement has all the answers; I don’t think any rebuttal is black and white and saying “landlords are good” or “landlords are bad” is a disgusting form of reguritative dialog. Let’s have a conversation and learn from one another, er … drink each others brain juice.

Thanks for reading!