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First National Mortgage Rates


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Below you will find current First National”s posted 5-year fixed and variable mortgage rates. Use’s comparison chart to evaluate other banks, brokerages and lenders against First National and ensure you get the best mortgage rate!

5-YR Variable

3-YR Fixed

5-YR Fixed

10-YR Fixed

Content last updated: June 11, 2020

First National is a major mortgage broker based in Toronto, with a focus on residential mortgages. As of 2020, First National has over $100 Billion in mortgages under administration. This includes over 300,000 residential borrowers, and over 5,000 commercial borrowers. Unlike most other lenders, First National does not accept mortgage applications directly. Instead, it relies on its network of mortgage brokers across Canada.

How do First National mortgage rates compare with other lenders?

First National is certainly competitive with Canada’s other large lenders, as one of the country’s bigger mortgage lenders. If you are keen to get the best mortgage rate possible (which you should be) you should consider comparing rates from multiple lenders, not just from First National. We make this simple by comparing mortgages rates from the big banks, mortgages, and smaller lenders, all in one place, and at no cost to you.

First National mortgage products (residential)

First National has a relatively simple product lineu. As it relies on mortgage broker, rather than retail marketing, to attract borrowers, it doesn’t offer as many bells and whistles. It does offer both fixed and variable rates for various term lengths, as well as some flexibile prepayment options on fixed rate mortgages. Your mortgage broker will be able to walk you through the full range of mortgage products offered by First Naitonal in Canada.

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Accessing First National mortgage rates

Unlike many mortgage providers, First National does not take direct applications for residential mortgage. Instead, they rely on their network of mortgage brokers across Canada. If you are interested in one of the mortgages above, speak to an independent mortgage broker near you. Your broker can also give you independent, personalized advice on your new mortgage. Brokers can also help you find better rates than you might have been able to find on your own.

More about First National

First National Financial LP is a major private lending company based out of Toronto, Ontario, owned and operated by the parent company First National Financial Corporation. The company has over 900 employees. First National is head quartered in Toronto, but it several offices across Canada, including in Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver, and Calgary.

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