Do you think the in-general situation in Malta is sustainable? : malta

Do you think the in-general situation in Malta is sustainable? : malta

The idea of my argument is this: Myself, a simple commoner with a decent education, am finding it hard to believe that the future will be good for these islands. Now, this is MY perception and thought, and I feel that I need to educate myself more about the subject. Hence, the post.

My feeling is, that corruption was always so rampant and accepted(read: ignored) in our young republic, that we have hit incredible levels of greed,with some people thinking they are untouchable (cough cough). I have no faith in the current political system, and I think many will share my thoughts. Many others though, remain fixed with the”Laburist u Nazzjonalist sal mewt ” mentality. Sewwa.

Politics aside, the islands are not what they used to be, both physically and in the very “soul” of them. Now I get it and understand, change is the only constant and one must move forward, but it seems that we are ready to sell our mothers for money. Jesus Christ, an island of 316SQKM has so many buildings that even children are starting to feel depressed about the lack of space source. I mean.. are we really aiming to be the Singapore of the Med, or Monaco?? Supply and Demand, yes, but the quality of the buildings is not even so good. While I am aware of the overpriced buildings, I am not going to comment due to the fact that many buildings in mainland Europe are even more expensive (and smaller). But something could be done about the rent, and earlier. With many in debited to the balls with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th properties, no wonder that when a poor single young bastard tries to buy his first home he is faced with a monstrous task, not to mention the incredible cost! How can someone with the average wage of 1.2k a month buy an entry level apartment at 200k is beyond me, whereas in other countries, while the building cost is high, at least the wages are higher than here. I stand to be corrected if needed. Expect homeless people to increase in the next 10 years.

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Country side wise, we are so deprived that we go abroad to enjoy nature. Between the greedy developers, the hunters and Ian Borg, having greenery in the proximity of your house is a luxury thing. Yes the island is very small, granted, but do we really need to build every single field? ODZ are as useless as ERA. The last bastion of greenery, Gozo, is being run over. No more quick and cheapish holiday for the Maltese. In a few years time, those that cannot afford to go abroad will not even be able to relax a bit in Gozo. My opinion is, cases of depression and anxiety will continue to rise, as there will be nowhere to “Staccare la spina”.

Lastly, over tourism and gaming companies. We are dependent on these two. Tourism is good, over tourism annoys everyone (except the greedy cunts, ofc). It annoys the locals, the tourists, damages historical places, destroys the enviroment (See Cruise ships, Blue Lagoon). Again, Tourism is good, over tourism is the culprit.

Gaming companies. We are held by the balls and we do not know it (or enjoy it). IIRC, these companies pay 5% tax only (correct me if wrong). The second somewhere with less taxes shows up, or tax harmonization comes into force (source), they will be leaving, taking with them many jobs. The rent market will suffer; in turn the heavily indebted owners may default on their loans. Chaos, basically.

I am sorry for the rant/wall of text, but these are thoughts that run into my mind every now and then. Opinions, counter-arguments, corrections are very welcome, especially from professionals (if any are present here).

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What do you think?

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