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Cooper, the important thing to S7 to date. **** SPOILERS past 7.04 **** : TheBlackList

We had a few posts about Cooper,, for individuals who need to discover them:

Harold Cooper, Raymond Reddington, Naval Intelligence, and the FBI. What do we all know main as much as 7.04? & Harold Cooper with reference to Liz and her quest

We all know a number of information about Harold Cooper: he was US Navy Intelligence. He was a part of a workforce that rescued RR from a torture scenario earlier than 1987: “Youngest agent ever appointed to the Pentagon’s mixed investigation and intelligence job power

He was a part of a black op in Kuwait in 1989: DEVRY AS RR: “June 1989, I coordinated Operation Minesweep, which supplied again workplace assist and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the one hundred and sixtieth SOAR. The op was off the books however might be confirmed by Assistant Director Harold Cooper”. COOPER: “How the hell does he know that?” That operation was labeled.

Some within the subredditt suppose he’s an fool, simply hoodwinked. I don’t. I feel he’s enjoying a recreation of his personal.

He asks a query a few Kuwait mission in 7.01 to verify Crimson is who he says he’s: 30 years in the past, Raymond Reddington heard labeled testimony in reference to a US. intelligence officer killed in Kuwait What was the soldier’s title? Daniel Hutton. So it’s you. Have been you anticipating another person? I wasn’t certain. Now I’m.

In 7.02 he appears to be teasing Liz: Apparently, Reddington died 30 years in the past. He rose from the grave as soon as. I am fairly certain he’ll once more.

and hears her causes for turning him in and for now accepting him not as her father: After I thought he was my father, I hated him for abandoning me. I believed he shirked duty. However now I do know he takes it on even when he does not should. Liz prefers that he’s not her father, each as a result of she hated her abandoning her, but additionally as a result of it made her really feel justified in what she did. And that Rassvet story is what had allowed her to just accept him once more for himself. He isn’t a nasty man who deserted her and her sister, however a person who determined to guard her.

However on the time he tells Liz that he’s bothered that Crimson is blaming Liz for what occurred to her grandfather:

COOPER: Reddington blamed you?

LIZ: He is not flawed.

In fact he’s.

None of this may’ve occurred if Ressler and I hadn’t began asking a whole lot of questions he advised us to not ask.

You would not have needed to ask them if he’d been sincere with you, if he’d advised you his actual id.

Have you ever determined whether or not to inform Essential Justice?

Not but.

However telling them Reddington is known as a former KGB agent whose title is Ilya Koslov will trigger a firestorm I’ve little interest in coping with.

Now, this isn’t the primary time Cooper has seen Liz severely impacted by Crimson’s secrets and techniques. Tom died due to the bones quest and Cooper stated: No matter Reddington’s hiding, it is time the reality got here out.

Liz faked her demise, and Agnes virtually died. Tom died. Liz put Crimson on demise row, and Cooper needed to threaten the President to avoid wasting him. Crimson, Ressler, Aram and Liz have been virtually killed by McMahon and associates. Liz betrayed not simply Crimson, but additionally all the job power, which compelled Crimson to plead responsible and settle for the demise sentence to guard them.

In season 4 Cooper noticed Agnes in mortal hazard as a result of Liz believed Kirk was her father. There was a paternity take a look at, after which he was not. It was a pretend. Cooper received fed up and gave Liz a dependable one, seemingly, realizing Crimson had folks inside.

 I am offended that you simply nonetheless do not know why Reddington walked into your life. … And I ought to’ve performed it the day he surrendered. I submitted the pattern and your profile to a personal lab. They’re going to have the outcomes inside 24 hours, so you may lastly know whether or not or not Raymond Reddington is your father.

Cooper is fed up with the secrets and techniques and the lies. Greater than something, he’s fed up with enjoying with half the playing cards. Up till now, he had been sustained by a perception that they have been doing good by catching dangerous folks. However the price is more and more rising. The following time the duty power comes underneath hearth, they might not be so fortunate.

See, that is why I do not play properly with companions. Do not fret, Harold. I am holding all of the trumps. I will be the declarer, you be the dummy, and we’ll win the hand.

So, I feel that is much less about believing the story than about his perception that the secrets and techniques’s worth goes to be paid in additional blood. And this time it might be one in every of his personal.

That to me makes extra sense than Cooper believing the story that Ressler has a tough time believing. A narrative that he can simply corroborate, or dismiss. Perhaps not about who Crimson was earlier than he grew to become Reddington, however definitely about being the identical man he met earlier than 1987. Probably even earlier than Liz was born.

REMEMBER, Crimson could have had one other id earlier than changing into Reddington for the primary time, however that doesn’t imply he took it first in 1991. It might be straightforward to dig into who RR was earlier than he appeared on the US Navy radar, and discover nothing. Discovering out that RR didn’t exist, one thing that has occurred within the present earlier than.

We have already got been advised that Liz couldn’t discover her paternal grandfather, which implies she had been looking for family members of Raymond Reddington aside from her sister Jennifer and got here up empty:

RESSLER: I do not know who he was, however I feel I discovered somebody who may. Your grandfather.

LIZ: You discovered Reddington’s father?

RESSLER: Katarina’s.

So Cooper could have performed the identical: search for traces of a life earlier than RR went within the US Navy, and located none. So he is aware of Redddington is an id, not who Crimson actually is. And he’s fed up. He has identified that they do good, and he could have affection for the person, however he’s not blind to the hazard he brings with the secrets and techniques: “Can I let you know one thing about Reddington? I hate working with the person. He is harmful, amoral. He pathologically flaunts authority. He is reckless to the purpose of suicidal. However all this, every little thing we have done– none of this may have been potential if it weren’t for him.” Since then his posture had softened. They’d change into pals, allies. Crimson saved him, he saved Crimson, however he additionally has seen Liz unraveling, even when of her personal making.

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BUT for this half, allow us to assume that Crimson is certainly Ilya Koslov, and that he assumed the id of Raymond Reddington in 1992, after 12 months of surgical procedures that began in October of 1991, to get 40 million in banks that RR did not know he had as a result of he by no means opened the accounts, and which the KGB forgot to get out, as soon as he was speculated to have disappeared in December of 1990, a stunt they clearly believed was a ploy as a result of they have been completely satisfied to consider RR was who ordered the Kursk bombing in 1991, so the Russians didn’t consider that the US believed RR was a traitor.

So, right here is Harold Cooper telling Crimson that he is aware of Crimson is Koslov. Crimson was totally anticipating it, realizing Liz is a firstclass blabber:

Ah! So Elizabeth lastly advised you. She took longer than I believed she would. As soon as phrase was out, I figured I used to be on borrowed time. And I am certain, realizing you as I do, that you’re going to really feel an obligation to report this to the powers that be.

At that time, and IF Crimson had deliberate the entire Hutton deal to silence Harold, why wait that lengthy? Why not do that as quickly as Liz confronted him about Koslov? Why go the lengths of going to Paris to warn this lady, however not care for this enterprise that may significantly affect him. Cooper was not planning on letting Crimson know earlier than contacting Panabaker.

However, there they’re there, on the airplane, and Cooper confronts him. What was the large deal to say, “yeah, and?” Why all of the footsie of” I do know as a result of I do know, as a result of whoever I used to be earlier than I’m and proceed to be Raymond Reddington” that goes with “I’m what I’m, Popeye the sailor man“.

If he’s going to mainly manipulate Cooper into staying quiet, why spent all that denial time? Except what Crimson is saying in all of the non-denial denial is that he’s who he’s, even when he was another person earlier than.

RED: I do know as a result of I do know. As a result of whoever I as soon as was, I’m now and can proceed to be Raymond Reddington.

RED: I do not reside a lie. I’ll as soon as have had one other id, however that id not exists*. I’m precisely who I’m. And I can guarantee you, I am a much more fascinating Raymond Reddington than Raymond Reddington ever was.

COOPER: And what about Ilya Koslov?

RED: I’ve all the time believed who you’re ought to outline you, not who you have been.

and to Liz, when requested why he stayed Raymond Reddington after getting the cash: I’m what I’m. Popeye the Sailor Man.

be aware the best way he’s referring to this: I’ll as soon as have had one other id, however that id not exists, as a substitute of “I’ll as soon as have been another person.” He’s speaking about identities, not who he’s. Like he talks about “Katarina Rostova” to Liz, in regards to the id, not like he talks about Katarina, the lady, to Dom, the stranger, Constantin, Dembe, and Kate. Jogged my memory of

Carla Reddington was a depressing housewife married to a depressing man. That lady not exists.

You do not consider Raymond Reddington may stop to exist in 60 seconds? I provide that specific package deal to shoppers.

Seems Jolene Parker does not exist. It is an alias.

Your husband by no means existed, Lizzy.

Tom Eager, the person I married, he was a fiction. He did not exist.

Amber Deveraux does not exist.

There isn’t a DOD worker named John Reese not in DSS, not in any sector…. Thought it is likely to be an alias, but it surely’s not. He does not exist.

What would you do if you happen to knew knew that so long as you drew breath, so long as you continued to exist, her life can be in peril?

As a result of he does not exist*. Legate is* an elaborate fiction*, a bogeyman I created.*

[Tobias Reuther} doesn’t exist. The Agency has no record of him.

He’s he right age, and before 2010, – he was non-existent….Because he was someone else. Gerald Todd Klepper

Because that one person doesn’t exist before buying a ticket for that ferry. Everything about her credit rating, social security, mortgage payments it exists only after she bought that ticket, not before.

and of course the pivotal:

knowing his identity would put you in grave danger…. I did it to keep you from learning the name of your real father, to protect you. And you must understand– having done that, I’m certainly not going to tell you who he was now.

So let is examine what we know and see if there any merit to

  • Cooper believing Red is a KGB agent named Ilya Koslov, and

  • Cooper believing so without any confirmation of it, just on Liz’s word, who seems so stable and trustworthy.

Cooper has access to the DNA that will tell him if Red is RR or an unknown Ilya Koslov

Cooper has access to DNA from the man he rescued before 1987, that DNA had to conform to the rules of evidence, that is was known to be of the man known to the US Navy as Raymond Reddington, that the blood was his, and his only. He has access to the paternity test he ordered, so he does not even need to go back to the evidence locker.

The FBI has samples of this Red, even if they would have kept it to themselves, just for ID purposes. entering DNA into CODIS would be proof that Reddington is an informant. Also it has to conform to CODIS rules: being convicted of a crime, or being a relative of a missing person.

Once he was a convicted criminal in season 6, his DNA entered CODIS. And Liz’s DNA is available. He could run test between any of those and get his clear answer.

So, to recap:

  • DNA from the man known to the US Navy as Raymond Reddington before 1987 [the one used by him for Liz’s paternity test in 4.22]

  • DNA from Crimson as soon as he was convicted of against the law in season 6. plus regardless of the job Pressure saved for their very own information, with out sharing it with the remainder of the FBI. Do not forget that all in regards to the job power is assessed: “How ’bout SCI7? You ever hear of that? …Nicely, apparently, it is a designation that the Bureau reserves for sure excessive profile instances. It is labeled, so I am unable to have a look at the recordsdata or interview the nice American heroes of regulation enforcement which are doing such necessary work.” Even the duty power personnel recordsdata on the duty power cease in 2013. After that they’re labeled.

  • DNA from Liz Eager.

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Cooper may simply corroborate this cockamamie story by evaluating prints and evaluating DNA. That might at the least inform him that Crimson is or just isn’t the identical man he rescued earlier than 1987. Or do a paternity take a look at between Liz and Crimson.

One other challenge is that within the jail his id would have been verified a second time in opposition to fingerprints.

And IF there had been a pattern of RR’s DNA in CODIS, as some folks nonetheless suppose there was, magically appeared, would that not have been a hoot? He couldn’t be then convicted of treason as a result of he was not the RR of 1990, thus, that will have by no means occurred, as Ressler notes it is mindless.

Which takes us to that pivotal and reasonably iffy identification of the bones because the stays of RR

However there was NO DNA of RR in CODIS. He was recognized by fingerprints:

COPPER:We affirm it is truly him?

RESSLER: It is him all proper. Prints match. Tattoos.


LIZ: Who is that this man? He claims he is Reddington?

SAMAR: Sure, and we will not disprove it with DNA as a result of there’s nothing on file from 1990 when Reddington disappeared.

So, precisely how have been these bones recognized as RR’s?:

A method is that they have been performed by a familial comparability, because the Cyprus Company advised us, which might merely imply that the stays have been of Jennifer’s organic father.

Or that alongside the best way, Jennifer modified the outcomes, wanting to make use of her sister to get again at her father. A small proof of that is that Ross, who thought RR was who supplied him with a faulty airplane blueprints, was completely satisfied to take his revenge on Crimson.

For 30 years, I’ve desired to be in the identical room as Raymond Reddington, the bastard who tricked me into promoting the Chinese language a dodo hen once they have been on the lookout for an eagle. And right here we’re.

If Crimson was the one who gave them to him or not, is irrelevant, as somebody within the US Navy may have used his title to take action. Or Reddington had a dopplegager to have the ability to sneak out and run area operations.

So, what’s Cooper doing in 7.04?

So, two potential solutions: One is that Cooper in contrast them, and is operating some take a look at of his personal, or is sick of the lies and subterfuges. The second is that he determined to USE this to have one thing HE can maintain over Crimson’s head. A leash.

I can see no advantage that Cooper won’t confirm this story with information. Who of their proper thoughts would consider a narrative like Rassvet? Ressler simply appears to doubt the entire thing, and he promised Crimson to maintain it to himself.

We all know Cooper had received pissed off with Crimson, nevertheless a lot he could look after him. He must be significantly involved with Liz, who betrayed all of them, and who uncovered a confidential CI, and within the course of. Liz is exhibiting that nevertheless sensible she might be in some issues, she can also be utterly irrational and impulsive, and fairly harmful, and we now have seen Cooper pushing Liz to take day without work.

RR coordinated operation Minesweep

June 1989, I coordinated Operation Minesweep, which supplied again workplace assist and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the one hundred and sixtieth SOAR. The op was off the books however might be confirmed by Assistant Director Harold Cooper.

So, Minesweep was a black ops carried out with Naval Intelligence. Some gamers on this black op had a secondary goal: offering cash to Kurd rebels. Cooper’s direct superior had information of it. Cooper had information of it. Cooper talks about his realizing it was unlawful. However what about RR, whose operation it was?

BUT in 1989 Cooper was already assigned to the mixed Pentagon intelligence power.

So, in that operation, a Naval intelligence operation, Cooper was Minesweeper One. He and his commanding officer know they’re offering cash to the Kurds, this is likely to be directive that’s coming from increased up, one wherein RR is concerned.

Cooper stated it was unlawful, however was it? And whether it is, think about for instance Esteban:

RED: In fact you do, Harold. Esteban. He works on your authorities. Castro took him in, and the CIA instantly put him on the payroll as a double agent. What little you recognize in regards to the internal workings of the Cuban authorities is courtesy of Manuel Esteban. The CIA is aware of the place to seek out him, and he is aware of the place to seek out Elizabeth.

PANABAKER ABOUT ESTEBAN: Good Lord. Is there something that man does not know?… The Company reaches out to him via the State Division’s weekly journey advisory. Set a gathering, a message is encoded within the advisory, detailing the place and when.

PANABAKER ABOUT RESSLER NTOFYING THE CUBANS: You advised them he labored for us? Do you could have any thought what sort of blowback I am coping with right here? And it does not take lengthy to seek out out who advised the Cubans…. Agent Ressler Are you a traitor or– or only a moron?

PANABAKER ABOUT REDDINGTON: We knew this was a chance after we made his deal. Which is why the federal government legal professionals who papered it have been very clear about what our place can be if it did. Within the occasion of Reddington’s arrest, we disavow. We papered it 5 years in the past…. Harold, I such as you, and I love the best way you could have milked this mad cow, however you knew from day one which the federal government would by no means publicly acknowledge having an immunity settlement with the number-one man on its most-wanted listing.

PANABAKER ABOUT MOSADEK: Whether or not Zarak Mosadek was within the make use of of the CIA, I’m not going to non-deny deny. What I can’t deny is that he’s not of their make use of if he ever was, which I can’t affirm. Or deny.

REVEN WRIGHT ABOUT THE INEXISTENT AGENT SALERNO: There isn’t a such particular person. The bureau makes use of Monarch to finance sanctioned operations, together with this one…. You’ll purge all information of his position on this matter.

RESSLER ABOUT RED: He even volunteered labeled particulars a few Brussels mission in ’08. COOPER: What occurred in Brussels? – RESSLER: Sir? We tried to kill him, sir.

So, Cooper feels responsible as a result of he didn’t return to analyze additional if Hutton was alive. That’s comprehensible, however in actuality, Cooper did what he was advised, following the directives of Raymond Reddington, who coordinated Minesweep.

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So, I feel we can not say that the present has not established that black ops exist, and the orders come from excessive up. Unlawful or not, just isn’t the purpose, the purpose is Cooper was a part of a mixed Pentagon unit, and whoever was doing the cash infusion, was seemingly doing so on orders too.

Possible from RR himself.

Connection between “Katerina” and Hutton

So, in 7.01 Cooper decides to verify if Crimson is the Raymond Reddington he is aware of, and he asks Crimson the questions which reply is Daniel Hutton. Fakerina has that info. She had no clue who Cooper was, however it’s not log earlier than

In 7.04 Daniel Hutton resurfaces, and he needs Cooper. The top result’s that Cooper finally ends up prisoner, and Crimson will get him out.

This lady makes use of a technique of cash transferring predominant within the Center East, North Africa and India. She seemingly both offered Cooper to Hutton to pay her debt to The Illusionist, or advised Hutton the best way to discover Cooper to isolate Crimson.

I am going to speak to my halawadar. The steadiness due might be paid by this time tomorrow.

So, both she received Hutton to come back for Cooper, with a view to discover out the connection between Cooper and Crimson, or to sideline Crimson, or Crimson did, with a view to come to the rescue and get Cooper in his debt once more.

I really feel Fakerina is a likelier possibility, due to timing. Crimson may have performed so earlier, as a result of he knew Liz was a blabber, whereas this occurred solely a bit after Cooper talks about Hutton in a name overseen by “Katarina”.

Lastly, it’s time to selected sides as a result of they can’t co-exist. A 3rd various is to not consider both: It’s Rassvet AKA Crimson-is-Ilya OR this lady is Katarina OR Crimson is RR and this lady just isn’t Liz’s mom.

This lady needs Ilya Koslov, so it means she is aware of or believes Crimson is RR. IF Rassvet had been true: Ilya grew to become RR and this lady is Liz’s mom, then she would know Ilya is now Crimson.

As to a directive which is a standing bounty for killing Katarina Rostova, this lady needs to avoid wasting herself by giving them what they need: Katarina Rostova.

So, both she is Katarina’s mom and Crimson is RR, or Crimson is Ilya and this lady just isn’t Liz’s mom, or neither is true: Crimson is RR and this lady just isn’t Liz’s mom.

Since exterior of interviews there isn’t any canon within the present that Crimson just isn’t RR (the DNA take a look at is iffy as I confirmed above), solely that RR was not Crimson’s authentic id, however nothing about when he took the id: in 1991, or method earlier than, when he enter the US Naval Academy, it’s seemingly for me that Crimson is the person identified to the US Navy as RR.

This lady didn’t know the situation of Dom’s home, a home that’s featured in a toddler drawing that is likely to be Katarina’s or Liz’s,

Regardless that Katarina received the PO field in Wilmington, NY, a city close to the Vermont border give up by woods. [remember that the Rassvet tale took 30 minutes once they left Dom’s house until we got to the PO Box Elite], in order that Dom’s home is inside half-hour driving time from there. Roughly 25 miles away.

r/TheBlackList - Cooper, the key to S7 so far. **** SPOILERS beyond 7.04 ****

the star marks the approximate location of Wilmington, NY

To not point out Dom stated he forgave Katarina, however tried to kill Fakerina, who advised Crimson that: “Dom promised me nobody would get harm. Mentioned he liked his little one and simply desired her to be secure.” So, it might appear that these post-drowning sightings of Katarina could not have been Katarina, however this lady making a path main away from no matter occurred to Katarina, no matter her plan to vanish actually was. Possible “killing” the id, and changing into another person.

All this factors out to Crimson being RR and this lady not being Katarina, however wanting to seek out Katarina, which begs the query:

Why is Crimson going together with the Ilya Koslov id factor and utilizing phrases to masks, as a substitute of showing who he’s and who he’s not?

As a substitute of telling Harold in plain English that he’s the identical Reddington he knew in 1989, and earlier than 1987, seemingly lots longer than that? Why all of the subterfuges:

I do know as a result of I do know. As a result of whoever I as soon as was, I’m now and can proceed to be Raymond Reddington.

I do not reside a lie. I’ll as soon as have had one other id, however that id not exists. I’m precisely who I’m.

I’m what I’m. Popeye the Sailor Man.

As a result of whoever Ilya Koslov is or was, or one of many males utilizing the id, could also be a direct hyperlink to Katarina, similar to Fakerina stated:

Second photograph. Prime of the web page. Ilya Koslov…. The one one who can inform me what I have to know.

and I feel this man may “the Stranger” that Crimson met within the bench by the Lengthy Island Sound, a person who has identified Crimson since they have been youngsters.

r/TheBlackList - Cooper, the key to S7 so far. **** SPOILERS beyond 7.04 ****

Is the stranger Ilya?

Katarina is aware of Liz is the daughter of Raymond Reddington and Katarina Rostova.

so, who was she? Is she additionally a Rostov? Is she the “Katrina” on this promo image of Liz’s pocket book: The place did Liz get an image of the character we met in Rassvet as Ilya Koslov, a person who seems like a younger stranger? Word Ilya just isn’t recognized, so, it means she already knew the face as that of Ilya Koslov

r/TheBlackList - Cooper, the key to S7 so far. **** SPOILERS beyond 7.04 ****

what occurred in Belgrade? Who was she earlier than that she is aware of this info?

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