Average Salary in United Kingdom 2021

Common Wage in United Kingdom 2021

How a lot cash does an individual working in United Kingdom make?

Common Yearly Wage

71,000 GBP

( 5,920 GBP month-to-month)




An individual working in United Kingdom sometimes earns round 71,000 GBP per yr. Salaries vary from 18,000 GBP (lowest common) to 317,000 GBP (highest common, precise most wage is increased).

That is the common yearly wage together with housing, transport, and different advantages. Salaries differ drastically between totally different careers. In case you are within the wage of a specific job, see under for salaries for particular job titles.

Distribution of Salaries in United Kingdom

Median and salary distribution yearly United Kingdom

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The median, the utmost, the minimal, and the vary

  • Wage Vary

    Salaries in United Kingdom vary from 18,000 GBP per yr (minimal wage) to 317,000 GBP per yr (most common wage, precise most is increased).

  • Median Wage

    The median wage is 68,100 GBP per yr, which implies that half (50%) of the inhabitants are incomes lower than 68,100 GBP whereas the opposite half are incomes greater than 68,100 GBP. The median represents the center wage worth. Usually talking, you’ll need to be on the suitable aspect of the graph with the group incomes greater than the median wage.

  • Percentiles

    Intently associated to the median are two values: the twenty fifth and the seventy fifth percentiles. Studying from the wage distribution diagram, 25% of the inhabitants are incomes lower than 38,700 GBP whereas 75% of them are incomes greater than 38,700 GBP. Additionally from the diagram, 75% of the inhabitants are incomes lower than 185,000 GBP whereas 25% are incomes greater than 185,000 GBP.

What’s the distinction between the median and the common wage?

Each are indicators. In case your wage is increased than each of the common and the median then you might be doing very properly. In case your wage is decrease than each, then many individuals are incomes greater than you and there’s loads of room for enchancment. In case your wage is between the common and the median, then issues generally is a bit difficult. We wrote a information to clarify all in regards to the totally different eventualities. examine your wage

Wage Comparability by Years of Expertise

How does an individual’s wage progress over time?

Salary Comparison By Experience Level

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The expertise degree is crucial think about figuring out the wage. Naturally the extra years of expertise the upper the wage.

Usually talking, staff having expertise from two to 5 years earn on common 32% greater than freshers and juniors throughout all industries and disciplines.

Professionals with expertise of greater than 5 years are inclined to earn on common 36% greater than these with 5 years or much less of labor expertise.

Change in wage primarily based on expertise varies drastically from one location to a different and relies upon massively on the profession area as properly. The information displayed right here is the mixed common of many various jobs. To view correct figures, select a selected job title.

As you hit the ten years mark, the wage will increase by 21% and an extra 14% for many who have crossed the 15 years mark.

These figures are offered as pointers solely. The numbers turn out to be extra vital for those who contemplate one job title at a time.

On common, an individual’s wage doubles their beginning wage by the point they cross the ten years* expertise mark.

Wage Comparability By Training

How does the training degree have an effect on your wage?

Salary Comparison By Education

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It’s well-known that increased training equals a much bigger wage, however how far more cash can a level add to your earnings? We in contrast the salaries of execs on the identical degree however with totally different faculty levels ranges throughout many roles, under are our findings.

Change in wage primarily based on training varies drastically from one location to a different and relies upon massively on the profession area as properly. The information displayed right here is the mixed common of a number of jobs. To view correct figures, select a selected job title.

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Staff with a certificates or diploma earn on common 17% greater than their friends who solely reached the highschool degree.

Workers who earned a Bachelor’s Diploma earn 24% greater than those that solely managed to realize a cerificate or diploma.

Professionals who attained a Grasp’s Diploma are awarded salaries which are 29% greater than these with a Bachelor’s Diploma.

Lastly, PhD holders earn 23% greater than Grasp’s Diploma holders on common whereas doing the identical job.

Is a Grasp’s diploma or an MBA price it? Must you pursue increased training?

A Grasp’s diploma program or any post-graduate program in United Kingdom prices anyplace from 29,600 Pound Sterling(s) to 88,700 Pound Sterling(s) and lasts roughly two years. That’s fairly an funding.

You’ll be able to’t actually count on any wage will increase in the course of the examine interval, assuming you have already got a job. Typically, a wage evaluation is carried out as soon as training is accomplished and the diploma has been attained.

Many individuals pursue increased training as a tactic to modify into the next paying job. The numbers appear to assist this tactic. The typical improve in compensation whereas altering jobs is roughly 10% greater than the customary wage increment.

The choice actually is dependent upon your state of affairs and expertise amongst many different components. Placing all variables apart, for those who can afford the prices of upper training then the return on funding is unquestionably price it. You must be capable to get well the prices in roughly a yr or so.

Wage Comparability By Gender

Salary comparison by gender yearly United Kingdom

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Although gender mustn’t affect pay, in actuality, it does. So who will get paid extra: males or ladies? Male staff in United Kingdom earn 4% greater than their feminine counterparts on avergae throughout all sectors.


72,600 GBP

Feminine -4%

69,500 GBP

Share improve and reduce are relative to the earlier worth

Common Annual Wage Increment Share in United Kingdom

How a lot are annual wage increments in United Kingdom? How typically do staff get wage raises?

United Kingdom

Workers in United Kingdom are more likely to observe a wage improve of roughly 9% each 15 months.

Annual Salary Increment Rate United Kingdom

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The figures supplied listed here are averages of numbers. These figures must be taken as common pointers. Wage increments will differ from individual to individual and rely upon many components, however your efficiency and contribution to the success of the group stay crucial components in figuring out how a lot and the way typically you may be granted a elevate.

The time period ‘Annual Wage Improve’ often refers back to the improve in 12 calendar month interval, however as a result of it’s not often that folks get their salaries reviewed precisely on the one yr mark, it’s extra significant to know the frequency and the speed on the time of the rise.

calculate the wage increment share?

The annual wage Improve in a calendar yr (12 months) could be simply calculated as follows: Annual Wage Improve = Improve Price x 12 ÷ Improve Frequency

The typical wage improve in a single yr (12 months) in United Kingdom is 7%.

Annual Increment Price By Business 2020





Data Expertise










Listed above are the common annual improve charges for every trade in United Kingdom for the yr 2020. Corporations inside thriving industries have a tendency to offer increased and extra frequent raises. Exceptions do exist, however typically talking, the state of affairs of any firm is intently associated to the financial state of affairs within the nation or area. These figures have a tendency to alter often.

Common Wage Improve Price by Expertise Stage

Junoir Stage

3% – 5%


6% – 9%

Senior Stage

10% – 15%

High Administration

15% – 20%

The distinction in increment charges is one way or the other justified as a result of employers put extra effort to retain extra skilled workers since they’re more durable to accumulate than much less skilled ones.

Worldwide Wage Raises: All Nations and All Jobs

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Bonus and Incentive Charges in United Kingdom

How a lot and the way typically are bonuses being awarded?Annual Salary Bonus Rate United Kingdom

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47% of surveyed workers in United Kingdom reported that they have not obtained any bonuses or incentives within the earlier yr whereas 53% mentioned that they obtained not less than one type of financial bonus.

Those that obtained bonuses reported charges starting from 3% to 5% of their annual wage.

Acquired Bonus


No Bonus


Varieties of Bonuses Thought of

Particular person Efficiency-Based mostly Bonuses

Essentially the most normal type of bonus the place the worker is awarded primarily based on their distinctive efficiency.

Firm Efficiency Bonuses

Sometimes, some corporations wish to rejoice extra earnings and income with their workers collectively within the type of bonuses which are granted to everybody. The quantity of the bonus will in all probability be totally different from individual to individual relying on their position throughout the group.

Purpose-Based mostly Bonuses

Granted upon attaining an vital purpose or milestone.

Vacation / Finish of Yr Bonuses

A majority of these bonuses are given and not using a purpose and often resemble an appreciation token.

Bonuses Are Not Commissions!

Individuals are inclined to confuse bonuses with commissions. A fee is a prefixed fee at which somebody will get paid for gadgets bought or offers accomplished whereas a bonus is most often arbitrary and unplanned.

Bonus Charges Comparability by Profession Subject





Gross sales


Enterprise Growth


Advertising / Promoting


Data Expertise




Insurance coverage


Buyer Service


Human Assets








What makes a place worthy of excellent bonuses and a excessive wage?

The primary two kinds of jobs

Income Mills Supporting Forged

Workers which are straight concerned in producing income or revenue for the group. Their area of experience often matches the kind of enterprise.

Workers that assist and facilitate the work of income mills. Their experience is often totally different from that of the core enterprise operations.

A graphics designer working for a graphics designing firm.

A graphic designer within the advertising division of a hospital.

Income mills often get extra and better bonuses, increased salaries, and extra frequent wage increments. The reason being fairly easy: it’s simpler to quantify your worth to the corporate in financial phrases whenever you take part in income era.

Attempt to work for corporations the place your abilities can generate income. We won’t all generate income and that is completely high-quality.

Bonus Comparability by Seniority Stage

High administration personnel and senior staff naturally exhibit increased bonus charges and frequencies than juniors. That is very predictable because of the inherent tasks of being increased within the hierarchy. Individuals in prime positions can simply get double or triple bonus charges than staff down the pyramid.

Salaries for standard jobs

Accounting and Finance
Accountant 49,400 GBP
Accounting Assistant 39,700 GBP
Accounting Supervisor 106,000 GBP
Bookkeeper 31,900 GBP
Chartered Accountant 66,200 GBP
Company Treasurer 93,500 GBP
Monetary Analyst 93,100 GBP
Monetary Supervisor 149,000 GBP
Inside Auditor 67,900 GBP
Administration / Reception / Secretarial
Administrative Assistant 38,300 GBP
Workplace Supervisor 61,300 GBP
Receptionist 33,200 GBP
Secretary 32,100 GBP
Promoting / Grapic Design / Occasions
Artwork Director 73,100 GBP
Artistic Director 72,800 GBP
Graphic Designer 43,600 GBP
Photographer 40,700 GBP
Airways / Aviation / Aerospace / Protection
Aerospace Engineer 90,500 GBP
Air Visitors Controller 79,900 GBP
Flight Attendant 47,200 GBP
Pilot 123,000 GBP
Architect 82,800 GBP
CAD Drafter 35,600 GBP
Mechanic 27,100 GBP
Service Advisor 47,600 GBP
Financial institution Department Supervisor 125,000 GBP
Teller 26,400 GBP
Trainer 54,600 GBP
Translator 66,200 GBP
Enterprise Planning
Enterprise Analyst 91,300 GBP
Enterprise Growth Supervisor 116,000 GBP
Challenge Supervisor 89,000 GBP
Care Giving and Baby Care
Nanny 28,700 GBP
Nursery Trainer 27,200 GBP
Development / Constructing / Set up
Civil Engineer 68,700 GBP
Development Challenge Supervisor 124,000 GBP
Well being and Security Officer 31,400 GBP
Buyer Service and Name Middle
Name Middle Consultant 26,600 GBP
Buyer Service Supervisor 101,000 GBP
Buyer Service Consultant 26,100 GBP
Civil Engineer 67,100 GBP
Electrical Engineer 70,300 GBP
Engineer 64,700 GBP
Mechanical Engineer 66,500 GBP
Govt and Administration
Chief Govt Officer 162,000 GBP
Chief Monetary Officer 152,000 GBP
Normal Supervisor 131,000 GBP
Challenge Supervisor 79,200 GBP
Meals / Hospitality / Tourism / Catering
Chef 43,500 GBP
Govt Chef 53,200 GBP
Lodge Supervisor 128,000 GBP
Receptionist 26,800 GBP
Journey Agent 45,300 GBP
Waiter / Waitress 23,300 GBP
Well being and Medical
Dentist 175,000 GBP
Dietitian 134,000 GBP
Laboratory Technician 52,800 GBP
Nurse 54,500 GBP
Human Assets
Human Assets Supervisor 106,000 GBP
Human Assets Officer 42,800 GBP
Data Expertise
Pc Technician 56,100 GBP
Database Administrator 72,100 GBP
Developer / Programmer 68,400 GBP
Data Expertise Supervisor 116,000 GBP
Community Engineer 62,700 GBP
Legislation Enforcement / Safety / Hearth
Police Officer 41,600 GBP
Lawyer 142,000 GBP
Authorized Assistant 39,400 GBP
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Leisure
Journalist 82,800 GBP
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Biomedical Engineer 64,000 GBP
Pharmacist 87,600 GBP
Gross sales Retail and Wholesale
Cashier 26,500 GBP
Gross sales Supervisor 127,000 GBP
Gross sales Consultant 44,500 GBP
Instructing / Training
Elementary Faculty Trainer 48,800 GBP
Secondary Faculty Trainer 55,800 GBP
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Common Hourly Wage in United Kingdom

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The typical hourly wage (pay per hour) in United Kingdom is 34 GBP. Because of this the common individual in United Kingdom earns roughly 34 GBP for each labored hour.

Hourly Wage = Annual Wage ÷ ( 52 x 5 x 8 )

The hourly wage is the wage paid in a single labored hour. Often jobs are labeled into two classes: salaried jobs and hourly jobs. Salaried jobs pay a repair quantity whatever the hours labored. Hourly jobs pay per labored hour. To transform wage into hourly wage the above system is used (assuming 5 working days in per week and eight working hours per day which is the usual for many jobs). The hourly wage calculation might differ barely relying on the labored hours per week and the annual trip allowance. The figures talked about above are good approximations and are thought-about to be the usual. One main distinction between salaried staff and hourly paid staff is time beyond regulation eligibility. Salaried staff are often exempt from time beyond regulation versus hourly paid workers.

Wage Comparability By Metropolis

Aberdeen 71,400 GBP
Abingdon 66,300 GBP
Armagh 70,700 GBP
Bangor 62,600 GBP
Belfast 74,900 GBP
Birmingham 84,900 GBP
Bradford 80,500 GBP
Brighton 78,400 GBP
Bristol 83,700 GBP
Cambridge 71,900 GBP
Canterbury 67,500 GBP
Cardiff 77,400 GBP
Chester 69,800 GBP
Coventry 81,000 GBP
Derby 78,900 GBP
Derry 67,300 GBP
Dundee 69,400 GBP
Durham 69,300 GBP
Edinburgh 77,100 GBP
Exeter 73,100 GBP
Glasgow 79,300 GBP
Gloucester 72,400 GBP
Hartlepool 71,000 GBP
Inverness 63,300 GBP
Kingston upon Hull 80,700 GBP
Kirkwall 61,300 GBP
Leeds 85,300 GBP
Leicester 82,400 GBP
Lincoln 74,200 GBP
Lisburn 65,300 GBP
Liverpool 84,800 GBP
London 86,400 GBP
Manchester 84,200 GBP
Newcastle 80,500 GBP
Newport 70,500 GBP
Newry 67,400 GBP
Norwich 73,800 GBP
Nottingham 81,400 GBP
Oxford 76,200 GBP
Peterborough 77,100 GBP
Plymouth 79,400 GBP
Poole 74,900 GBP
Portsmouth 78,000 GBP
Ripon 67,500 GBP
Salisbury 69,800 GBP
Sheffield 85,100 GBP
Somerset 81,900 GBP
Southampton 79,100 GBP
St Davids 61,400 GBP
Stirling 66,300 GBP
Stromness 60,700 GBP
Strontian 60,100 GBP
Swansea 73,400 GBP
Truro 68,500 GBP
Wakefield 64,800 GBP
Wells 60,700 GBP
Winchester 63,600 GBP
Wolverhampton 72,600 GBP
York 70,600 GBP
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Wage Comparability By State

Authorities vs Personal Sector Wage Comparability

The place are you able to receives a commission extra, working for a non-public firm or for the federal government? Public sector staff in United Kingdom earn 4% greater than their non-public sector counterparts on common throughout all sectors.

Personal Sector

69,500 GBP

Public Sector +4%

72,600 GBP

Share improve and reduce are relative to the earlier worth