Best Interest Rates for February 10, 2021 [Updated Monthly]

Best Interest Rates for February 10, 2021 [Updated Monthly]

We focus on those financial institutions that have low fees, great rates, and are typically available anywhere in the U.S. You can find local banks and credit unions that offer comparable rates, but their availability is limited geographically.

Deal of the Day: Chase is now offering a $200 cash bonus when opening a Total Checking Account. No minimum deposit and all deposits are FDIC insured up to the $250,000 per depositor maximum.

Best Interest Rates for February 2021

February 2021 Interest Rates Update: There were a few rate changes over the past month:

  • Chime‘s High Yield Savings Account is at 0.50% APY (No minimum and no fees.)
  • Betterment Cash Reserve account is at 0.40% APY. Visit Betterment
  • CFG Bank’s High Yield Money Market Account is at 0.66% APY ($1k minimum deposit and $25k minimum daily balance) or 0.56% APY with $1k minimum deposit, both with new money.
  • Vio Bank’s High Yield Online Savings account is at 0.57% APY with $100 minimum opening deposit.
  • Fitness Bank is offering a 0.70% APY savings account rate for balances over $100 when step requirements are met.
  • CIT is offering a 11-month No-Penalty CD at 0.30% APY with $1k minimum deposit.
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs is offering CD terms from 12 months to 4 years at 0.55% APY and CD terms for 5 and 6 years at 0.60% APY, all with $500 minimum balance.

The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate comes in at 2.73%.

With that said, here are some of the best interest rates we’ve found for February 2021:

Best Bank Account Rates

Savings Accounts: The top savings account rate goes to CFG Bank’s Money Market Account at 0.66% APY ($1k minimum deposit and $25k minimum daily balance) followed by Vio Bank Savings Account at 0.57% APY ($100 min balance), Chime‘s High Yield Savings Account at 0.50% APY and American Express Savings Account at 0.50% APY (see table below). These represent some of the highest rates on a nationally available savings account.

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Here’s a comparison table we update daily with current competitive rates:

Best CD Rates: The rates on certificates of deposit vary based on the term. The longer the term, the higher the rate. Keep in mind that penalties may apply if you close the CD before the end of the term. For a 1-year CD, the best rate we could find is from CFG Bank at 0.67% APY ($500 minimum deposit).

Checking Accounts: Most checking accounts do not pay interest. For online banks, however, you’ll find plenty of options where you can earn some interest on your funds. There are two things to keep in mind. First, many banks offer higher interest rates only if you keep a lot of money in your checking account. Second, the rates are lower than a savings account or CD.

Some top paying checking accounts that we like include FNBO Direct, which currently pays 0.25% APY. For those with at least $15,000 in checking, you can earn 0.25% APY from Ally Bank. I list Ally second because most people don’t keep that much cash in checking, but it’s an option for those who do. These rates are unchanged from previous months.

Bonus: I also keep a running list of popular checking account promotions you can check out.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgages: Listing the “best” mortgage rate is really impossible. Rates change throughout the day, vary by state, and are highly dependent on a number of factors including your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and down payment. That being said, the average rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is up to 2.73% according to Freddie Mac (from 2.67% last month). The average rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage also went up a bit to 2.2% (from 2.17% a month ago).

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You can find competitive mortgage and refinance rates at LendingTree or on the table below:

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Best Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit Cards: The longest 0% introductory period stands at 20 billing cycles on both purchases and balance transfers. You can find a current list of the best 0% credit card offers here.

If you find better rates on any of the above financial products, please let us know in the comments below.

Note that the above rates were as of February 1, 2020. Rates are subject to change, so please confirm the rates directly with the financial institution.