American Home Mortgage,American Federal Mortgage,American Mortgage Lender,American Business Mortgage,American Fidelity Mortgage

American Home Mortgage,American Federal Mortgage,American Mortgage Lender,American Business Mortgage,American Fidelity Mortgage

American Mortgage Guide is focused to provide you information on mortgage .This guide will save time and money. It will help families and individuals to achieve the dream of ownership whether home or business. American Home Mortgage offers loan with a very low down payment – as little as three to five percent of the loan amount or, in some cases, with no money down.

Every one has a dream of owning their own homes, but only few are able to pay cash for them. Many individuals and families who cannot afford to own home Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage programs make possible to them to become homeowners.

In American Home Mortgage the lender protects you, the lender on your loan give you better terms. Lower down payment lenders require you to pay 10 percent or more of the cost of a home in cash as a down payment. With FHA- mortgages insurer your down payment can be as reduce up to 3 percent. For that, lender requires you to prove that you have enough money for the loan down payment. With FHA mortgage insurance, you can use gift from your relatives or other local organization, or a government agency for the down payment and closing costs under certain circumstances.

American Mortgage Guide

American Mortgage Guide provides information on types of loans available, different kinds of lenders, various mortgage programs, their loan characteristics, loan terms, down payments and Closing Costs for customers with a variety of backgrounds and needs.

It provides extensive array of mortgage information:-

  • jumbo mortgages and refinancing for luxury homes and home equity loan

  • self-employed no income check loans
  • a second home or investment property
  • land and construction loans
  • debt consolidation and those with bad credit
  • home equity loans for home improvements or financing a college education
  • Understanding Loan �to-Value Ratio
  • Prequalification for your loan
  • Buy-Downs/Discount Points

American Mortgage Guide will help you track your mortgage company to get the rate which is most impressive to suit your pocket and needs. The information provided by the guide will not waste your time looking for houses or business premises that are out of your mortgage qualification price range. Besides being a waste of time, there is nothing more frustrating or heart breaking than to find out that the asking price on it is way above the amount the mortgage company will loan to you. This guide updates you with the latest in mortgage so that when you meet with the mortgage Company through your broker or directly you have some information with you before taking final decision.


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