ABN AMRO introduces Sustainable Home Mortgage

ABN AMRO introduces Sustainable Home Mortgage

Today, ABN AMRO is introducing the Sustainable Home Mortgage (Duurzaam Wonen Hypotheek). The product will help clients finance energy-saving measures for their homes on favourable terms and at lower interest rates.

The Sustainable Home Mortgage is a separate loan component offering an additional €5,000 to €25,000 for energy-saving measures, with a maximum of 106% of the value of the home. The product is available for both new mortgage clients and existing ABN AMRO clients who want a bigger mortgage. The amount opted for is deposited in a home construction account, enabling clients to choose which sustainability measures they wish to take, and when. Clients have two years to take these measures if they have an existing home, and three years for new-build homes. The interest rates for the Sustainable Home Mortgage are lower than those for ABN AMRO’s regular mortgages and clients can choose any of three terms with different durations.* The Sustainable Home Mortgage does not affect the interest rates of a client’s other mortgages.

How ABN AMRO promotes sustainable homes

ABN AMRO helps clients who wish to make their homes more sustainable in several ways. During mortgage consultations with clients who want to refurbish their home or buy a new one, the bank advises on how they can make their homes more energy-efficient. ABN AMRO also offers online insight into the possibilities and costs, and assists in the provision of quotes and customised advice from third parties who carry out the required work. Clients can borrow up to 106% of the value of their home (rather than 100%, which is the standard) for energy-saving measures, with or without a national mortgage guarantee (NHG). Under certain conditions, the bank also offers clients sustainability discounts on regular mortgages: 0.2% when buying highly energy-efficient homes as well as for investments that have proven to make homes more sustainable.

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Claire Dumas, Director of Mortgages at ABN AMRO: “We find sustainability very important at the bank; it’s at the heart of our strategy and purpose. Our mortgage portfolio totals around 148 billion euros, enabling us and our clients to make a valuable contribution to reducing carbon emissions. As we want to offer clients the possibility of having lower energy costs, more comfort and a more future-proof home, we facilitate them in making their homes more sustainable. The Sustainable Home Mortgage is the most recent addition to our eco-friendly offering.”

* See https://www.abnamro.nl/portalserver/mijn-abnamro/hypotheken/rente/bekijken.html for the interest rates of the Sustainable Home Mortgage.

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