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A week in the life of your favorite firearm dealer 8/10/2020 PLUS ADDED PANDEMIC GUN SHOW COVERAGE! : guns


Monday 8/10/2020 to Thursday 8/13/2020

I won’t do the play by play. It’s more fun to just amalgamate the highlight reel of the week.

I get call after call from people looking for 380 and 9mm ammo. One notable dialogue at 8PM

1: You have any 380 ammo?

Me: Yes, I have 7 boxes yet

1: How much?

Me: 20 to a box, 50 each

1: Great we can come pick it up now!

Me: It’s 8PM and I’ve already left for the day. Come in tomorrow

1: But we need it now.

Me: I’m not heading back to work to sell a box of ammo.

1: Oh come on! I called you! You should be able to help me!

Me: I am, during normal business hours. But if you really want 2 boxes – $100 bill and I’ll head back in.


Me: Twenty to a box, 50 bucks each box times two boxes

1: That’s highway robbery! That’s price gouging!

Me: Go look online. Nobody has any 380 ammo. And if they do it is $1 or $2 per round.

1: That’s ridiculous! You’re not the only guy in town that has 380 ammo!

(Editors note: She calls back the next day asking for 380 ammo. Apparently I am the only guy in town that has 380 ammo. I tell her there’s a new policy. No ammo sales to people who have not bought firearms.)

One of my surgeon customers calls me telling me his lead nurse who hates guns wants to buy a gun. I tell them to come on down. Her whole family and the doc come in and I have this dialogue.

1: Can you suggest a gun for someone who hates guns?

Me: That’s like a vegan walking into a steakhouse and saying “whats a good steak for a vegan?” – there’s no real good way to do it and everything I can suggest you is sold out and then some.

1: Well what do you have here?

Me: That’s a Glock 17, here take a look.

(Unload and show clear, hand her a Glock 17)


Me: That’s one of the lightest full size firearms ever made.

1: Do you have something with a safety? I love safeties. The more the better. If you have a gun with 150 safetys, that’s something I would be interested in.

(I glare at the doc)

Me: I’ve only got three or four different model pistols left in stock. Here try out this springfield XD-S…..

1: I don’t like this thing in the grip here the bump….

Me: You mean the grip safety?

1: yes

1: What happened to “I love safties the more the better”

(Doc nearly inhales his surgical mask from laughing)

She hates guns and wants to go rent a bunch of guns before buying any guns but I explain the problem is you can go rent something, fall in love with it and the dealer can’t get one for a year. Case in point: Glock 19’s, Sig 365’s and Springfield Hellcats. She believes she is not ready to buy a gun until she rents one. I tell her go to a range and go rent one and find out what she likes.

She has just taken a “safety course” offered by the local girl and a gun chapter. The local girl and a gun chapter is run by a middle aged woman who has NRA instructor creds that is the WORST FIREARM INSTRUCTOR I HAVE EVER MET IN MY LIFE with the possible exception of James Yaeger. The last time I was at one of her events she was using the “mugger in a hoodie” paper targets and she instructed all the women to shoot him in the balls during one course of fire.

Now, I wasn’t wearing my Caltech shirt that day but the fast math and trig is as follows.

Person shooting at a target 10 feet from the bench at a downward angle with a backstop of dirt 50 feet behind the bench…

I was trying to fix someone’s gun before I could do anything. I am concentrated on fixing this pistol and the first volley of gunfire breaks my concentration. I then hear the sound of dozens of 9mm projectiles hitting the concrete and skipping off the property. I drop the pistol and shout at the top of my lungs a cease fire and evetyone looks at me funny


1: Oh they’re just girls, let them have their fun!


1: What? No! How?

(I point at all the ricochet gouges on the concrete of the gun club)

1: Ohhhhhh

This woman is barely qualified to run a dairy queen much less instruct neophyte gun owners. Holy fucking shit. Why are people going to her? She’s open, and she’s a woman that has credentials that “can teach”.


One day I head to lunch at the local pizza joint for lunch with Megan. Eddie makes a nice pizza and I sit down and have a pie. We rap about business as I eat my antipasato and wait for my freshly prepared clam pie to cool down a bit. It’s not on the menu but he makes it special for us.

Me: hey eddie how’s business?

ed: It’s steady, lots of takeout.

Me: Its a tough economy I’d take it!

ed: Hey now!

Me: You doing okay?

ed: yeah I found that derringer I wanted at the last gun show!

Me: Oh really?

ed: Yeah! Someone ceracoted it tiffany blue and magenta

Me: Whoa whoa whoa! Please! I’m trying to eat here! Disgusting!

(Megan is drinking water and nearly does a spit take)

This is the world we’re living in now.

Speaking of the new world… I wind up working a deal with a friend and we split 100k pcs of once fired lake city 5.56 brass. A local military contractor was doing some testing and they had a fucking ton of it and this is what was left. We got it for the cost of manpower to scrape it up and load it, clean it, tumble it and sort it and deprime and resize it.

My friend has two kids that are doing online learning with school, so he made them a deal. He cut the kiddos a deal to help him clean and resize and deprime the brass as labor.

We’re into this stuff CHEAP. So we can sell it cheap or whatever the fuck we want in this market. I tell Ray I’ve got the perfect ad. We get some projectiles, some powder and primers and we run an ad. “5.56 ammo! $275/thousand! Some assembly required!” and Ray laughs his ass off.

The we got it was it was loaded into some wooden ammo crates that were left over at the contractors facility. They’re heavy, not cost effective to ship and came with 5000 pcs of brass each. Ray gets an idea. He has discovered that if we portion it out and throw out or sell the wooden crates, we save a ton of money on shipping.

I wonder where he got this idea from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nozIkRy0v-M

The kiddos load all the brass into USPS flat rate boxes in no time flat and we’ve got ourselves loaded ready to roll product that can ship immediately. His kids did the legwork in the loading on account of my bad back and I’m tasked with lining up buyers. No problem. I start working the local gun boards, my customers, myspace, etc. You know the usual spots.

This is where the wheels come off the wagon. I get a guy who comes right out the gate asking for 9k and then he blurts out “How much do you have, I’m interested in all of it”

Little hint for the readers. Anyone that says they’re interested in everything you have are interested in nothing you have. They’re blowing smoke 99% of the time and the 1% of the time that someone does buy everything you have, you’re making a killing off them or they’re making a killing off you. You know the old saying in poker – if you sit down at the table and you can’t find the sucker in 5 minutes, you’re the sucker? It’s like that.

Anyhow, my ad reads as follows: $125/thousand 5.56 Brass Lake City cleaned, sorted, resized, trimmed and polished – DILLON 1050 READY!

The guy calling me wanting 9k then asked how much I had left – he lines up 9 of his friends and they want to take ALL of it and divvy it up. Pick up today or when the guys can get off of work and come get it, they’re working back asswards logistics as to who’s truck is going to haul all of it, who’s loading it and unloading and they plan to show up at 630 tonight after work to come get it.

At 445 I get a message – hey can you send me a picture again one of my friends wants to check something and I send it over.

And that’s when the entire deal falls apart because this butthead read 5.56 brass lake city NATO headstamp $125/thousand and thought he was getting loaded 5.56 NATO spec ammo for 12.5 cents a round in 2020, told all his friends about it and shot his mouth off like a damn fool. Now he has to explain to every single one of his friends that no you’re not getting 10,000 rds of 5.56 NATO ammo for $1250. Wasting my fucking time. That was my Thursday. All these people begging for ammo are driving me nuts. Yes, I have 250,000 rds of ammo. No I am not going to bend over backwards and sell it to you cheap just to be a nice person/earn your business/because your sister gave me a handjob in high school. God damn.

Lady calls me looking for 380 ammo. She needs some for her CCW class that Karen is teaching and I tell her I have some left. She comes in and I tell her it’s $50 a box. She leaves without buying anything.

There’s other miscellany but you get the gist of it.

NOW here’s the meat and potatoes you’ve wanted! The tale of the gun show!

Friday 8/14/2020

I take inventory. I’m down to about 500 guns in stock and I pack as much as I can and get it ready for the show. I’ve got some Sigs left, a handful of Glock and a mishmash of everything else. I head to bed early knowing full well the next show will be a total shitshow. I have not done a show in a big city for nearly six months. This will be epic or epic fail.

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Saturday 8/15/2020

I pull chocks at 430AM, hit the flying J for diesel and pull into the local grocery store for a sandwich at 7AM right around the corner from the gun show. They fuck up my sandwich. Serves me right for buying morning of. Fuck me to tears. I start loading into the show and the entire front of the building is set up with crowd control barriers and it takes me an extra 40 minutes to thread the needle of my hand truck and loadout. I get the table setup as fast as I can and by 9AM the doors are open and we are off to the races. I will do hour blocks instead of my previous play by play for simplicity.

9AM: Right out the gate I have people asking me for Sig 365’s. I have a used one with three mags and a holster I have tagged at $650. The guy asks me if I can do any better. I ask him if he’s feeling lucky. I run the 4473 bet with him.

He fills out the form straight on the first shot, no corrections – and he gives me $650, he gets $50 back with his ID.

If there’s a correction to be made, I keep half a yard. He says its a bet. He loses.

As I write that up at $650, I have another guy snag a regular 365 for $700. Both their background checks clear quickly.

The morning is not off to a bad start, I think to myself. I’m about to be proven wrong massively.

One of my old friends from high school asked me to liquidate some of his collection and I told him that I would selectively cherry pick some stuff and haul it to the show since I didn’t want to commit large amounts of table space for other people’s guns. He’s got a super clean Century M70 underfolder. It’s clean even by century standards but I don’t want to buy that gun.

I have it out on the table and an old romanian guy starts checking it out.

1: What country is this from?

FC: I’m not a big AK guy, it’s a century so I’m guessing maybe yugoslavia or maybe romania – I don’t think that its a bulgarian one, but you’re welcome to take a look

1: Does it say cugir?

FC: It does not

1: How do you know it does not say cugir?

FC: I can see the side of it it does not say that

1: Where does it not say?

FC: If you look at the side of the receiver, Century has shitty electropencil that is parkerized over that you can barely read

1: Do you have some oil I can put on there to rub on it so I can read it?

FC: Look, I’ll read it. What do you want to know?

1: Does it say cugir?

FC: it does not.

1: What does it say?

FC: Century M70 AB2 7.62 x 39 Georgia Vermont

1: it does not say cugir? I am romanian if it says cugir is romanian

FC: It does not say that

1: Come on then make me a deal!

(1 taps the price tag marked at $850)

FC: It’s the first 20 minutes of the show, I’m not making anything on the deal it’s a favor for a friend of mine. I think that gun sells down here for top dollar.

1: I give you 600 cash

FC: Come see me at the end of the show maybe I’ll be amenable to discounting but not this early

1: You know problem with topcover right?

(FC looks at topcover, it’s slightly off from the hole and detent. Why? IT’S A CENTURY! WHAT DID YOU FUCKING EXPECT?!?! The care and attention to detail that only Jim Fuller from Rifle Dynamics or maybe a Bulgarian Arsenal offers? Fuck you.)

FC: This gun is gonna sell this weekend as is where is, even if you think it’s not right.

1: Come on make me deal!

FC: I don’t negotiate with terrorists or people spending under $10k. This ain’t over $10k.

1: I have cash!

FC: Got $850? We’ll write it up right now.

(1 walks away and comes back 3 minutes later)

1, while holding a wad of cash: Come on make me a deal!

FC: What’s your offer?

1: I will go $700

FC: Come see me at the end of the show on Sunday and I’ll see what I can do.

(1 gets yelled at by the county exhibition authority for not wearing a face mask correctly and he adamantly refuses to adjust his mask and starts a full blown screaming match with the poor county employee who VERY politely asked him to wear his face mask properly. As he is engaged in this animated debate, two individuals who I will call 2 and 3 show up. 2 and 3 want the underfolder AK. 2 and 3 are what we would call hip hop/droopy jean enthusiasts, their dialogue is presented word for word without adjustment. They were dropping the hard r, not me so please don’t call me names for reporting the truth.)

2: ohhhhh snapppp this is what I came here lookin for!

3: damn nigga thats a straight up choppa right there you should buy that


FC: No, you walked away – these two gentlemen are here and now they’re interested in that gun and I’m giving them my time.


2: back off nigga I’m here to check out stuff motherfucker i’m gonna mess you up

3: yeah man back the fuck off before my nigga messes you up god damn shieeeeeeit


FC: You walked away. This is what happens when you walk away. It’s their turn……


(FC does an ACTUAL facepalm and presses his forehead and feels a headache beginning. A deep sigh)

FC: You two…..you’re killing me here.


FC: You want to see deal? I’ll show you deal!

(FC grabs AK from the hip hop enthusiasts and looks right at them while holding an order pad in right hand and rifle in other)

FC: You got $750 cash?

2: nigga I got $750 cash right here (pulls out wad of 100’s)

3: oh shit that guy gonna get fuckin SWOOPED

FC: You want me to write this up right now? $750 cash. And I’ll throw in 4 mags (I pull out 4 mags loaded with x39 brown bear)

2: I GET THE MAGS AND THE AMMO FOR THAT PRICE? FUCK NIGGA YOU GOT A DEAL! (he counts out $800 in c-notes and drops his ID on the table)

FC: You got yourself a rifle.

(I look back at angry romanian)

FC: That’s a deal. You passed. Move faster next time.


(1 throws down a stack of cash on the table, some falls behind on my table. I pick it back up and place it on his stack)

FC: You dropped some back here, don’t want you thinking I shorted you or stole your money. I’ve got to write up these gentlemen, we’re here until 5 today if you need anything else

1: (shouts at me in angry romanian while gesticulating like George Costanza complaining to Elaine about taking credit for the big salad)

FC: I’m sorry about that guy, he’s got some issues. That man needs therapy not another gun

2: all good nigga all good that mofo gonna get his ass beat someday

FC: Today I didn’t even have to use my AK, I got to say it was a good day

3: sheeeeeit he knows ice cube! this nigga og!

FC: Catholic school for the win!

(we fist bump)

I piss off at least one person every show. Sometimes it’s good to get it out of the way in the first hour, lets you concentrate on the bigger picture things.

Three down.

10AM: Guy points at a green Glock 43 and Glock 19 Gen 4 that I have. They’re each tagged at $725. Cash comes out and I write up the sale. Three women in a row snag black Glock 43’s from me at $700 each. We are cranking now!

Eight down before lunch. This is getting wild.

11AM: Colt Lightweight Commander – tagged at $1050. Sells for cash. Colt Combat Unit – tagged at $1450 Sells for cash. Glock 19 MOS Gen 4 – tagged at $825. Sells for cash. Two of them back to back. Gen 4 straight 19 tagged at 775 sells on Amex. Background checks begin to start bogging down.

Thirteen down before I can even touch my sammich.

12PM: I write up three ruger LCP’s in a row at $300 each. I eat half my sandwich as I sell a Kel Tec Sub 2000 at $825. Springfield Hellcat tagged at $735 goes out on a mastercharge.

Eighteen before I’m done with lunch. Sheeeeit.

1PM: My old buddy Rusty Shackleford sends me some of his collection he does not want the hassle with selling. Three ugly as sin Glock 21’s, three semi clean Glock 17’s and two super like new 17’s. 1PM is profitable as I manage to sell everything except for a 21 and 17. People are paying $650 for PD trade 21’s and $700+ on trade in Glock 17’s. Why? They’re the only ones in the show. Not glocks in general, I mean 21’s and 17’s.

Twenty four down and I have yet to finish my sandwich.

2PM: I have an immigrant from another country come over and try to buy a gun. He’s super patient waiting for me to finish with customers that DO NOT STOP. Springfield XD goes out at $600. That’s 25. He hands me the clipboard and I immediately stop everything I’m doing and I look down at the form.

Not only has he forgotten 10A and 12.d.2 but he’s put the city in the county box and answered the firearm is not for him and he’s been convicted of misdemeanor DV. I sigh and hand the form back to him for corrections.

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FC: Okay, what county are we in?

1: (names city)

FC: What COUNTY are we in?

1: oh! USA!

FC: What COUNTY is this city in?

1: (names city)

FC: We’re in (names county)

1: Ohhhhh thats right

FC: Who’s this gun for? You or someone else?

1: Me

FC: Is there any reason you’ve indicated you are NOT the actual purchaser?

1: Not good at reading the form I guess

FC: Strike out intiial and date the change

1: Okay

FC: Have you been convicted of a misdemanor crime of domestic violence?

1: No it was just a misdemeanor

FC: Is there a reason why you said “yes I have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence?”

1: oh man I screwed that up

FC: Initial and date the change

(He fixes the front of the form and signs on 14 and dates on 15. I turn the page. He’s written his passport number expiration date in the ID field and indicated that NICS has denied him)

FC: Is there any reason you wrote your passport expiration date and number here?

1: Well I’m supposed to do that, right?

(FC points to line that says SECTION B MUST BE COMPLETED BY SELLER)

1: Oh man

FC: Is there any reason you checked DENIED on the NICS result box?

1: did I do that?

(FC points to the box where he’s put a big bold X under DENIED)

1: Was I not supposed to do that?

(FC hands him another form to complete)

3PM: It is now over an hour to get this 4473 done. His wife and child have to help him with the form. I finish my sammich as I look at the front of his form and it is still marked “firearm is being purchased for someone not me” and he has to correct it. I turn the page. The date is marked 9/8/2020.

FC: What day is today?

1: Saturday

FC: No I mean what day is today, what calendar day?

(1 pulls out his phone)

1: Oh. You want me to do another form?

FC: No, strike out using a single line. And using WORDS – write the date.

1: gotcha

(FC looks down at the form. the date is struck out using a single line. It now reads in words SATURDAY 9/8/2020)

FC: What day is it?

1: It’s saturday.

FC: Saturday the………

1: Fifteeenth?

FC: Then explain why this says 9/8/2020?

1: Oh man you want me to do another form?

FC: Just fill it out using WORDS AS THE DATE – MONTH/DAY/YEAR

1: okay I got you

(FC hands the form back for correction)

1: I got it now! Man was that hard!

(FC looks down at the form. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8 2020)

FC: Take out your phone

(1 takes out his phone and presses the home button)

FC: Look at the date. What does it say and look at what you wrote.

1: Oh man

FC: Is it possible for us to get the correct date?

1: Yeah man I’m so sorry….

FC: Take out your phone and write out the date in letters and words EXACTLY AS YOUR PHONE DISPLAYS IT

1: Okay I can do that

(FC looks down at the form. 3:23 SATURDAY AUGUST 15. Fuck it, this is as good as it gets.)

FC: Close enough. Give me your ID.

(I write up my last Glock 19. It’s tagged at $825. He pays cash without blinking.)

I mean, I’ve seen some shit but WOWWWW.

That’s 26.

4PM: The rest of my glocks fly off the table. NIB Glock 36 – tagged at $725, gone. NIB Glock 30SF, tagged at $700, gone. NIB Glock 30, tagged at $700, gone. The only thing left on the table are 17 Gen 5 MOS’s at $875 and 43X’s at $775 and 44’s at $400. That’s 29 by 4PM. One guy does not have current ID so I have him go on the fish and game website on his phone and get a fishing license that gets me his up to date address. After 20 minutes he emails me a screencap and he’s on his way home with his Glock 30.

5PM: Time to go home! I drop a stack of guns off at the local dealer for transfer on my way out the door and I make it home just before 7PM after stopping at the grocery to pick up dinner. I have a platter of fried chicken and mac and cheese. It is delicious. I get to bed early, tomorrow is going to be a long fucking day.

Sunday August 16th

737AM. I wake up and get my ass to my desk. I need to replenish some of the table. I grab stacks of more guns and get them loaded up and I swing by the grocery store deli on the way to the show. It’s 8AM and they are out of bread. As in the bakery has not baked them any bread for sandwiches. For fucks sake. They make me a wrap instead. And they make it WRONG. I am not happy.

10AM: Get to the show and uncover my tables and get cranking. A millennial wants a Ruger LC380 and her fucking debit card does not work. This is why you bring cash to gun shows. It’s fucking useless when technology fails AND YOU HAVE NO BACKUP. She transfers money from wells fargo to her boyfriends account at chase and he tries to use the ATM to get her cash. No dice. I swear to jebus, if you take debit cards away from this generation all of them will starve to death and die alone. Gun number 30 for the weekend is hard fought but it’s done.

11AM: Crank off a Sig 1911 for a guy. He sends a stand in to pick it up for him since his son is exempt from waiting period but he isn’t. It goes like this.

1: I’m gonna buy this gun instead

FC: why?

1: that’s none of your business

FC: Yes it is. Purchase of firearm with intent to resell is unlawful

1: What I do with the gun after I get it, if I want to sell it to my dad is my business not yours

FC: No dice. Take a hike

Dad: Lets just do it his way, he wants to give it to the other dealer that’s what we’ll do. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I write up 31 for the weekend. My jack sack is full of cash.

12PM: I got a guy come over, former law enforcement wanting to buy his kid a gun. He wants to do the paperwork and pay me and the gun is for his kid. I say if the gun is for the kid, he needs to do it. I shake off the forms and get the kid on the clipboard and everything goes smooth and I rack up a sale for a trade in FN FNS. That’s 32.

1PM: Old school NYPD beat cop comes over wanting a deal on a springfield 1911 Long Beach Operator

1: They’re 1911’s! They’re not popular anymore! Make me a deal!

FC: ANYTHING with a barrel and a trigger is popular right now. Best deal you’re getting is on the tag, which is 1250 plus tax and call in that puts you right near 1350.

1: Come on, hook a brother up!

FC: That’s the rate on everything, we’re selling it out as fast as we can get it! Excuse me as I help these other people……

2PM: Lady comes by and says she wants a shield EZ. I ask her why. She says her man and her firearm instructor says she cant rack the slide. I pick up a Sig 220 off the table and tell her to show me. She racks the slide. I ask her how does it feel to rack a slide properly? She spends the rest of the day wondering why they lied to her. Another lady asks me for suggestions for a first gun. I ask her what she’s shot before. Answer: Nothing. She cannot rent guns and try them out because every range is booked for firearm rentals for the next 2 months out. Yeah………

Brooklyn 99 comes back over and taps on the LB operator

1: Come on man, hook a brother up!

FC: That’s the price, the LB operators are a sexy gun and they’re not coming out of the warehouse very often

1: Come on brother! I’m just looking for a deal! How about 1200 all in?

FC: Cash or card?

1: Card

FC: No dice.

1: Come on brother! (more pleading for a discount)

At this point the crowd at the table has heard this guy trying to get a discount for a few minutes and I’ve had enough.

FC: Let me ask you a question

1: Sure thing

FC: Do you have pictures of my nephews on your phone?

1: No

FC: Did you spend thanksgiving dinner at my house?

1: No

FC: Are you a named beneficiary on my will?

1: No

FC: Then guess what? You’re not my brother . Hell, without your money you’re not even my customer.

You could hear the snickers from the peanut gallery as I gave the guy a dressing down. I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. I still had an out in the deck to play and I was going to use it.

FC: Now, if you want this gun – you want it at a discount, I respect that. Here’s what I”ll do. You feeling lucky?

1: Always!

FC: Here’s the clipboard. Give me a straight form, no strike outs, no errors, no mistakes, NOTHING that needs correction – I’ll give it to you for 1200 on a card flat. I hand the pen back to you to fix something, I write it at 1400 all in. $200’s the action, you in or you out?

1: getoutttahere

FC: I’m serious. You want the discount, get the form right and you got what you want. If there’s even one error, I keep the two bills.

1: It’s a bet! Lets go! I’ve done this hundreds of times without a problem!

I hand him the clipboard and he starts filling out the form. The peanut gallery is now fervently watching for the results as if it were not already a foregone conclusion. The fans had no idea but they were watching a fixed horse race. My dealer neighbor at the next table over chimes in.

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Neighbor: hey, are you seriously taking action?


Neighbor: What’s the money?

FC: two bucks

Neighbor: High stakes!

FC: You haven’t seen high stakes yet.

Neighbor: You’re a character. I’m glad that romanian guy didn’t get that rifle yesterday, he was such a pain in the ass. Like even I was annoyed by it and it wasn’t even my stuff.

FC: I know, right? You snooze, you lose.

Neighbor: But really, can I get in on the 4473 bet?

FC: You can take the bookmaker out of the catholic school but…..

NYPD: I’m all done! Lets see my new $1200 gun!

(I pick up the forms and his ID and credit card and look at the forms. 12.d.2. is blank. I hand pen back to him and point at 12.d.2.)

FC: Forgot 12.d.2. That’s $1400 on your Amex, sign here.


FC: When was the last time you filled out that form?

NYPD: 2012

FC: That’s why. Here’s your new gun, thank you for your action.

Neighbor: How often does that bet win?

FC: My house edge on that bet is 100%.

Neighbor: Shit. That’s fucking hilarious. Now I know how you got that watch. I just picked up a 50th anniversary sub myself (he shows me his sub and we rap about horology for a bit.)

33 down.

3PM: ONE HOUR TO GO! I write up a shield 2.0 9mm for a lady and her hubs for $650. One lady gets unhinged when I tell her she’s not going to get her gun today on account of background check volume. She starts terrorizing me with WHY CANT I GET MY GUN TODAY?!?!?!??!?! This isn’t dealing with Al-Quaeda, this is Al-Karen. Last minute sale 10 minutes before the show closes cleans me out of Ruger LC9’s tagged at $450. 35 down. One guy snags a Glock 43X from me for $775.

36 for the weekend makes me a happy boy. I look at all the sales in cash and credit cards and I’ve booked quite the fat stack of cash. I’ve done a month’s worth of business in TWO DAYS .

4PM: Show is closed. I start packing up. The dealer across from me has Gen 5 Glock 34’s tagged at $1000, 9mm at $575/thousand and 380 at $750/thousand. We rap about the state of the industry. It’s just gonna get worse closer to the election. I pack up and get all my stuff loaded up.

530PM: Homeward bound……..I wish I was……..HOMEWARD BOUND…………..

730PM: I get back to my desk and dump off a fucking STACK of 4473’s. I make a bank drop for the cash and I unload and head back home. I’m starving, so I decide to have the deli re-make their culinary abortion of a wrap.

8PM: The deli is out of bread AGAIN. Are you fucking kidding me? The deli is out of bread at 8AM and 8PM? What is this bullshit….. the deli clerk takes an entire loaf of italian sandwich bread and uses it to make me a single sandwich. My colon is about to hate me. I’m waiting in line to have the cashier comp me as I see a big tall gun guy from the gun club walk in. I yell and wave since I’m wearing a mask and he comes over.

815PM: Tim O’Toole is a big giant irish gun nut criminal defense attorney that I know from the gun club. He is an aggressive and in your face about how wrong you are if you are wrong and at 6’6″ he cuts an imposing presence on any courtroom he walks into. He’s just bought a house in my neighborhood and we start chatting guns. He asks me if I have a Glock 17 Gen 3 9mm barrel for his latest build and I tell him that I’ve probably got 3 sitting on my desk. I jump on my phone and check pricing. Wholesale + $5 for him since he helps out a lot out at the gun club and he says it’s a deal. He goes and gets groceries and I eat my meat tornado of a sandwich at home.

Monday August 17th

10AM: Tim comes by right on time for his barrel and asks what else I have. I have a Glock 43 come off layaway and go back into rotation and he snaps up that and a 43X and a whole litany of extra parts, glock 17 gen 3 firing pin, channel liner, trigger bars, extra mags, etc. My 1 item sale I set up in line at the grocery store is now a 15 item $2500 sale. And he wants even more stuff that I can’t get! We rap about the best legal film ever made, My Cousin Vinny. He gets every judge to approve his demand to videotape depositions and witness statements. Why? “I shot the clerk” – you have to watch the movie to understand this reference. Every time a judge asks him why he wants it on tape he simply says “I shot the clerk” and since we are in the deep south and every judge that’s been stuck in the Louisiana mud knows the film My Cousin Vinny, his motion is approved. I laughed my ass off. I told him I was very much looking forward to regaling the federal judge with some witty banter that went along the lines of “the two utes” and he laughed his ass off. I really wanted to pull that stunt.

11AM: Lady comes in to pick up a layway and she can’t fill out the 4473 and wear a mask at the same time. She also cannot stop talking. She drives me nuts but I hold it together long enough to get her stuff worked up. She also asks me to get her a Glock 23 Gen 4. I tell her it won’t be cheap and it’s probably going to set her back $850 by the time I beat the bushes and line one up. She says no problem, Visa okay? Done. I get a Glock 23 Gen 4 off one of my dealer buddies in NC and get it squared away.

12PM: Lunctime. It’s Salmon Hollandaise special at this new market just down the road from me and I stop in and say hi. It’s like a small version of Eataly. I went to high school with the owners daughters and he’s got 5 million bucks into this concept. Wine bar, cafe, grocery, NY bagels delivered daily, ramen bar, raw bar, restaurant, the whole 9 yards. Amazing. The fish is delish and on the way out I run into a guy I went to ELEMENTARY school with that’s now the general manager. He offers me a job managing the seafood department and I am seriously considering it given how screwed up the gun market is.

1PM: Back at my desk, have eaten the salmon and the hollandaise has found a home in my thighs. I am fat and sassy. I sell the remaning 380 I have to a customer picking up a Sig P238 and she’s super stoked to get a gun.

2PM: Random walk in. Local restaurant owner that I sold a Sig 227 to a few months ago wants me to put in an SRT kit. He’s disassembled the entire frame and wants me to put it togther. I explain that an SRT install is normally 5 minutes. This is easily a 45 minute job to reassemble and that’s IF he has all the parts. He says he has all the parts. I begin putting the gun back together. He does not have all the parts. He goes home and says he will look harder for the missing part.

3PM: I look online for the missing part. It’s $5 and 4 weeks to ship and in stock at most vendors. This sucks. I call some favors and I know of one in the mid atlantic area I can get here in a week in case he can’t find it. As I get off the phone he walks in with the missing part.

Just an FYI for the readers. In ten years, I have had “bag o gun” come through the door on three previous occasions.

First: Sig 229 from local PD. Chief took it apart, couldn’t put it back together. Had no backup gun and had to go on duty in a few hours, I was asked to put it together.

Second: My buddy Bruce in PA. He detail stripped his 220 and got it wrong. I put it back together and sent it back to PA.

Third: Rusty and his 226. See above. He missed some parts. I put it back together and sent it back to Texas.

If anyone thinks they see a pattern here it’s because there IS a pattern here.

I start work on the 227 and this thing is a bitch and a half. The ejector, which is a 25 cent stamped metal part is not to spec. Sig’s QC sucks. Their 3mm hole PRECISELY stamped in one place isn’t 3mm and isn’t precise. The sear pin that has to go through the left side of the frame, through the ejector, through the left side of the sear, through the sear reset spring, through the other side of the sear, through the safety lever and through the right side of the frame is NOT COOOPERATING because the ejector is too tight. I have to beat on this thing with a drilling hammer to get it to go. 45 minutes of anger and frustration later, 227 is back in action with the garbage one piece E2 grips.

For this pain, I bill $100. He tells me he should have had me do it in the first place. I say he’s right but it’s a tough job doing Sig classic pistols right. They’re a very challenging platform.

4PM: I ship off some more 5.56 brass and pay my buddy Ray. I head home.

5PM: Beef jerky time.

I hope you all enjoyed these stories. They have not been embellished because they need no embellishment. Stay tuned for my next story where I post about the state of the firearm industry!

God bless and have a wonderful Saturday.

PS – and this is how you do a “week in the life” thread, you fucking imposter. https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/i759qj/a_week_in_the_life_of_your_favorite_firearm/

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